Revenge of the Tau'ri

Chapter 12

6 Months Later

Picon Station

Military Research Division…

Baltar walked around with a confident swagger to his step. No one knew more about science then him and in this lab his intellect was king. Or so he told himself.

"Gentlemen, if you would please step this way." Baltar said as he pointed to one of his most preeminent stations.

Lee and Admiral Nagala complied, they both hated Baltar but, with circumstances the way they are, they both had no doubt that the man was the best mind in the colonies. Gods they wished it wasn't so.

Lee and Nagala followed Baltar into the huge laboratory. The Laboratory housed everything from small arms to computrons. Everything he saw amazed him. It seemed that the colonies and Baltar spared no expense when dealing when dealing with lab equipment.

"This place is incredible." Lee says in awe.

"It is, isn't it? We spared no expense when we were building this lab and it shows. Before you are the greatest minds the colonies have to offer. If we are going to win the war with "the earthers", we're going to win it in here. " Baltar said with a proud tone.

Lee and Nagala had seen the Earthers fight. Both of them knew Baltar was right.

"Ahh, here we are." Baltar says as he moves to a station manned by a pretty redhead.

"Gentlemen, meet my assistant Jennifer Gallo. She's no me but, nobody is. Next to me, she is the premier expert regarding computron technology."

"Hello sirs." Jennifer says with a strained voice.

Lee let out a small smile. He had read up on Dr. Jennifer Gallo before he came to the station. He knew that Baltar was full of Feldercarb. Jennifer Gallo was the real genius behind the Colonial defense systems and everyone knew it. It still made him laugh when he thought about the circumstances regarding Jennifer Gallo's recruitment.

5 Months Earlier

Picon Command Station…..

Admiral Nagala, Admiral Corman, Lee Adama, and Gaius Baltar sat around the table. Lee Adama was promoted to commander after the civil war. His promotion and inclusion into central command legitimized Nagala's leadership with the former rebels. Though most of the rebels detested Nagala and Corman, the same couldn't be said about Lee Adama. Everyone in the fleet respected the young Adama as well as the old one. They knew he was an honorable man and if there was something Central command needed more of, it was honor. His inclusion brought the fence sitters of the rebellion back into the fold and Nagala couldn't be happier.

Corman was the first to get frustrated. He didn't see what the problem was. They needed manpower after Caprica and there was only one way to get it. "Why are we even discussing this?" Corman said to himself.

"The problem is easy. We'll just institute the draft like we did during the Cylon War. We'll get our numbers and move on." Corman said.

Nagala just sat back and listened. He knew the benefit of opposing views. He needed options and so far, Corman was saying everything he'd already said. He needed a pair of fresh eyes.

"Admiral, no offense, but, that is the single stupidest idea you've ever had." Baltar says in his arrogant teacher tone.

Corman growls at the man, "Watch yourself Dr. or else?"

"Or else what, you'll come up with another stupid idea?"

Corman leans across the table, "Or else, my stupid fist will find it's way to your smart mouth."

"Pete, sit down." Nagala says.

Nagala shook his head. Peter Corman was a good fighter pilot and an excellent commander but, like all pilots, he had a temper. His ego was sometimes almost as big as Baltars.

Corman sits down and crosses his arms over his chest, looking at Baltar with palpable disdain.

Nagala turns to Baltar, "Doctor, why would reinstating the draft be stupid?"

"It's idiotic because, after Caprica, we can't afford the manpower."

Everyone on the table gives Baltar a confused look.

"After Caprica and the civil war, 10 to 20 percent of the fleet became lost to us. Most of those losses came from the plague. Right now the Caprican defense fleet and the Caprica yards are unmanned. Most of those facilities are nothing more than floating tombs. Their crews died without ever firing a shot."

Corman chimes in, "You're just proving my point. We need to draft in order to man those assets. Right now they are useless to us."

Baltar shakes his head.

"But, that's not the only thing we need to man. Caprica was the most industrialized of the twelve colonies. It made the parts and weapons needed for the fleet. What good will our battlestars do us if they break down in six months?"

Everyone is quiet.

"Further more, Caprica housed the greatest universities in the Colonies. Caprica, produced more research scientists than all other eleven colonies combined. We can't afford to lose the smartest minds in a generation because of a draft. Hades, we can't afford to lose stupid people to the draft, the Caprican industrial complex wouldn't be able to handle it."

Corman becomes silent after Baltars explanation. He hated being talked to like he was a toddler but, in this instance Baltar was right. They couldn't afford a draft.

"Are those our only choices? Leave the Caprican fleet to rust or leave the rest of the fleet on the verge of breakdown?" Nagala says to the room.

Baltar gives him a grim look. "I'm afraid so."

"Hmm, there may be another option." Lee says.

Lee queues up the video screen.

"Gentlemen, take a look at this. This was taken one month ago at Athena Inc. As you know, Athena Inc houses the most advanced computrons in the colonies."

The screen shows the lobby of the the now abandoned Athena building. At first nothing seems to go on but, after a few minutes the Admirals quickly catch on.

On the screen, a young Jennifer Hailey is seen breaking into the lobby. Behind her are two male thugs (Red Cloud and Eli wearing mimic devices) clearly under her command. The admirals watch as she and her companions make their way through various rooms before they suddenly arrive at the R&D section of Athena Inc.

Lee looks at the captive audience, "Here is where things get interesting."

On the screen the small redhead kneels down in front of a huge keypad and handprint sensor. Jennifer takes a look at the complex lock before getting on her knees and removing her backpack. She takes out a bulky looking laptop, completely hand made from colonial parts. She removes the keypad and splices into the wires behind it.

