Dawn of Unova

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Chapter 3: Enter B&W Agency

"That was some excellent work today, Miss White!" a stout yet determined looking man said to his young protoge, a teenage girl with a short white t-shirt, a pink Pokemon cap, keeping her long brown hair in a tidy ponytail.

"Thank you, Mr. Director, sir." White said in gratitude to her employer. "Me and my team always strive to do its best for our organization."

"LOOK OUT, UNOVA LEAGUE! I'M GONNA BE THE NEW POKEMON CHAMPION!" a voice shouted from nearby, startling all the other people in the building.

"TEP TEP!" "PI PIKACHU!" "BRAAAV!" his Pokemon chimed in, adding to his pledge.

"Excuse me, but you're startling some of the other workers." White said to the boy.

"Oh, sorry about that. I was just renewing my pledge to win the Pokemon League. I'm almost done." the boy apologized before he resumed his shouting.

"Anyway, it's a good thing that you managed to bring two Tepigs over for today's commercial shoot." White's boss inquired.

"Two Tepigs?! " White gasped internally. "What am I gonna do now? I was told to bring only one Tepig."

"Tep, what are you doing?" the boy asked, as his Pokemon sent White's Tepig out of its Pokeball, and started playing with it.

"They really seem to like each other." White noticed, as she also gave a scratch under Ashichu and Mistichu's ears, to which the two Pichus gave a playful chirrup of satisfaction. "I forgot to introduce myself; I'm White, and I'm a talent agent for the BW agency."

"Hi, I'm Black and I'm gonna be a Pokemon master!" Black replied happily. The two then heard a surprised gasp as they saw the studio had been apparently ransacked.

"You! What's the big idea?" the company director demanded towards Black.

"You've got the wrong idea! I didn't do this." Black said.

"Well then, who did?"

"That's what I'm going to find out. Stand back, I need to make my mind blank!" Black answered, calling Musha over to clamp down onto his head. Eventually, he found whatever was responsible. "Okay, at least five people were knocked out, there's a burnt smell and an electric current around the equipment. Tep, use Ember on that shadow!" His Tepig used the attack, hitting a Garvantula that was hiding in the shade. "Keep it in your sights, Tep!"

"Your Tepig's fast, but do you think it can beat that Pokemon?" White asked.

"We'll see in a second. Tepig, one more hit to finish it off!" Black said as his fire pig Pokemon used another flame attack to force the electrified webs on top of Garvantula, defeating it. "Way to go, Tep. Return!" he said as he sent Tepig back into its Pokeball.

"Well, you may have beaten what ruined today's shoot, but how do suppose to pay for all the damage you caused?!" the director spoke angrily.

"I- I..." Black said in a loss for words.

"I'll take care of it, sir." White said, coming over to Black's aid. "Just place this on the BW Agency's bill."

"What?!" everyone said in confusion.

"Fine. Just go out to the next town with White; he's hired now as of this moment."

"Of course! You won't regret it!" White said, pushing Black and his Pokemon out of the building. "You really owe me, Black."

"What do you mean, White?" Black asked.

"Start by calling me 'boss'." White answered, the both of them unaware of the figure that was currently nursing a wounded Pokemon.

"I should've known, even here Pokemon are abused..."

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