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Chapter 1: Akuz

"How could I let this happen?" I bitterly thought, staring at the remains of my squad, bloody and broken. "These men trusted me, and now they're dead. It's my own damn fault." I felt the ground trembling, and the defining screams of the Threaser Mal. "You can feel sorry for yourself later John," I thought loudly, "Right now there's a squad that needs to be avenged." I looked up from my position and saw the Mal towering above me, I looked around and saw a M-920 Cain heavy weapon. One shot from that thing would put the Mal down. I moved quickly, grabbed the heavy, and ran for a higher position, and the Mal continued to scream. I got on top of one of the colony buildings, and saw that the Mal was heading towards my position. I took aim and charged the M-920 Cain.

"COME AND GET ME, YOU BASTARD!" I shouted, the Chain finished charging and the Mal was close enough and I fired. The blast threw me back a few feet. And I felt one of my ribs crack. But the pain was completely worth it, the Mal had its mouth open when I fired and the blast went right down its throat. The mindless monster imploded, and a wave of relief washed over me. I closed my eyes, wishing I could join my men, I drifted to sleep, but I was woken by the sound of shuttle engines. I opened my eyes and saw an Alliance shuttle land nearby. "If anyone on this frequency, please respond." The transmission came through, my ear plant. I put my finger to my ear and answered. "This Lieutenant Commander John Shepard," I responded, "My squad was wiped out by a Thresher Mal, I'm the only one left." There was a pause, but the voice came back, "Understood LC, activate your suits transmitter and we'll pick you up." "Understood," I replied.

Two weeks Later. Earth Alliance HQ. Med Wing.

I've spent the last two weeks, in the med-wing. They told me they need to be sure that I was mentally stable; I told them I was fine. Well, I was only half lying to them, at first I blamed myself for not being able to keep my squad alive, but I realized yesterday that there was nothing I could do, we were doomed from the start. I was only bothered by the fact the survived and they didn't. Survivors guilt I guess, that and I was a shaken by what I saw. I heard the door open and saw the famed Captain Anderson, and Admiral Hackett; I stood up and saluted them. Anderson put up his hand, "At ease soldier," He said. I gladly complied. "How are you holding up Shepard?" He asked. He sounded generally concerned, understandable. Anderson, and I go back. Few years ago, I was apart of a team he led to save a human colony from Batarian pirates. We hit them hard and fast, but not fast enough. The Batarians fired back, and we took casualties, Anderson got shot in leg. He order the team to retreat and defend the colony, the rest of the team followed the order, but not me. I stayed behind and protect Anderson, I was out of Medi-Gel, so I kept pressure on his wound. The entire time Anderson kept barking at me, ordering to retreat with the other. I told him, either we all make it out or none of us do. I held the Batarians off for a good hour and a half, and slowed the bleeding down. But the Batarian had brought in the heavy artillery, so I grabbed Anderson and help him to safety. We managed to meet up with the rest of the squad. The Alliance soon sent reinforcements and the Batarians were quickly defeated. Anderson was patched up and came out with minor injuries. "I'm doing alright sir." I answered. "Sir?" he sounded insulted, "I may be your superior officer, but that doesn't give you the right to go all formal on me!" "Then its good to see you Anderson," I said. "Now that's better," Anderson joked. "Lt. Commander we're here to offer you a choice," Admiral Hackett spoke, "Most people would've broke after what you went through. We understand if you'd like to be removed from active duty." "No, sir," I said sternly, "I will admit that I've been scarred, but I'm not going to let this break me. Military service runs in the family and I don't know much else. Plus being in the N6 program has been a life dream of mine."

Hackett smiled, "Looks like we've found our man Anderson." He looked over and Anderson who was smiling with pride, and they nodded in agreement. "Shepard you better to used, to just being called Commander from now on," Hackett said while passing me a medal.

"Despite the Brass wanting you in the nut house," Hackett continued, "We were able to "convince" them that you're mental health was bit shaken, but not broken. Your still listed for active duty." I had never felt so relived in my life, I was worried that I'd never get to back into the vast unexplored beautiful galaxy. "Thank you sir," I said saluting,"You won't regret this." Anderson chuckled at me, "You're also being promoted to an N7 now, Commander." I couldn't help but feel shocked, my whole squad had died and here I was getting promoted. How is this right? I don't deserve any of what their giving me, but if I want to honor the people I lost, then I have to go on.

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