Title: Dalton's point of view

Summary: After Blaine cheats, Kurt calls his best friend.

Beta: Thanks to jwmelmoth, all mistakes are mine

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Chapter 3:

Jeff had been up early that morning, needing to work on his homework. Being a senior was a lot more work than he had thought, and he was almost thankful Nick had football practice this morning, so that he could get some work done. He was sitting in the Warbler's senior common room, with David, Thad, Sebastian, Hunter, James and Cameron spread around the room. They all had essays that were due on Monday, and they all had earphones on, listening to whatever music they preferred.

Jeff flinched as his music suddenly changed to the Doctor Who Theme, and he picked up the phone, smiling when he saw Kurt was calling. He got up as he answered, not wanting to disturb any of the others.

"Kurt, hi, how are you?"

"Not doing so well right now." Jeff just about froze when he heard the choked up sound of his best friend.

"What is it, what happened? Kurt?"

"Blaine, he... he came to surprise me yesterday in New York. Actually, no, he didn't come to surprise me, he came to tell me he had cheated."

"What!?" Jeff suddenly made his legs move again, and he walked out of the room.

David was studying in the senior common rooms, and it was just a very regular Saturday. He was aware of all the others in the room, but as everyone was gone in their books and music, he didn't really pay them any mind. That was, until he noticed Jeff, who was sitting almost next to him, got up and moved towards the door. He was obviously talking to someone on the phone, and David had managed to look up at him just the second he went from smiling and happy to shocked, and David pulled out the plugs from his ears, just to catch the end of what Jeff was saying.

"...happened? Kurt?"

When David heard Kurt's name, he got more curious, and he noticed that Thad, James and Cameron seemed to catch onto that something was happening.


The obvious outrage and shock was enough to catch the last two boys attention, just as Jeff started walking, and disappeared out the door. Cameron looked around at the other boys before breaking the silence that had fallen.

"Did anybody catch who he was talking to?"


Sebastian rolled his eyes and went back to his paper, though he didn't put on the music again. Cameron, James and Thad all looked concerned, and Hunter looked confused.


"He was a student here a little over a year ago, countertenor, he lives in New York now."

"Wow, countertenor, that's rare. That must have been nice to have in the group."

David was still annoyed by their stupidity that year and how they hadn't used Kurt in the best way possible, so he didn't say much to that, but he was a little concerned. After Kurt had moved to New York, he had talked less to all of his friends, but they knew he was working himself half into the ground, so they took what they could get. Usually that was an email once every second week or so with updates of different kinds, and a little texting. David had managed one phone call with him that lasted three minutes until the other boy fell asleep.

So for Kurt to call in the middle of the morning like this was highly unusual, and something was very obviously wrong. David sat wondering for a little what he should do, before he got up and moved towards the door. Cameron had left only seconds after Jeff, but David saw Thad coming after him.

As they walked out into the hall, they could hear Jeff's voice down the hall, and when they went a little closer, they saw Cameron leaning against a pillar, his face in a deep frown. David finally got close enough to hear what Jeff was saying, and he stopped next to Cameron who was looking at Jeff pacing in front of one of the windows, settling in and listening to the one sided conversation.

"... what happened?"

"Shit, Kurt. You know that's not true."

"No, everyone knows you're working your ass off, and we know that you don't have a lot of extra time right now. He's an idiot for not seeing that."

"That's not true, you broke the rules at your work to talk to him, if he is ignorant enough not to realize what that means, he..."

"Fuck that!"

"I don't know, you know I don't talk to him. Pretty sure it's not Sebastian though. I'm thinking he would have bragged about it or something. Besides, would it help, knowing? I could ask if you want?"

"Well, he's an ass."

"Shit. No, that's not true and you know it."

"Okay. Can I tell the other guys? Three of them are just about staring holes through me here."

"Yeah, I will. Call me again if you need to talk. And remember, you are fantastic and fabulous and no one has the right to make you feel like crap, not even him. Love you."

David opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Jeff broke him off. "Blaine cheated."

"What?" The three boys locked at him in shock.

"He cheated, then he flew out, surprising Kurt in New York, told him, and then blamed Kurt for it."

David could feel his eyes widening, and he looked at Jeff in incomprehension. He could feel Cameron next to him vibrate in anger, but it was Thad, standing behind him, that voiced their thoughts.

"Excuse me?"

Jeff sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "It was... shit, it's a mess. Apparently Blaine thought that Kurt wasn't paying him enough attention, figured that as Kurt had 'left him behind', he might as well do the same. And instead of admitting to screwing up, he lay all the blame on Kurt, saying it was his fault for 'ignoring' Blaine."

"And?" David needed to whole story.

"And nothing. They fought, for some reason slept in the same bed last night, then Blaine flew home this morning. Oh, and he had apparently flown in directly after having 'been with someone else', as he had phrased it. And now they are broken up."

Ted sat in his room at Dalton, trying to do his homework, but mostly failing. He was at the moment scrolling through facebook, when a notice appeared that Cameron had commented on Blaine Andersons wall. He and Cameron had gotten to know each other through Kurt, and he had added Blaine mostly because the guy had added him. The comment was short and straight to the point.

'You are a dead man'

It had seven likes, and as Ted watched, another two liked it. Something was obviously going on, something he didn't know. Most likely it was something to do with Kurt, and Ted grabbed his phone to find out. As he unlocked it, he noticed he had two missing calls from the boy in question. Crap, he had forgotten to turn on the sound this morning.

He quickly called back, and sighed in relief when Kurt picked up. "Hey, what's going on?"

Blaine's facebook wall sometime later

Cameron Smith

'You are a dead man'


Ted M.

'Be happy you're not at Dalton anymore. I have knives.'


Santana Lopez

'I have razor blades. Who needs killing?'


Jeff Sterling

'I cannot believe you.'


Santana Lopez

'Seriously, gargler, what's going on?'

Jeff Sterling

'If Kurt hasn't told you, I'm not going to.'

Santana Lopez

'No need. Just found out. Dead hobbit coming right up.'

Blaine Anderson

'Guys, please just stop. This is between me and Kurt, and it's none of your business.'

Cameron Smith

'You are the one who brought someone else into it, not Kurt.'


Santana Lopez


Blaine didn't visit Dalton that semester. With Hunter's training and a bit of change up, the Warblers won in sectionals, and New Direction was closed down for the year. Kurt didn't call Blaine on Halloween, he was too busy having a party and being fabulous. Thus, Blaine wasn't quite comfortable enough to show up for Christmas, and Kurt got to celebrate and bear the bad news with just his dad.

And in late January, every phone call he made to his friends and family had the words "I met someone. His name is Adam."