I was watching Prince Caspian again when I realized that I couldn't not write on this interaction between the Pevensies and Trumpkin. This takes place during the rowing scene in the movie.

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Movie:Prince Caspian

Scene: Savage Lands (Rowing Scene)

POV: Peter

Edmund wouldn't be able to do it. Trumpkin was too small and I couldn't ask Susan or Lucy to. So I rowed the boat. It was nice though, I admit. I can't stand not doing anything, and I needed time to sort out what had happened in this Narnia. The battles she had gone through in our absence, the horrors she endured, and all because we had left. Clenching my teeth, I concentrated pouring my energy into rowing the boat. No sense in letting myself stew. I let my eyes roam around, drinking in the changes of scenery. So much had changed, yet amazingly enough it looked so similar.

"They're so still." Lucy's voice startled me out of my thoughts.

"They're trees. What'd you expect?" I saw Edmund looking at Trumpkin in surprise, and I could hear the disappointment in Trumpkin's voice.

"They used to dance." Poor Lu. The trees had been some of her best friends. Even in our world she loved being around the trees, despite the fact they couldn't talk.

"Wasn't long after you left the Telmarines invaded." I stopped rowing to take a look around. It was… wrong to see the trees being normal trees. Being back here, I had wanted things to be the way they were. Obviously they weren't. "Those who survived retreated to the woods. And the trees," Trumpkin paused, "they retreated so deep into themselves that they haven't been heard from since."

"I don't understand." Lucy sounded heartbroken. "How could Aslan have let this happen?"

"Aslan? Thought he abandoned us when you lot did." I turned to look at the dwarf. He looked away. I could see he believed it. I felt the guilt emanate from each of my siblings and swallowed hard.

"We didn't mean to leave, you know." I tried to keep the tremble out of my voice, and failed. It sounded so pathetic. Whether or not we meant to leave, we did. And Narnia had paid the price for our desertion.

"Makes no difference now, does it?" At the tone in his voice, I steeled my resolve.

"Get us to the Narnians… and it will." I needed to fix what happened. It was our- no, my fault for leaving in the first place.

I have no choice but to fix this.

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