Sup! You probably all heard about Bad Little Boy and if you haven't where the hell have you been for the past month. Anyway, this story is about how I think it's going to go down. I already saw a sneak peak and then I came up with this. I'm a BIG Fiolee fan by the way so I'm going to put my own little thing in there too Disclaimer: I don't own Adventure Time blah, blah, blah… ON WITH THE STORY

Fionna's POV (this story is all in Fionna's POV by the way)

-At the Tree house playing Mario Cart-

"C'mon, C'mon, C'mon! Almost to the finish line!" I shouted

"HA! You think you're going to cross the finish line before me, THINK AGAIN!" Cake said while passing me to the finish line.


"Pfffffff, I let you win." I said

"Ok, if you let me win how about a real rematch" Cake said

-Phone rings-

"Hold on, let me get the phone first" I said

-Picks up phone-


"Hey Fi" Marshall Lee said

"Oh hey, what's up? Are you going to the concert PG's tonight? " I asked

"Not really, I think it's just going to be some candy weirdo's playing classical music"

"I wouldn't bother going to Bubba's concert, it's probably going to be lame"

"He already sent me and Cake an invitation; I promise we would go to his concert" I said

"That must suck" Marshall Lee said

"Well, it could be fun. Are you sure you're not going to go?" I asked

"Bubba didn't sent me an invitation so I'm probably not wanted there" Marshall Lee said

"Well you know, you could come and spice up the concert if it's boring" I said

"Maybe, I would love to see Bubba's face when I show up to his concert and spice things up" Marshall Lee said

"So now are you going PB's concert?" I asked again

"Yea, why not? But I need a song if I am going to show up and sing something. You and Cake want to come and make up some junk?" Marshall Lee said

"Sure, anything we should bring?" I asked

"Hmm, no I got the instruments. Just come over here in an hour." Marshall Lee said

"Ok bye" I said then hung up.

"Who was that?" Cake said

"Marshall Lee, we're going to come over to his house in an hour to write a song for tonight" I said

"We're going to perform at the concert tonight with Marshall Lee?" Cake said

"I guess so" I said

"Want to keep playing Mario Cart? This time don't let me win, I'M GOING TO CRUSH YOU THIS TIME!" Cake said

"All right, you've asked for it. I going to play at my best this time, don't be crying when I win though" I said

"You mean when I win" Cake said

"Will just have to see about that" I said

-1 hour later to Marshall Lee's house-

"I can't believe you beat me!" Cake said

"Hey you were asking for it" I said

"But how can you even flip someone in the air and just stay there, defies the laws of gravity!" Cake said

"I don't know, maybe it's a glitch or something" I said

"Well, we're here"

-Knocks on Marshall Lee's door-

"Marshall? Marshall are you there?"

-Knocks on Marshall Lee's door again-


"Is he even home?" Cake asked

"I don't know, maybe he went somewh-"


"AAAHHHHHHH!" Cake and I both screamed and Cake jump into my arms.

"Marshall! Don't scare us like that, jeez man!" I said

"Sorry, it's fun to scare you guys though" Marshall Lee said

"Let's just work on the stupid song" I said

-Marshall, Cake, and I enter Marshall Lee's house-

"Ok, I think we should make the song in a major key with the cords, like let's start out wit for the melody" Marshall Lee said

"Ok, we have the melody and the cords now let's make the lyrics." I said

"I don't think we have time for that, it's almost 7. We need to go if we're going to make the concert." Cake said

"But we don't have the lyrics yet!" I said

"I think I make up some lyrics by then, I'm really good at it" Marshall Lee said

-At the concert finding PG in the crowd-

"Hey PG" I said

"Hello Fionna and Cake, glad you could make it." PG said

"I'm here too you know Bubba" Marshall Lee said

"Yea, so Fionna are you and Cake going to be performing at my concert?" PG said

"Yea, we're going to perform with Marshall" Cake said

"With Marshall Lee?" PG said

"Yea, he's really good" I said

"Well, I hope you two do well out there" PG said

PG gave Marshall a dirty look, why can't they cooperate like we do Marshall.

"I'll go sign us in" Cake said then left. I sat down with Marshall

"So do you have the song lyrics?" I asked

"Yep, just follow my lead on stage" Marshall Lee said

"What!?" I yelled

"How can Cake and I sing on stage if we don't know the lyrics?"

"Don't worry, just follow my lead and you'll be fine" Marshall Lee said. Then gave me a kiss on my forehead. I was blushing, obliviously.

"Come on, we're about to perform."

"Ok" I said

"Up next is Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee playing, well will find out" Peppermint Butler said.

Show time. We got up on stage then Marshall said 'Remember, follow my lead.'

(Marshall Lee)

"Good little girl,

always picking a fight with me.

You know that I'm bad,

but you're spending the night with me.

What do you want from my world?

You're a good little girl."

"Bad little boy,

that's what you're acting like.

I really don't buy,

that you're that kind of guy.

And if you are,

why do you want to hangout with me?"

(Marshall Lee)

"Don't you know I'm a villain?

Every night I'm out killing, descanting, everyone running like children.

I know why you're mad at me.

I've got demon eyes, and their looking right through your anatomy.

Into your deepest fears, baby I'm not from here, I'm from the Nightosphere.

To me your clear, transparent.

You got a thing for me girl, it's apparent."

-End of song, by the way Disclaimer: the song is not mine-

The crowd went crazy, but Cake looked at Marshall like she was saying "You wanna go." The thing I couldn't get out of my head is what that last thing Marshall said. 'You got a thing for me girl, it's apparent.' Does Marshall think I like him? I mean why would he think I like him?

"Man, you were great Fi, see I told you if you follow my lead everything would be fine" Marshall Lee said

"Thanks, by the way what was that at the end?" I said

"What was what at the end?" Marshall Lee said

"When you said 'You have a thing for me girl, it's apparent' do you think I have a crush on you?" I said

"Fi, I just came up with the lyrics. Doesn't mean it was about you." Marshall said

"Oh, good. Listen I need go but want to hang out later?" I asked

"Sure" Marshall said

"Ok later" I said then left

"The song was about you, I lied" Marshall said quietly, I came back.

"What did you say?" I said

"Nothing" Marshall said

"Oh sorry I thought you said something" I left again.

I knew what Marshall said a minute ago.