Dawn of Unova

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Chapter 2: Black and Tep

At this point, Black and his team was already far out from Nuvema Town, as he was looking for Tepig.

"Tepig! Where are you?" Black called out. "I just want to help you." After some more searching, he found Tepig sitting by the base of a nearby cave, shaking with worry. "There you are. We've been looking all over the place for you."

"Tep pig Tepig." Tepig said sadly.

"C'mon, it's not your fault about what happened. You just need someone to help train you." Black said encouragingly, as he picked the pig Pokemon up to return to Nuvema Town, when he heard a rustling noise. "What was that? Musha, quick!" The small pink Pokemon then latched itself onto Black's head.

As you can see, Black's mind is full of his dream to win the Pokemon League, he can find it hard to focus on anything else. So, he uses Musha to help clear his mind to piece together answers for what others are unable to see clearly.

"My mind's whited out. And so white noise turns into black! I see it now..." Black thought, as he saw the flittering shadow of the creature. "Tepig, use Ember on it!" The pig obliged and hit the Pokemon with a wisp of fire. The Pokemon was revealed to be the bat Pokemon Woobat. "Keep at it, Tepig!" Black shouted encouragingly, as Tepig gave it its all in defeating the bat, eventually succeeding.

"Tep Tepig Tep!" Tepig cheered happily as it bounced around in place.

"Great job, Tep. Welcome to the team. Now that that's settled, we'll have to set out for the first spot for taking on the Pokemon League: Striaton City!" Black said as he, Tep, Brav, Musha, and his family of Chus along to their next destination.

Meanwhile, Bianca and Cheren claimed their Pokemon before going over to meet up with Professor Juniper.

"Hello, Professor Juniper! Thanks for delivering the new Pokemon to us." Bianca said thankfully.

"You're welcome, but there's more pressing matters at hand. I saw that the Pokedexes got soaked by the rainstorm a while back, and Black must've taken the only working one." Juniper answered.

"Don't worry. We'll meet up with him to work things out." Cheren said back in consideration. And so, the two trainers set out with their Oshawott and Snivy partners to Asperita City.

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