Disclaimer: I own nothing involved in this story unless I invented it myself. This is written for fun, not for profit.
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Title: Friendship Between Kings: 4-20: Crossing Over
Characters: Pharaoh Abidos III, Juudai
Word Count: chapter: 300||story: 1,200
Genre: Friendship||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: drabble123: Pharaoh Abidos III & Juudai: #18, river
Notes: These drabbles all take place in the revised world of Hell's Ice, wherein Marufuji Ryou is one of the Seven Stars and holds power over ice and snow.
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Summary: In a world where Ryou is one of the Seven Stars and Abidos III is not, he and Juudai build a unique friendship.

"I'll cross the river one day." Abidos knew this was true; even he could not deny the call of the afterlife forever.

"You could do it right now." Juudai spoke up; Abidos had scarcely even noticed he was there. That was unusual in and of itself; Juudai certainly never made a secret of his presence. Yet at times, he was more like a shadow than a person. "The river isn't that deep, you know."

Abidos breathed out for a moment. "Not that kind of river." He gestured to the tumbling water a few feet away; he enjoyed coming here to think at times, recalling a few times back home when as a child he'd watched the river going by for hours on end. "Crossing the river is death."

"Funny way to put it." Juudai didn't sound bothered, but more curious. Abidos wasn't certain if he wanted to explain all the beliefs of his people to someone who barely looked as if he could sit in one place long enough to hear a lunch menu. "You think too much about being dead, you know."

Abidos's lips turned upward. "And do you think too much about being alive?" He was dead, there was no getting around it. How could he not think of it?

"Maybe. But I don't care." Juudai shrugged, kicking one foot against the rock he lounged on. "You wanna have a duel?"

Again, a quiet breath. "Perhaps another time." He wanted to duel Juudai; he'd seen more and more of the other's talent. But not yet. Not until everything was over.

"Sure." Juudai grinned. "Whenever you want it."

Abidos returned his gaze to the river. What would it truly be like on the other side? Would he see his family again? He would find out someday. But not yet.

To Be Continued