A/N: Not to long ago, I saw 'Frankenweenie' and it made it to my list of favorites. And I decided to make a story with my favorite character, Victor. This story is a Victor and Sparky bonding moment, and it's also my first fic for 'Frankenweenie', so please no flames, and be nice. Enjoy!

Victor was tucked in tightly in bed and his eyes were shut. His loyal resurrected zombie dog, Sparky rested on his bed near Victor's bookshelf. As always, thunder, lighting, and rain took place just outside his house as it did every single night in New Holland. Victor began to toss and turn, as well and grunt and groan in his sleep in a very troubled way, he was having a nightmare.

-Victor's Dream-

He was on the baseball field and the just hit a home run.

"Victor, run!" he heard his dad call out. He then ran until he noticed Sparky broke free of his leash, and ran after the ball. Victor then ran towards Sparky and he witnessed a tragedy for a second time. Sparky was hit by a car.

"Sparky!" he then ran over to Sparky's body and picked him up in his arms. Tears fell from his eyes.

"No, Sparky. Please, please don't die. I can't live without you, I-I mean, y-you're my best friend. Please" Victor said has he buried his face into Sparky's lifeless body, and cried into it. He then heard laughter, and looked up to see his fellow teammates, Toshiaki, Bob, Nassor, Edger, Weird girl, Elsa, and his parents all give evil grins and laugh and point at Victor.

"Say goodbye to the only friend you've ever had, Victor" Nassor said. They all turned into dust and so did Sparky's body. He then looked too see the street underneath him turn back into liquid cement and he was sinking underneath it like quicksand.

"Sparky! Help! Sparky, please!" he cried out, but no one would dare try and save him, they walked up and down the sidewalks and went about their business.


"Sparky! Help me, please!" he was calling out in real life, and he still had his eyes closed. Sparky jolted awake and noticed Victor in pain. The zombified dog jumped onto Victor's bed and licked his face trying to make the poor boy up. Victor opened up his eyes and felt that he was covered in sweat and his eyes were glistening with fresh tears of fear.

"Sparky?" Victor asked. Sparky let out a soft barely audible bark and Victor let the tears blur his vision, he hugged Sparky tightly and spoke.

"Thank goodness, you're safe" Victor sobbed into his dog's neck. Sparky whimpered and nuzzled his cheek against Victor's.

"I'm alright, Sparky. I just had a bad dream" Victor wiped his tears away and Sparky continued to nuzzle himself into Victor's chest.

"You want me to tell you about it?" Victor asked. Sparky was Victor's only friend, nobody bothered to be a friend to Victor, so his only source of comfort to turn to was Sparky.

"Alright, I relived the day you got run over, only this time everyone laughed at me with mean looking faces and they all pointed at me. Soon, everyone turned to dust and I was sinking into the street, I was so scared, I thought I was gonna die with you" Victor told him. Sparky couldn't bear to hear such a terrifying image haunting poor Victor's dreams. The resurrected canine felt sorry for him, and that he didn't deserve to have bad dreams make him suffer.

"Thank you for listening, Sparky, it helps a lot" Victor then fell back asleep with Sparky still in his arms. He lied down and hit head fell onto the pillow, still holding Sparky like a stuffed animal.

"I love you, Sparky" Victor whispered, and he fell back asleep with a sleepy smile on his face. Sparky then snuggled up next to his owner and fell asleep with him.

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