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I put the guardian part in because I thought it was funny, well to me anyway. I spent the story trying to avoid the guardian plot and thought it'd be an ironic twist if he became guardian after he and Artemis fell in love rather than before. Yea I know it's dumb but it amused me. Sorry for everyone who wanted Percy to be a god or primordial god but I am content with the story as it is... maybe next Pertemis story I write I'll have him become a god but not this time.

A few people mentioned that I did the same in Child of Rome but that is incorrect. He is an Olympian at the end of that story, he just didn't want to be King of the Gods. But if you read the ending again, he is clearly still an Olympian.

Ch. 39 The Epilogue

(Eight Months Later)

Percy rolled to the side to avoid the blade being thrust towards his chest. Sweat poured down the son of Poseidon's forehead as he rose to his feet just in time to raise Riptide to block another strike aimed at his head. Percy pushed back as he tried to get himself some room to breathe. After the third war he had thought things were going to get easier for him; a period of time to relax with his sisters in the hunt and the love of his life Artemis. If only he knew how wrong he was.

Percy raised Riptide to block another strike but spun to his left instead and raised Riptide to the back of his enemy's neck.

"Yield?" Percy asked sternly.

His opponent sighed, "Fine Percy, you win this time." The opponet growled.

Percy grinned, "And the mighty Olympian goddess falls to the lowly demigod." Percy teased.

Zoe's eyes narrowed as she spun and kicked Percy's legs out from under him. Percy landed roughly on his back, eliciting a loud groan from the immortal demigod.

Zoe's eyes shifted from irritated to amused as she held out her hand. Percy grabbed it as Zoe pulled him to his feet.

"That was cheap." Percy growled.

Zoe replied with an amused smirk, "That's what happens when you try to rub it in."

Percy rolled his eyes as he dusted himself off, "Or when you beat a poor loser." He mumbled.

"Don't you have a certain event to be getting ready for or are you going to try to stall by challenging me again?" Zoe asked with an eyebrow raised.

Percy's face paled considerably, "I do, I'm just nervous."

Zoe rolled her eyes but smiled, "Will you relax? You have nothing to worry about."

Percy nodded but his nervousness was still clearly evident as Zoe walked up and grabbed his hand, "Percy stop. You have nothing to worry about. Just go get ready."

Percy took a deep breath and nodded as he exhaled. He looked at Zoe and smiled, "Thank you Zoe."

Zoe smiled and nodded before shooing Percy away before he vanished into a flash of flames.

Line Break

Artemis stood in the middle of the hunter's camp, waiting for Percy to show up. She had no idea where he was as he lived with her and the hunters now. He had basically given his palace on Olympus to the hunters as when they were there, he lived with her. The past eight months had been the happiest of Artemis' immortal life. The love of her life was the fully immortal guardian of the hunt but in reality he was more like the co-leader along with Artemis and Zoe. The hunter's had spent the time since the end of the war chasing down the remains of the monsters from the army that fled New York.

The hunters had stay intact with the lone exception of Piper who Artemis was more than happy to release from her oath. She and Percy along with the hunters had attended the wedding of Jason and Piper only a month ago, Percy being Jason's best man. The newly wed couple lived on Olympus in a palace very close to Artemis and Percy's.

Artemis smiled as she thought of everything Percy had given up for her. He gave his godhood and a seat on the council up so she could still have her hunt while freeing her from the oath she had broken not long after being allowed to do so. He even managed to get Artemis' best friend a seat on the council in his place. There was nothing Percy wouldn't do if he thought it would make her happy, something that made her love him even more.

Now her immortal life was perfect, she had her best friend, her hunters, and now Percy.

Artemis was taken out of her thoughts by a column of flames appearing a few feet to her left. There stood Percy Jackson, his crooked grin appearing on his face the moment he laid eyes on Artemis.

Artemis couldn't help but smile back as she walked up to him, "So what is so important that I needed to clear my schedule?" She asked curiously.

Percy shook his head and held out his hand. Artemis decided against questioning him further and gently slipped her hand into his. They vanished into a flash of flames, reappearing next to the cliff where Percy and Artemis shared their first kiss.

"What are we doing here Percy?" Artemis asked unable to keep the smile from creeping onto her face as she remembered their memories in this spot.

Percy shrugged, "Can't a guy take his girlfriend on a date to the place where he fell in love with her?"

Artemis rolled her eyes but wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him softly on the lips.

"I suppose he can but usually he doesn't need to make it a mystery all day long." She replied when she pulled back.

Percy didn't reply, instead grabbing Artemis' hand and leading her to the edge of the cliff where he stopped.

Before Percy could say anything, Artemis spoke first, "Percy, there is something I need to tell you." She said a little nervously.

Percy raised an eyebrow but then decided to speak, "That's good Artemis but there is something I need to ask you as well."

Artemis bit her bottom lip nervously but nodded, "Okay you first." She said quickly.

