The demigods were climbing the stairs of the tall apartment building. Percy was leaning heavily on Frank. Annabeth was doing the same to Jason. But the couple still managed to hold hands as they ascended. Piper, Hazel, and Leo followed with their weapons ready just in case a monster attacked from behind. Nico and Thalia were up front, with their weapons drawn as well, leading the demigods to the Jackson/Blofis apartment.

They managed to reach the apartment without any attacks. Considering that every known living child of the big three were in one stairwell, everyone was shocked and relieved. Nico knocked on the door. No response. That wasn't a huge surprise as it was one in the morning

Nico decided to shadow travel in, and unlock the door. The eight demigods entered. "Put Percy and Annabeth in his room." Thalia whispered as she pointed to the nearest door in the hall. Frank and Jason lead the couple to the bed where they were finally able to fall asleep.

Thalia set out three sleeping bags, one for each girl. (Artemis wouldn't allow boys to use her special sleeping bags). The two Roman boys each claimed a couch. Leo and Nico both claimed the two La-Z Boy recliners.

Thalia found the nectar and ambrosia in the first aid kit. She passed it around, everyone took as much as they dared. They all said quick good nights and passed out from the exhaustion.