This is just a series of drabbles I made because I was bored. Elrond's many pains and trials when Aragorn and Legolas come back from an adventure broken and bleeding. The twins help, but can be mean.

Lord Elrond sat working at his desk. He was writing a response to King Thranduil, who had sent a letter asking how his son was fairing in his stay at Rivendell. Lord Elrond was telling the king of his astonishment that neither Legolas nor Aragorn has been hurt thus far in the prince's visit – the archer had been in Imladris for over a week now – but he supposed that there was a first for everything.

A startled cry sounded from somewhere down the hall, then raised voices shouting. "Ada," Elladan called, bursting through the door. "We need you. They've done it again."

Elrond got to his feet slowly, sighing. He followed his son down the hall and towards the hall of healing stopping first to drop his half-completed letter into the fire.


"I cannot believe this," Lord Elrond stated, staring at the two figures before him. "Legolas, you have not been here a day and look at what you've caused." Aragorn and Legolas were both covered head to toe in mud, bleeding from several wounds each, and grinning apologetically.

"It is not all my fault, hir-nin," Legolas said quietly, coughing as a little more pond water escaped from his lungs. "Whenever your son comes to Greenwood we are injured just as quickly."

"And your father is not nearly so forgiving," Aragorn muttered under his breath.

"At least he always sends a search party after us," Legolas said back. "And he has private healing rooms for us each."

"But then he forbids us from getting hurt for the rest of my visit."

"As if you could blame him. I remain amazed that he has been able to enforce it. We can get injured no matter where we are."

"Please, you two," Lord Elrond said, holding up a hand. "Wash yourselves off and then come to the hall. I will be with you shortly." As the two shuffled stiffly off to the baths, Elrond finished. "And perhaps I will enforce a few rules of my own."


"Ada!" Aragorn's voice sounded frantically from the entrance. "Ada!" Lord Elrond ran for the window, seeing his human son supporting a blood-soaked figure and stumbling away from the stables.

"Valar," Elrond exclaimed as he started towards the stairs, calling out as he went. "Elladan! Elrohir! Trasta!" /trouble/

The twins needed only to hear their father's words before they were beside their brother and friend, catching Legolas and supporting Aragorn as his broken ankle threatened to fold. They brought the pair up to the hall of healing, a very familiar place to all five of them. Aragorn was speaking in a mixture of Sindarin, Quenya, and Western, all words slurred because of his concussion and exhaustion.

"Ada, there were… yrchpilinn… I did not see… he was yarvaxëa… he said it was andelu, but I said not… arnoidiad…" /orcs/ /the arrows/ /blood-stained/ /dangerous/ /without thinking/

Lord Elrond ignored his son for the most part, concentrating instead on the prince. He was barely breathing, two arrows embedded in his chest, both broken at the shaft. It was obvious that Aragorn had tried to help his friend, but his own injuries had prevented him.

"Elrohir," Lord Elrond commanded. "Quickly, get the herbs ready. You know which ones."

Elrohir nodded and carefully helped his father secure Aragorn before running down the hall as quickly as he could. Aragorn was still rambling, saying that it was his fault and that his brother would die. They knew that he meant neither Elladan or Elroir, but Legolas. The two were most certainly brothers – they had almost gotten each other killed enough times for it to be official.

By the time they laid Legolas down on one of the beds, his chest was so soaked in blood that they were forced to soak it up with a cloth before attempting to remove the arrows. While Elrond and Elladan worked over the fallen prince, Elrohir took care of Aragorn, not so much healing him as keeping him from stumbling towards his friend. It was obvious that the man was incoherent, and in his confusion was unwilling to let anyone near Legolas for fear that they might hurt him.

Several hours later, Aragorn was asleep and Legolas was at least still breathing. The prince had awoken, and had of course asked how long he must stay in bed. Elrond had scolded him briefly for his stubbornness, and told him that he must stay at least one week in bed. When Legolas complained, loudly, Lord Elrond pointed to the bed next to them. Aragorn lay sprawled out on his back, bandages around his head and leg. The man was dreaming in his drug-induced sleep, and two words he said over and over again. "Legolas" and "gwador." /brother/ Legolas smiled fondly at the man and agreed to stay in bed as long as Aragorn would.

Lord Elrond eyed both of them skeptically, trying to remember just how much sleeping medicine he had left. Knowing those two, he would need it.


"What happened?" Elrond exclaimed, not so much angry as shocked.

"We were being pursued," Legolas said, keeping a firm hold on his dazed companion. "We had no choice but to attempt to leap over the cliff."

"I had less success than he," Aragorn smiled, obviously pleased with himself despite of his pain. "I managed to collapse the entire edge. Legolas was forced to dive into the river to get me."

"And why are you so happy?" Elrond asked in exasperation. The two friends exchanged a contended look.

"Because Elladan and Elrohir never caught us."


"That is it!" Elrond shouted, his patience finally spent. "I cannot believe you two! Are you deliberately trying to age me with worry?"

"I apologize," Legolas muttered. "I did not mean to."

"He speaks the truth, ada," Aragorn put in. "It was an accident."

Lord Elrond turned on his son. "An accident? You were both nearly killed! And now Legolas must postpone his return to Greenwood because he has broken twenty three bones. How is that even possible?"

"Twenty four, if you count his nose," Elladan supplied helpfully from where he and his twin stood in the corner, watching the exchange.

"I am sorry!" Legolas said again. "I did not see the hunter's trap. We were running very fast."

The elf lord passed a hand tiredly over his face. "I do not blame you, dear prince. I simply wish that a visit may pass without one or the both of you falling in harm's way."

"They did not so much 'fall' as 'roll down' harm's way," Elrohir smiled and his twin laughed quietly. Lord Elrond looked at his two sons, then back at Aragorn and Legolas.

"What do they mean?"

"Well…" Legolas gave Aragorn an uncomfortable look.

"Estel?" Elrond said warningly.

"There was a hunter's trap at the top of a very steep hill," Aragorn admitted finally. "Legolas ran into it first, triggering it. I was too close to him to stop, and so was caught in it as well. My weight caused the entire thing to fall down the hill. I managed to catch hold of a tree near the top, but Legolas was entangled in it… he did not see the river at the bottom."

"Or the thorn bushes beyond that," Legolas added softly.

"Or the sharp rocks beyond that," Elladan put in with a little too much mirth.

"Or the small cliff at the end," Elrohir finished with a smile.

"That does it," Elrond threw up his hands in defeat. "From now on, you two are not to go outside ever again. You are to stay in a room with walls and a floor made of pillows, and your entire bodies will be wrapped with cotton. And you," he said, turning to his laughing twin sons. "You two will be their slaves."