Leif's POV

"So what brings you out this late at night Jonathan?" Father asked the man. I had a sneaking suspicion it was no good.

"Oh, just out checking on the neighbors, you know making sure no one was without with that snow storm brewing." Yeah sure and I'm going to marry our goat. Father seemed to buy into it though.

We sat there talking for what seemed like hours when it was only one or two. The weather just progressively got worse but Mr. Colson made no move to leave. I found this slightly odd. The man could barely stand to be in our presence most of the time. Mother finally stood and told the boys, Sarah, and I to head on up to bed. Sarah made a small fuss but we eventually went. That was the biggest mistake I feel we made that night.

It couldn't have been ten minutes when we heard it. A loud thump and then my mother scream. I jumped out of bed and met with Conner in the hall.

"Stay with the other two. I'll go see what happened." He gives me a worried look but does as I say and goes to collect Sarah. I make my way to the second floor and peer down the stairs. I see a shadow moving in the sitting room. Fear wells up in my chest but I continue anyway. The second mistake. When I reach the bottom of the steps I see my father and mother lumped on the floor hands and feet tied. I don't have any time to move before my world goes dark with a painful blow to my head.

Sarah's POV

Conner scared me to death as he knocked on my door. We had all heard the noises coming from down stairs; I just knew something bad was happening. Conner pulled me to his room and him and Murphy pushed me into the tiny hide away in his closet. I was shaking so bad and I had to use the bathroom so horribly. After what seemed like years that Leif had gone down stairs there were footsteps coming up the steps. The boys quickly put lots of stuff in front of the door where I was and went to hide someplace else. In a matter of seconds the door slammed open, as if someone had kicked it in. That wasn't my Leif.

"Come out; come out where ever you are you filthy incestuous sodomites!" That defiantly isn't my brother. I heard the bed being over turned and Murphy scream. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I was so scared. Conner started yelling than. I couldn't make out what was being said. My hearing was starting to blur together. My breathing was getting shallow. Soon blackness took hold.

When I came to it was to dead silence. I sit here for a few minutes, and then slowly pushed the door open. It's slightly difficult with all the stuff in front of it but I get it open. I crawl out of the hideaway and into the closet. It's so dark in here I can barely make out the door. When it's open it's not much better. It must be late in the night for it to be this dark. I make my way out of Conner's room. I listen in the door way. Nothing. I continue on to the stairs. Again I stop and listen. This silence is more disturbing than the darkness. The house is never this quiet. Leif and father both snore loudly. I make my way down to the second floor. My breathing is coming faster. My heart rate is up. When I reach the second stair case I see the first bit of light. It's coming from the parlor. I know I probably shouldn't go near but my feet seem to move on their own. I go slowly. Not wanting to alert anyone. As I reach the bottom of the stairs I peak in. There seems to be no one in there. I make my way in and look around. There is a puddle of blood in front of the fire place. I shiver to think who's it is. I hear some muffled sounds coming from the ceiling. They must have all went upstairs. I decide to look around down here some more. Maybe something can clue me in to what's going on. I make it to the dining room only to freeze. The whole room is covered in blood. Pieces of what looks like skin hang from the table, the chandelier, and the walls. I feel bile come up my throat. I puke right there in the door way. The smell alone would do that to anyone. I look back up and notice something on the table. A large something. Tears well up as I realize what it is. It's father. Finally after what seemed like forever a scream is pushed out of my mouth. I hear movement up above and I bolt. I run straight for the door. I don't quite make it as I'm grabbed from behind. I'm pulled up the stairs and thrown onto a pile of bodies. My family to be exact. Thankfully all alive. I look up into the face of my captor. Jonathan Colson. My fear raised ten times.

Kurt's POV
Cooper's coming. Cooper's coming. I'm so excited. This has been the best two weeks here! Blaine has slept in our bed for the last two weeks and he's stayed by my side the entire time. I feel the safest and I'm so happy I could burst. The ghosts have all but disappeared so I'm feeling real good about this visit.

I'm in the kitchen cooking away for when Cooper and Finn arrive. Blaine has already set up the guest rooms and prepared everything else. He's in the library now, working on something for his class. We finally saved up some money; all our bills are paid by a trust fund set up by the same aunt that gave us this house.

I'm just finishing up when I hear the doorbell. I put the pan into the oven and run to the door. When I open it Finn jumps into my arms.

"Uncle Kurty!" He yells and giggles as I twirl him around. Cooper walks in and laughs at the sight of us. Blaine comes out of the library to see what's going on. Finn is almost the slitting image of Cooper, the same dark hair as Blaine, not curly though, and those Anderson eyes. The ones I fell in love with, deep hazel swirls that will break a few hearts when he's older. Once everyone has hugged and greeted each other we guide them to their rooms. Finn stays to play for a little and the three of us go back down to the sitting room.

