Katie sat in the camp senate meeting, pondering why pillows were so soft. Why couldn't they be made of steel? It would be so much better.

Suddenly Zeusy Poopy came running through screaming "RANDOM ZOMBIE ATTACK!"

Then he ran into some cheese and disappeared in to 18.75556 feathers.

"OMG! IT'S MR FLUBBLEPANTS!" Clarisse yelled running over to the feathers and repeatedly slammed her head into the floor.

"REALLY!?" Connor asked smelling the feathers. "NO THEY'RE NOT!" H yelled, then promptly ate Clarisse's head off.

"THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!" He said, then everybody started eating her.

Then Ares appeared, and everybody expected him to pulverize them for eating his daughter but he just ate her too.

Then magical llamas stampeded the camp, and suddenly, a rainbow appeared!

But then the rainbow morphed into a T-rex! Everyone was sad, it was going to eat them, but it just danced to Gangnam Style, and said it's name was Bob. The demigods danced with bob until Leo jumped off a neon cloud!

"He's gonna DIEEEEEEE!" Said Mrs. Hippo. But he didn't die! He yelled 'Flame on!' And started flying! Then he came down and ate an orange peanut!

After this, they all watched Harry Potter Puppet pals on a mushroom! It was AWESOME!

Then the minotaur emerged from the mushroom then ate some grass! Then he disappeared, and everyone was all sad and stuff.

"Peanut butter!" yelled Tyson as he rode in from Antartica on Rainbow the Fish Pony.

And then, with a blinding flash of light all of the Olympians (Zeus and Ares included) arrived with great epicness.

"AHHHHHHHHH" They yelled.

"AHHHHHHHHH" Everyone else yelled.

"WHY ARE WE YELLING AHHHHHHH?" Screamed Will Treaty.

"Because of pasta!" Explained Halt.

"I like buttons," Said Alyss quietly.

"Aren't you dead?" Asked Will

"The Royal Ranger hasn't happened yet." Halt explained yet again.

"Yeah well, So is you face." Replied Horace.

Then the author of this story remembered that the Olympians are still just awkwardly standing there and wrote about them.

Aphrodite farted 12 times straight, licking a lampshade.

Then, Thalia's tree started twirling around! And Bessie decided to eat the crazy daisies like a shoe! Unfortunately, stuff happened.

"OH NO! I HATE WHEN STUFF HAPPENS!" Frank Zhang yelled.

"Yeah, well, so is your face." Replied Horace.

"UNICORNS!" Athena shouted, looking at her nose.


"Yeah well, So is you face." Replied Horace.

Then the zombie apocalypse happened.