Lily sat on her bed with her towel wrapped tightly around her. Breathing heavily, she smiled as she remembered the kiss between her and Severus. Her chest swelled with excitement and she quickly stood up to pace around the room. Her mind raced with thoughts about the deed she was about to do.

She froze. Oh, gods. I'm about to lose my virginity. The realization of her plan hadn't hit her until then.

Calm down, a soothing voice in her mind sounded. Everything is going to be okay.

But what if he turns me down? What if he hates my body? What if everything goes completely wrong? Lily's mind was frantic. She went to sit o the bed, only to jump back up and pace.

A picture in her mind relaxed her a bit. Severus stared down at her with wide, dark brown eyes. In his eyes, she saw confusion and worry. But, hiding under those feelings, she saw fear. It scared her and she wanted to dispel the memory from her head, but something made her look deeper into the memory's eyes.

Hiding, deep under everything else, was love. She recognized it because she had that same look when she saw him. She loved Severus. She always had. She loved him emotionally and now she wanted to love him physically.

That's all sex is, though, right? It's just a physical form of love. There's nothing to be scared of. She took a deep breath and held it in until she was light headed, and then released it in a great gush.

She looked at herself in the long mirror hanging on her closet door. She stared into the green eyes, then glanced over the rest of her body. She opened the towel to reveal the purple bathing suit. She knew it was too small for her. She had purposefully chosen this one instead of the dark green one her mother had bought her at the beginning of the summer.

Deciding what she would do next, she dropped the towel and slipped out of the cold damp bathing suit. Her skin was covered in goosebumps and she quickly bent down to get the towel and wrapped it around her once more. Taking another deep breath, she went to the bathroom to hang her bathing suit to dry.

A soft knock on her bedroom door made her jump and her face heated up with excitement.

"Lily? Are you alright?" Severus' voice was muffled by the door. Opening it, she saw him standing there with his shirt neatly folded in his arm and holding his shoes in his other hand. The towel rested lightly on his hips and there was a small bulge that pushed the towel outwards. Lily blushed at the sight.

"Yes, Severus." Lily grabbed his arm and pulled him to the bed. Pushing at his shoulders slightly, he sat down. She emptied his arms and put the objects on the chair at her desk. Severus watched her with wide eyes. She climbed onto the bed opposite him and stopped. Smirking at him, she raised her hand and curled a finger, beckoning him forward. He crawled towards her on his hands and knees, leaving the towel to slide off the bed.

Lily pushed his chest and made him lay down in the center of the bed. She straddled him, flinching slightly at the cold wetness now touching her lady bits. Leaning forward, she kissed Severus' chest and smiled when she heard his sharp inhale. Trailing kisses upward, she made her way to his neck. She sucked at the skin there and nibbled gently when Severus moaned.

He moved his hands up her thighs and mad his way under the towel. He gasped when he got to her hips and felt no fabric there. She leaned up and slowly revealed herself.

Severus couldn't help but to stare. He had fantasized about Lily before but his imagination was all wrong. Lily was even more beautiful than he could have hoped for. He traced every line of her body with his eyes, from the smooth skin of her neck to the swell of her breasts to the small patch of pubic hair where her legs met. His eyes met hers. She was studying his reaction.

He wanted to touch her. He moved his trembling hand up her side. Her eyes fluttered at the motion. Hesitantly, he reached up to touch her breast. She gasped and arched her back, pressing into his hand. He moved his fingers to rub circles into her pink nipples, causing them to grow. He moved his other hand to copy the motion with her other breast. Lily moaned softly and tipped her head back. Severus couldn't wait but to taste her.

He quickly wrapped his arms around Lily and sat up fast, causing a squeak from Lily. His mouth connected with Lily's neck and a louder moan escaped her mouth. Bringing one of his hands back around her front, he pressed his palm against her breast and rolled.

He brought his mouth up to Lily's and kissed her passionately. Lily met his kiss with her own fervor. Lily's fingers dug into his shoulders and she rocked her hips forward, rubbing against Severus' erection, causing both of them to groan. Severus trailed his fingers lightly down her stomach. Her breath came faster and he grabbed the back to her neck with his other hand to hold her to him. His fingers brushed against curls and he cupped her sex, making her whimper. Pushing his fingers through her folds, he swirled the thick liquid with his fingers. Rocking against him, Lily held him tight and buried her face in his neck. Severus gently pushed a finger into Lily, earning the loudest moan Lily had made yet.

Severus almost came at the noise. He slowly moved his finger front and back inside of her, causing her tighten. He fastened his pace and Lily groaned loudly. Her legs twitched and her hips rocked and she raked her fingernails down Severus' back, making his breath hitch. He sucked her shoulder and took the skin in between his teeth, never breaking his pace.

Lily's body tensed and she threw her head back. Her eyes were squeezed tight and her mouth was in a perfect O shape. She dug her nails hard enough into Severus' shoulders to break skin, but he didn't care. With a scream, her body released, tightening and relaxing.

After a moment, her eyes opened sleepily. Severus withdrew his hand from her core and she gasped slightly. He moved his hand to join the other on her back. Leaning forward, she kissed him gently. She moved her mouth to his ear.

"Your turn."