The Faith Healer

Chapter Three

Alternate Storyline

The Avengers sat in schwarma, eating in silence. Worn out by the battle, they sprawled in their seats as around them workers cleaned up the rubble. The jangling bell as the shop door opened caught their attention, and they lazily looked at the newcomers.

Tony and Thor came to immediate attention, speaking at the same time.


"Ms. Higurashi!"

The blue-eyed Asian woman flushed, her companion falling over her shoulder, shaking with laughter. They were covered with dirt and blood, both armed with old-fashioned weapons.

She had a red longbow as tall as she was and a quiver, short sword at her side. The red-haired male Tony recognized from the time he had almost found them. He looked like he came out of an old samurai film; traditional clothing, dual swords, high ponytail and all.

Natasha regarded them both. "Ms. Higurashi, we have been looking for you."

The woman smiled cheerfully. "We know. It's been fun playing with Mr. Stark and the various government agencies after me. But I had to find out more about you all, before we decided to join with anyone."

The tall red-head spoke up. "You idiots at S.H.I.E.L.D. were playing with alien technology, which is always a bad idea. Didn't know whether you were plotting for or against Earth, so we had to draw you out. I'm pissed you brought us to the attention of the tree, but if Raiden here's fine with you..."

She patted his shoulder. "Shippou, you know what idiots the majority of humans are."

"Wait," Tony said, standing. "You aren't human?"

Her eyes twinkled. "Let's say I'm as human as Dr. Banner and Captain Rogers. And Shippou is a kitsune." She giggled at Captain America's confounded expression, while Shippou gave a sly smile.

"Reports of comets killing entire battalions and a giant fox tearing into Chitouri battlefish will give your government hissy fits for a while I'm afraid. But thanks for the fight. We haven't gotten to go all out like that in what?"

Kagome cocked her head, "At least a century and a bit more. Since we gave up on humanity getting a brain. I didn't care to become a toy for the government, and you had kids to raise."


All the Avengers, save Thor, stared at them. Tony shook his head. "Nope, can't see it. You can't be over a century old."

"Oh, he's sweet Shippou. I might decided to heal him after all."

"What are you here for now?" Natasha asked, cutting through to the heart of the matter. "What decision have you made?"

"Humans suck at dealing with other lifeforms," Shippou replied.

"So we are electing ourselves diplomats in charge of human/extrahuman/alien relations." She replied, her voice going hard, even as she smiled sweetly. "And no one may naysay us, even if we have to take over key government positions to do it."

"In other words," Shippou replied with a sharp grin, "Your fairy tales are true... and we who yielded to humanity are coming back."

I'm blushing at all the wonderful reviews, thank you all. I guess I'm as susceptible to flattery as the next person, so here's the alternate storyline... with a slightly more disillusioned Kagome. Thank you all!