After shovelling down breakfast, we quickly headed towards the study, giving Freya and Scorpius a quick kiss goodbye. "Mummy, will you be coming back?" I heard Scorpius whisper, his eyes glassing over with unshed tears. "Of course, my little man," I said smiling at him, "do you really think daddy is going to let me go?" He shook his head quickly, and let out a little giggle in the process. I quickly stood up, grabbed a nearby cloak and headed towards the fire place, where Draco was holding Freya closely. I always knew she would be a daddy's girl, ever since Draco laid eyes on her when she was first born. I went over to join him, giving Freya a cuddle and a kiss, before putting her down on the floor. We stepped into the fire place and before I knew it, I felt the familiar tingling of being whizzed to the ministry. As I stepped out, I felt the familiar nauseating feeling, as I stumbled towards Draco, who quickly steadied me to my feet. We glanced around the bust department, as I realised we had become directly in front of courtroom ten, and knowing that Harry was Head Auror so he would more than likely be there, I began having second doubts. What if Ron was there? But taking a deep breath, I realised, I am a Gryffindor and I'm can do this. This is not only for me, but poor Blaise has been held here for no justifiable reason. And that is about to change. Reluctantly, Draco led me over to the looming door… a place I really didn't want to go into. But I had no choice, so I kept repeating to myself, 'You can do this!' I walked in to find the strangest situation I had ever come across. Kingsley was there, along with Harry, Weasley (or it), Ginny, Blaise, Padma, and Cho Chang. There was also other various Heads and members of Departments, probably used for the jury and help making the decisions. Draco took my hand, leading me over to the witness stands, where I took a seat next to Padma. I could hear her silently snivelling to herself, as she looked on at Blaise, who in all honestly, couldn't have looked any worse. His hair was dishevelled, and he looks like he hadn't slept in months. He just looked at Padma, a longing in his eyes; all dull and not at like his usual sparkle. I took Padma's hand and reassured her gently that it would all be okay; she just had to stay positive. I watched as Draco went to Blaise, with him being his lawyer, and looked up to Kingsley to indicate we could begin. Hours past, as everyone came up to give their evidence. It seemed as though Harry had pretty much given bonuses to all the Auror department, as most gave evidence against Blaise… the excuses though, were pathetic. It soon came to my turn to prove Blaise was innocent, and I wasn't going to give up until I was proved right. "I call upon my next witness, Hermione Malfoy." I heard Draco say, as I was led to the middle of the room. "My witness here has accepted to be given Veritaserum, so Miss Chang if you would be so kind." I watched as she came from the outskirts of the vast room, and hesitantly handed me the small vial, to which I quickly gulped it down in one. I waited a few seconds, before Draco began to proceed. "What is your name?" "Hermione Malfoy neé Granger." "What house were you in at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" "Gryffindor. " "Who are you married to?" "Draco Malfoy." "Do you love him?" "Of course, more than anyone else in the entire world, we apart from my two, soon to be four, beautiful children he has blessed me with." I said, as I smiled at him. I saw a glimmer of a smile on his lips before he quickly masked it away. "So, Mrs Malfoy, can your recall the events of what happened in the hospital?" "Well, Harry came to see me. I was a little confused at first but then he broke down. I was concerned about him and that's when he told us, me and my husband. He fully admitted that Ronald Weasley had purposely casted a spell on the Daily Prophet, thus knocking me on conscious. He claimed that it was initially meant to be for my husband, it would have been deadly if he had opened it. I however, was lucky, or rather unlucky I suppose. Harry claimed to know about this plan yet ceased to stop it, as Ronald threatened to jeopardise Harry's relationship with Mrs Potter, even though that would be highly impossible as I know Mrs Potter would never do such a thing, believing other people before she got the whole truth." I said, as I glared at her, but her face said it all. She clearly had no clue of what happened between Harry and Ron, and I'm guessing Harry would find out about it later. "So therefore, Minister, Blaise cannot be guilty, he is an innocent man, and he is like a brother to my husband and a dear friend to my family. I would trust him with my husband's life, my children's lives and my life. He is an innocent man, and must at once be released." I cried, as Draco came over to me and took my hand reassuring me. "That's all from my witness, Minister, as you can see she is not in the best state to endure this." He said, as he looked worryingly at me. The minister nodded his head, as Draco led me over to Padma's side again. She grabbed my hand and nodded reassuringly, as we waited for the rest of the trial to finish. After all the witnesses had spoken, I could tell it was coming to a close. Draco was getting tense, as the jury began discussing. He just kept reassuring Blaise, whose eyes had never left Padma. After what seemed like hours, Kingsley cleared his voice… this was the moment. The one we had all been waiting for. I took a deep breath and listened to the verdict. "We find Blaise Zabini… INNOCENT!" he said, as cheers could be heard around the room. I saw Blaise and Draco b0oth take a sigh of relief but they shook hands. Before I knew it, I saw Padma running into the arms of Blaise who wrapped them tight around her as if to never let her go. I tear of happiness slowly trickled down my face, as Draco came over and lifted me from the stands. "However," I heard Kingsley's voice boom over the crowd, "Ronald Weasley, you are hereby arrested for the attempted murder of Hermione Granger." He said, as Ron was dragged of kicking and howling. Draco held me close, careful not to let me go. But right now, the only thing I wanted was to get as far away from this place as possible. A/N Remember to review.