The carriages trundled up the narrow, winding road, making me jolt from my seat when they rode over the occasional rock. Anxiety began to overwhelm as we grew nearer to the looming building, casting a shadow over the black lake. The moonlight created a mysterious feeling to the atmosphere, as slithers of light danced across the ripples the giant squid was making as it bobbed to the surface, in the distance. The scenery captivated me for a moment to forget about the building tension that was beginning to smother me, and become lost in another world. Another time.

Flashbacks glimmered across my eyes, as I remembered memorable times of my childhood spent here. The endless hours in the library, the daily strolls around the grounds, even the late night gossip that circled the common room. This castle was my home. A squirm on my knee shocked me back to reality, as I looked down to see my baby girl in her frilly green dress. She despised dresses and it took us half an hour to finally squeeze her into it, as her little body kept twisting and turning. But with the promise of her favourite bunny, we triumphantly got her in it.

"Freya, stop squirming, we're nearly there now." I whispered to my baby, as she held out her arms to play with my hair which was, unfortunately for her, in a formal French twist.

"Here let me take her." I heard him murmur into my ear, as his arms released from being around my waist and he leaned over to place her on his lap. I looked over to see his platinum blonde hair flop over his eyes, as his silver sparkling eyes looked down towards are beautiful daughter, as he nuzzled her curly blonde hair with his nose, and gently kissed her head.

He wrapped his arms around her, to keep her from falling off his knee and glanced over with the most loving and caring gaze any man could give.

"Don't worry," he calmly whispered, his soothing words relaxing me instantly, "everything is going to be okay."

We drew up to the large wooden doors, which were opened in a welcoming way, as women with long ball gowns in every different colour and men with wizard robes or the occasional muggle suits, were making their way inside to the great hall.

I gave a worried glance to Draco, who only returned me with a reassuring one. This was it, time to stop running away, time to face my fears.

The carriage jolted to a stop, as I nervously took a step out, onto the path to the door. Luckily, the press wasn't informed, so the evening would go smooth and calmly.

As I stepped out my emerald green, silk ball gown cascaded to the floor. I remember picking out this dress in Diagon Alley, it immediately caught my eye. The bodice had a sweetheart shape and wrapped my curves perfectly as the skirt naturally dropped down so it just skimmed the floor, making me look elegant and sophisticated. I complimented it with a pair of silver shoes and a diamond necklace that hung from neck, a mesmerising gift I had recieved from Draco. I then reached into the carriage and took Freya from Draco's waiting arms as he then climbed out after. Placing a hand around my waist, he ushered me inside. Well no turning back now.