Just a warning for Gore and Violence, also I own nothing and make no money for my stories. Italics are past events. If anyone is reading my other stories, I'm getting to them. I've had the first three chapters of this one done for a couple of years (Originally not Klaine) and I'm working on the fourth.

~Quiet sobs echoed the room. She could hear the screaming from across the hall. She felt bile rise as she heard the horrific sound of her brother being tortured. The man had come into their home days ago and one by one killed of her family. It had started with her father. The family had been tied up as the man skinned him alive and threw the skin around the room and laughed. Blood was splattered on all of them and the man made her mother eat some of it before taking her away to another room.~

Blaine's POV
It's a bright and sunny day when we moved in. The house is huge; an old Victorian style house with gardens stretching out for 8 acres, moss and ivory grew up the side of the house making it look even more beautiful. I'm pulled away from my musings by Kurt yelling at me to hurry. I pick up my bags and run up the cobble stone walk way. The house is an inheritance from a distant great aunt of mine. Kurt and I had been living together for some time in a small ratty apartment. Our parents had kicked us out of the house when they found out about us being gay. My older brother, Cooper, was the only one who still talked to us. He was married and had a son, Finn. Once we got settled in they were to come out for the summer. This house is a miracle for us. We both were just out of high school, working at the local grocery store. Kurt is my first and only love. He's beautiful with perfectly styled dark hair and Glasz colored eyes that show so much emotion. It was a rough start but I wouldn't change anything, as long as I have Kurt by my side. Now with a fresh start here, I could start online college courses and there are more stores in this area for jobs.

I reach the front door and can hear Kurt oohing and ahing. The foyer is rather large with dark oak boarding and dark colored walls and floors.

"Kurt?" I yell out. I can't quite place where he was. His head pokes out of a doorway up the hall. He gives me this smile and runs back into the room. I laugh and put my stuff down. I walk slowly over and look in. It is a sunroom with floor to ceiling windows all around. Kurt is standing staring out at the gardens. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist. He gives a contented sigh and leans back into me. I kiss his neck and look out the window.

"This is all ours Blainey. It's amazing." He whispers.

"It is. And our parents can't take it away from us." He turns and kisses me full on the lips, his tongue teasing my mouth. I open my lips and suck his tongue into my mouth. We stand there kissing for a while. The room is slowly darkening. Kurt pulls back and rests his forehead on mine.

"We better finish bringing our stuff in." I sigh and we do just that. The house had been furnished with all new furniture before we came so after unpacking most of our things we have a light dinner then crawl into the bed in the master suite. I pull Kurt to me and he curls into me. Just as I'm closing my eyes I see movement. My head shoots up. Kurt is already out but there in front of me stands a young girl maybe 12 in a long dress. She has long curly red hair and bright green eyes. She just stands there staring at me. I notice something then; blood is slowly running down her arm and pooling on the floor. She walks closer to the bed. I am frozen in fear. She raises her arm toward me; her fingers spread out like she is reaching for me, but stops short of the bed. I can see the blood dripping.

"LEAVE!" She screams at me then disappears. I'm shaking hard now, tears starting to leave my eyes. Kurt still sleeps on; I don't know what to do. I slowly lay back down and just lay there holding tightly to Kurt till light starts to stream in the windows.

Kurt's POV

I awake to the sun beating in my face and the absence of my Blaine. I groggily lift my head and look around the room and smile. This is our home, I love it here. I slowly get out of bed and wander down the hall, peeking into rooms as I go. Blaine doesn't seem to be on the second floor so I proceeded down the stairs. There is a lot of pictures still on the wall, a family of parents and four children. They seemed like a happy family. I make it to the bottom of the steps and head for the kitchen, my stomach rumbling. As I pass the library I hear movement. I open the large oak doors to Blaine walking around pulling books and papers out of all sorts of places.

"Blainey? What are you doing?" I laugh. He turns to me. He looks like he hadn't slept all night. I wonder what was wrong.

"Kurt. I was just looking through some old books. I found a whole bunch of papers that seem to be from the original owners. It's pretty interesting." Blaine goes back to his findings. I sigh and shake my head.

"Well you have fun, love. I'm going to make some breakfast. Want some?" He doesn't look up just nods. My bookworm, I chuckle and walk to the kitchen. I make us some eggs and bacon. I root around the cabinets and find a tray. I pour some orange juice and put the food on some plates I found and put everything on the tray. I go back to the library and put it on the table. Blaine comes over still reading.

"So what have you found?" He looks up at me then back down.

"Just some stuff about the original family, the one in all those pictures. They were an Irish family that immigrated here in the early 1800s. The man, Duana Rowley, was the police chief around here. His wife, Cassair, was from a rich family back in Ireland. They had three sons, Leif, Murphy, and Conner. Then the youngest was a girl named Saraid or Sarah after they came to America." Blaine tells me while eating.

"That's neat. They look like such a happy and close family in the photos all over." Blaine looks at me funny.

"What pictures?"

"The ones all over the walls... You didn't notice them?"

He shakes his head and gets up. I watch him leave then follow him. He runs to the foyer and takes the first picture off the wall. He starts to shake and the picture drops to the floor. Glass goes everywhere. I rush forward and start to pick up the glass. I come to the picture. It's a girl, about 12 years old, in a long white summer gown. Her hair is very curly and tied up. Her smiling face is covered in freckles. I set the glass on the picture and set it down and turn to Blaine.

"What's wrong?" He shakes his head and goes back to the library. I let him go and turn back to the glass and picture. I let out a gasp as the frame is fixed and the picture is resettled on the wall. My heart beat raises as a little hand touches mine. I turn quickly but no one is there. I turn tail and run to Blaine. He's sitting in one of the lounge chairs. I pull the papers out of his hand and curl up onto his lap, a very bad feeling settling in my stomach.

The girl had no idea what became of her mother, she had just heard banging on the wall from the next room. The man left her and her three brothers alone after that. They were tied up and sitting in a huddle. She could only sit there and cry. Her brothers providing the little comfort they could. When the sun rose the next morning he came back. He grabbed the oldest boy by the hair and dragged him to the middle of the room. He had on his hand what looked to be a claw shaped set of knives attached to a piece of metal. With a low chuckle the man started to rip at the boy's arms and legs. Skin and muscle just fell to the floor. The boy screamed as loud as he could. It went on like this for hours, the man just ripping parts of the boy away. After the first half hour the boy had lost his voice then had passed out only to wake before falling still. Now all that was heard was the deranged laughter and the crying of the younger siblings.