Percy nodded as he took a deep breath to steel his nerves, "Artemis, you know why I turned down godhood again and why I gave my seat to Zoe, right?"

Artemis nodded.

"That was the main reason but it wasn't the only reason. I didn't want to become a god because it would mean I would have my own duties to deal with in whatever domains I had. Since I was twelve years old, I haven't had peace. First it was the Titan War and all the quests that I went on leading up to it. Then my parents were murdered and I spent the next five years trying to move past my bitterness from their deaths and being betrayed by who I thought was my best friend. But when I was summoned to Olympus and we became friends, things started to get better. When I fell in love with you, I found true happiness for the first time since discovering I was a demigod. I had hoped after the Giant War I would finally find peace but that obviously didn't happen. When the third war finally ended, I only wanted one thing; to spend as much time as possible with my friends and the people I loved, especially you. Artemis, what I'm trying to say is I want nothing else than to spend the rest of my immortal life with you; so Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and Hunt, will you marry me?" Percy said gaining confidence as he spoke and finishing on a knee with a ring in his hand.

Artemis stared at Percy with wide eyes that soon started filling up with tears as she looked at the love of her life on a knee in front of her, holding a ring in his hand.

Artemis tried to speak but found her throat closed as she tried to force the words out.

She forced herself to swallow the lump in her throat, "Yes." She whispered quietly as tears of happiness fell from her eyes.

Percy smiled in happiness as he slipped the ring onto her finger before standing up only to get met with a heart melting kiss from his wife to be.

Artemis pulled back from the kiss and gave him a watery smile as Percy wiped the tears from her cheeks.

Artemis stared into Percy's multicolored eyes as she leaned over to his ear and whispered, "Percy, I'm pregnant."

Line Break

Percy stood on Olympus, his body tense with nervous energy. People had begun to show up and were having conversations around the pavilion. Jason stood at Percy's side trying the help his friend quell the nerves that were wreaking havoc on the demigod.

"Where the hell is Nico?" Percy asked becoming irritated that one of his two best men had yet to show up.

Jason tried to repress a smile and simply shook his head indicating he wasn't sure.

After another five minutes, Nico walked in to the room, his face trying to hide his happiness for what he was about to do.

"Where have you been?" Percy growled.

Nico rolled his eyes but grinned, "Helping my Dad get your wedding present ready."

Percy raised an eyebrow at his friend.

Nico shook his head, "You have an hour before the ceremony starts. I think now would be the best time to show you."

"Show me what?" Percy asked confused.

In response Nico pointed to the other side of the room where Hades stood with two ghostly figures that immediatley brought tears to Percy's eyes.

Standing beside his uncle were Sally Jackson and Paul Blofis.

Nico grabbed his best friend's arm, "C'mon Perce, let's go see them. My Dad snuck them out of Elysium for the day so they could attend the wedding."

Nico led a teary eyed Percy over to his father and the two ghostly figures of Sally Jackson and Paul Blofis. When they reached them Percy wiped his eyes and smiled, "Hey Mom." He said softy as he tried to reach out to touch her but to his dismay his hand passed right through her.

Hades reached over and put a hand on Sally's shoulder. Her body instantly solidified before Percy wrapped her up in a warm embrace.

After a minute Percy turned back and looked at Hades with gratitude shining in his multi colored eyes, "Thank you uncle."

Hades gave him a small smile, "It's the least I could do after all you've done Perseus, but make sure to enjoy the day, they must return to Elysium by night I'm afraid; I am breaking the ancient laws by bringing them here."

Percy smiled and nodded, "Thank you."

Hades shrugged, "I'm a bit like you in my distaste for following rules." He said finishing with a slight smirk.

(Time Skip)

Percy stood at the altar, his two best friends by his side as he watched Thalia walk down the aisle followed by Zoe who looked rather uncomfortable in a dress. She did have a smile on her face though, her discomfort couldn't outweigh the happiness of the day.

Percy's hands twitched nervously as he waited. He had no doubts about getting married but the fact that he was actually getting married was finally hitting home.

"Relax Percy, remember my wedding, I was just like you." Jason said trying to relax his friend.

Percy nodded but he couldn't stop his nerves from torturing him.

"I promise you that in a minute every doubt or fear you have will disappear." Jason said smiling at Percy.

Percy nodded but had his doubts.

Percy watched as the people seated quieted down. Leto made her way quickly to her seat but not before flashing a warm smile in Percy's direction.

Percy watched nervously as Zeus appeared at end of the aisle, a smile present on his face before all the breath from ripped from Percy's body.

Artemis appeared beside him looking every bit the title of a goddess. Once Percy managed to breathe again, his face slowly shifted into a crooked smile as he locked eyes with Artemis as she and Zeus made their way down the aisle. As she approached Percy realized Jason had been right, he had no fear or nervousness whatsoever, just happiness and finally the peace he had been waited so many years to find.

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