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Chapter 1

In The Beginning

Fionna and Cake walked slowly through the thick forest, with every foot step came the sound of breaking sticks and dry leaves. Fionna held her sword in a defensive stand, while the cat listened for anything in the dark trees. The sound of footsteps filled the silent air.

"Did you hear that?" Fionna leaned over and whispered, while tightening the grip on her sword. Cake simply nodded.

The noise continued, sounding as if it was coming closer. Fionna blew a stray piece of hair out of her face, not taking her focus off the darkness around them. They felt a rush of wind go by, turning around to see nothing.

Cake nudged Fionna, and pointed to a dark moving shadow near a tree. Fionna nodded and walked up slowly to it. Cake followed close behind.

Fionna dashed out to confront the shadow creature. She lowered her sword and sighed, "I found them."

The two Candy guards looked surprised to see such a young girl had been sent to find them. One had blood all over his leg, while the other sat next to him. The unhurt guard stood up and spoke in a deep voice, "He is hurt."

Fionna looked up at the tall man, "Don't you think I can see that? Gumball sent me to rescue you guys."

The hurt one laughed, "A girl? The prince sent a little girl?"

Fionna turned her head toward the laughing guard, "Well I could go home and let you and your little friend here get out of here by yourselves."

The guard stopped laughing and stood up, almost falling over, "Lead the way."

After about a mile or two of walking, they were in sight of the Candy Kingdom. Fionna suddenly realized her hat was off.

"Cake! I've got to go back and get my hat!" Fionna yelled, stopping dead in her tracks.

Cake sighed, "Maybe later?"

The unhurt candy guard, who was helping his friend walk, mumbled something and continued to walk.

Fionna heard but couldn't make it out, "What was that?"

He ignored her. Since they were close to the candy kingdom, Fionna decided to turn back and find her precious hat. "I'll be right back Cake!"

She ran through the trees, her hair flowing in the light breeze. She had gotten to the area where they found the guards, no hat.

Fionna sighed and sat down, out of breath from running the whole way there. The sun setting, and the Forest of Doom wasn't the best place to be at night, not that the young adventuress was scared.

Suddenly, like a a gust of wind, something moved through the thick trees and bushes in front of her.

"Hello?" She called out while grabbing for her sword, it wasn't there. "Hey! Who stole my sword!"

Out of no where, something pinned her against a tree. She opened her eyes to see a dark haired, pale skinned, boy. He was leaning over her, holding her against the tree, breathing down on her neck.

"Who the flip are you?" Fionna cried, "Let go of me!"

The boy smirked, "I'm Marshall Lee the Vampire King." He paused for a minute, "And your on my land."

"Your a... a... vampire?" Fionna mumbled, remembering all the horrible stories Cake had told her about blood sucking Vampires. She swallowed hard as he eyed her neck.

"Yeah, and I'm hungry." Marshall replied, leaning in closer to her neck.

Fionna cringed at that sentence, she closed her eyes tightly as her got closer and closer to her neck.

After about a minute, Fionna looked up. Marshall was floating up in the air, laughing at her.

"What's your deal, dude?!" Fionna shouted angrily. She saw her hat in his hand, "That's mine!"

Marshall looked at the soft white hat, "Now why would a pretty girl like you cover up your hair?"

Fionna's cheeks turned red, out of anger, "Just hand it over, smart guy."

Marshall looked over at Fionna, her hair almost to the ground, her blue eyes staring up at him in anger, and he slowly looked over her body.

"And just what are YOU looking at?" Fionna asked him, "Eyes up here, buddy."

Marshall chuckled, Floating right in front of her, "Oh silly girl, I'm not gonna hurt you." He told her, throwing her back her bunny hat.

Fionna simply put the hat on her head, "I'm not a 'silly girl' I can kill you within seconds."

Marshall seemed to find the remark amusing, "I've seen you around before, your that Fionna the Human."

"How do you know my name?" She asked, confused.

"Well, I'm a vampire. Creature of the night ya know? I see..." he took a long dramatic pause, "everything."

"You think your so smart." Fionna grabbed her sword from his other hand, "I'll beat you in a fight any day."

"Nah," Marshall looked over to Fionna, she was ready to attack, "I don't fight girls."

"Because you know you can't win."

"I would win in a fight with you." Marshall pulled out his bass, "I'd probably kill you."

Marshall floated there, playing his bass quietly, Fionna put her sword down "Please." she laughed, walking away from him.

He floated close behind as she walked toward the candy castle.

Fionna sighed, "Why are you following me?"

"No reason." He answered. "Just chillin' you know."

"Well go chill some where else."

"Why?" Marshall floated up closer to her, "Am I getting on the pretty girl's nerves?"

"Don't call me 'pretty girl', and you better leave me alone." Fionna shouted angrily at him, her cheeks red.

Marshall laughed, Fionna ignored him the rest of the way to the Candy Kingdom.

She walked through the fancy doors, the vampire boy still following her.

Cake's tail frizzed out, "Fionna! Who's that?" she asked.

Marshall flashed his fangs at the tan and white Cake, "I'm Marshall, the Vampire King."

Cake slowly stepped back, "Fionna, why are you hanging around with a Vampire?!"

"He won't leave me alone." Fionna sighed, "He's real annoying."

Marshall smirked, "You like me following you."

"No way!" Fionna argued, crossing her arms.

"You think I'm sexy." Marshall flipped his hair, "I can see it."

Fionna started to blush, "No I don't! You were the one checking me out!"

"You keep your eyes off her, or I'll claw them out." Cake warned.

"Fionna, Cake!" Gumball greeted them, then looking up at Marshall, "and you."

"You know him?" Fionna asked.

"A long time ago." Marshall mumbled, playing his axe bass softly.

Gumball's attention turned toward Fionna, "Are you ok?"

Fionna looked at him confused for a while before realizing the shoulder of her shirt was ripped, with a small cut. "Oh, must have happened when Marshall pinned me up against that tree."

Gumball's eyes widened, "What did he do?"

"I scared her." Marshall replied, "That's it."

"Oh, well then. I must get going. Very important things to do." He told them all while leaving the room.

"Come on, lets go home." Cake said, grabbing Fionna's hand and walking out the door.

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