Baltar is incredulous. He had never seen a colonial made computron that small. It was the most advanced computron the colonies had. If he hadn't seen an earthmade computron, he'd think it was the most advanced thing he'd ever seen.

After a couple of minutes with the computron. The door to the lab completely opens up. The camera in the lab shows the threesome digging into several vaults but, it seemed they only wanted one type of tech. They skipped the weapons and poisons completely. They only wanted one thing and one thing only. They wanted computrons.

"What did they take?" Nagala says.

"They took computron parts and power supplies."


Lee laughs.

"I didn't understand at first but, after we found and followed her, here's what we came up with."

Lee hands them all a folder.

"Her name is Jennifer Gallo. She's the mastermind of this entire thing. Those two thugs are inconsequential. She goes to pubs or generally any place where Caprican survivors gather and she recruits them. She has a computron science degree from Caprica Tech. After college, she went to work for the private sector, specifically, Athena tech."

Everyone flips through the pages of their folder.

"She was an assistant in the domestic products division until 3 years ago."

Lee puts a picture of Gedric Stone on the screen.

"I'm sure many of you know Gedric Stone."

The men at the table nod.

"As I'm sure you know, he invented the what was going to be the beginning of our modern phone system. He invented a new multiplexer that was going to revolutionize everything you see around you. You've no doubt heard about the Earthers' "Internet" ?"

Everyone nods again.

"Well, this was the beginnings of the colonial version of that. After reading, earther tech manuals, our scientists think that Stone was on the verge of inventing our own homemade internet system. The colonies haven't had anything this revolutionary since the colonies shut down virtual communications."

"Virtual communications were banned for a reason. This kind of networking is what gave birth to the cylons." corman says.

"Yes, but, the Earthers use it for something different. Before we used networking for virtual clubs and amusement. We used centralized locations where we stored virtual worlds run by our huge computers. Most of those virtual worlds were housed in huge computer rooms run by massive corporations. The earther network is different."

"How so?" Corman asks.

"It's more decentralized, more organic. Think of the old Colonial Network as a big mainframe where everything was stored at one place. The Earther internet is made differently. It's more decentralized. Smaller computron locations housing smaller computrons. There isn't one central hub, it's a bunch of smaller hubs with less powerful computrons, housing more information." Apollo said.

Apollo looks at his captive audience.

"Without powerful hubs with huge computrons, the chances for self awareness diminishes. In fact, the Earther internet has no artificial intelligence at all, it's basically a huge bulletin board housing all their information. They've never had any instances of cylons." Apollo says.

"My god. This could revolutionalize the colonies." Nagala says.

"Not only that, but, they have dumb robotics controlled by their non AI computrons."

Lee clicks a remote and an image of an Earth Manufacturing plant comes on screen.

"The robotics perform only simple functions but, they are safe. The Earthers have been using their version of robotics for years." Apollo says.

Even Baltar is shocked at first. But, after reviewing the information on Earth and her technology, Baltar suddenly realizes what Lee is hinting at.

"We can increase colonial productivity three fold with this technology." Baltar says.

"Exactly." Lee says.

The entire room nods in agreement. They could all see where this was going and they were onboard.

"What does this girl have to do with any of this?" Corman says.

Lee smiles.

"Take a look at page three in your folder. If you notice, Ms. Gallo is quite the genius. Her IQ scores are off the chart and Colonial intelligence believes that she was behind most of Gedric Stone's breakthroughs." Lee says.

Baltar scoffs.

" I know Stone. He was the second most brilliant man in the colonies. How can you be so sure that he stole this girls work? That's a very big accusation Adama." Baltar says.

Lee laughs.

"As many of you know, Dr. Gedric Stone died some while ago. He was one of the first victims of the plague that killed Caprica. "

Everyone nods at the fact.

"Now gentlemen, have a look at young Jennifer Gallo's bank account. A year ago it was just shy of 25,000 credits. Now, if you look at the current balance, you'll notice it's significantly higher."

"500 million credits! The thief!" Corman says.

"Yes, Colonial intelligence believes that she's using the computrons to hack into the stock market. They believe she's stealing pennies at a time using her homebuilt computrons."

Nagala looks at Lee.

"So you want to recruit her?"

"Well, recruit would imply she had a choice. I was thinking more of drafting her." Lee says.

Corman starts laughing. For the first time today the colonies looked like they might just make it.

End Flashback.


He moved his head to the side snuggling into the soft material that was rubbing up against his face. He still felt disoriented but, he wasn't uncomfortable. He opens his eyes and he has to shut them again, not use to the intensity in the room. A voice can be heard to his right.

"Nurse, turn the lights down, 100 lumens." a familiar voice says.

The lights dim considerably on the other side of his eyelids. He opens both eyes trying to adjust to the light in the room. His throat is harsh and the doctor is immediately at his side.

"Here sir. Drink this. It'll soothe your sore throat."

He takes a sip of the cold water and immediately he starts to relax.

He hands the cup back to his doctor and that's when he notices his hands. They were much bigger than he was used to. Also, his hands and his body had a bluish tint to it that he wasn't familiar with. He takes a look at the rest of his body and doesn't recognize it. His arms and legs were longer. the lithe frame that he was used to was gone. Now his body stood tall and lean, with muscles he never felt before. He puts a hand to his chin and realizes there is some stubble on it.

He looks around the room and sees some familiar instrumentation.

"Tauri. He was with Tauri somehow." Thor thinks in his mind.

He was about to ask the Tauri doctor where he was when the door to his room slides open and a man he considered a brother walked in..

"Thor! Nice of you to finally wake up."


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