"So how have you two been? You look great!" Cooper says as we sit.

"We're doing just fine. Great even." Blaine answers and I nod my head along with him. Blaine tells him about our jobs at the Wal-Mart in town and about his classes. Our conversation continues on until it is time for dinner. Cooper goes to gather Finn and Blaine follows me into the kitchen.

"You my dear are adorable when you cook." He says as he kisses my nose. I giggle and swat him away.

"Oh hush! I'm adorable all the time." We both laugh and carry everything to the table.

Cooper and Finn join us and we all sit and eat. After the cleanup and dishes we decide to retire to bed. I'm feeling more happy than I have since we moved in. I don't imagine anything can ruin this feeling.

I'm proved wrong some time later when Blaine and me are awoken by Finn's screams. We look at each other and jump out of bed. When we reach his door we hear Cooper in there already. We open the door and rush over to him. When he calms a bit we ask what happened.

"There was a man in my room! He was all bloody and he told me I was next. There was someone at his feet. There was blood everywhere!" He dissolves into tears than. Not him, anyone but him. A look of pure anger appears on Blaine's face and a confused one on Cooper's. Blaine turns and quickly leaves the room and I'm left to answer Cooper's questions.

Blaine's POV

I'm beyond pissed. This cannot be happening. I run up the stairs to Conner's room.

"What the hell is going on!? Why are you doing this?" I'm yelling. Who cares? They scared my nephew. That is the only thing in my mind right now. Sarah appears in front of me shaking her head. She's mouthing something.

"What!?" I scream at her. Tears start rolling down her face. Suddenly the whole room starts to shake and things are flying around. I try to duck but I'm hit over and over by things. This had never happened before, why now? Another figure appears in front of me. A boy who looks so much like me. Only he wore his hair very long and was in the same style cloths as Sarah and Murphy.

"Conner?" I ask in a whispered voice. He looks at me with almost hatred in his eyes. He pulls Sarah to him and they both vanish. All the objects dropp and the room stills. I'm breathing heavily as I make my way back down the stairs. Kurt meets me and pulls me to him.

"Why is this happening now? Why Finn?" He's in tears. I pull him closer and kiss his head.

"We have to bring someone in. This getting too out of control." I feel him nod against me.

"We can't stay here tonight." I completely agree with him so we gather Cooper and Finn and leave. As we drive down the driveway I look back at the house. In the parlor window is a man smirking evilly at me. As we turn onto the road he vanishes.

Cooper's POV

When we reach the hotel I am still in shock. The things that Kurt had told me seem so unreal. But Finn is still shaking, curled up to my side. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I'm so frightened of something that I hadn't even seen. I believe it's time I called her.

"Kurt, Blaine, I think I know someone who can help you. She was an old friend of mine from school. She lives around here actually." The relief in both of their faces is unmistakable. They nod but Blaine looks at me.

"Make the call. I want her here tonight." With that he guides Kurt to the big bedroom and shuts the door. I turn to Finn who is curled up on the sofa. I sit next to him and pull him to me. He refuses to speak. I pull my cell out and make the call.

"Aerlyn. It's Cooper Anderson. Yeah, sorry about it being so lat... Oh, you were expecting me... yeah just now... the Marlette on... OK, see you soon." I should have expected it. She already knew I was going to call. This is going to be a long night, I could tell.

A few minutes later I hear a knock on the door. I usher her in and call for Blaine and Kurt.

Blaine's POV

When I step out of the bedroom I see something I didn't expect. There stands a girl, for she can't be older than 17. She's about my height with Dark brown hair that's down a little past neck-length, and green eyes behind black thick-rimmed glasses. She has an air around her of a child but looking in her eyes you can see she is anything but.

"Blaine this is Aerlyn Rose." Cooper says as she steps forward.

She looks me over "It's good to meet you Conner."

Cassair POV

I breathed a gasp as he brought Sarah in. I had hoped she would escape. She was thrown to the ground with us. As best as he could Leif pulled her to him. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. My children, my beautiful children, were going to die. I could do nothing to save them. I could feel that both of my ankles were broken. The taste of Duana's blood still lingered in my mouth. Jonathan stood there looking at us. His vial little eyes just watching. With the last of my strength I pushed myself up and spit at him. He let out a low laugh. Then his demeanor changed. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up. The boys moved closer to Sarah. I felt pride well up for my boys. I was being pulled from the room. Before he could shut the door, I looked upon my children one last time. I mouthed that I loved them. The door slammed hard after us. He pulled me into the master bedroom. "Well bitch, I've been waiting so long to wipe that superior look from your face." He raised his hand and slapped me. The sting is hot. He just continues to slap me and soon his hand turns into a fist. After what seemed like an hour my world goes black.