The blue-haired beauty that was Kurumu looked over her shoulder at the two females.

"K-Kurumu! How much did you see?!" Moka wailed.

"..Enough to know that either you're cheating, or that that brunette skank is coming on you." The blue-haired beauty spoke with a rather strong amount of hate. She grabbed Moka and threw her aside, she then grabbed Maka by her legs and began dragging her off the rock.

"AHHHH!" Maka screamed and tried to grab onto something, but to no avail as she landed on the ground.

Her pink, lovely painted finger nails grew to an impressive length.

Maka covered her eyes with her hands.. And when she removed them, Kurumu had wings and a tail. She pulled her arm back, and swung, creating bleeding lacerations on Maka's face as she cried out in pain.

Moka looked on horrified. No, not Maka's beauty!

"Kurumu! Kurumu no!" Moka ran at her partner.

Kurumu put her hand out, expecting Moka to run into her hand as she usually did. But Moka was learning, and ran faster than usual this time. Instead of running into her girlfriend's hand, Kurumu accidentally pulled the crucifix of her girlfriend's rosary off of her chest.

The three females stared on in horror as the crucifix made a sickening thud on the ground. The sky turned red as Moka was transformed into a silver haired, sexy red-eyed vampiress.

Maka stared on with awe. Moka... This Inner Moka, was beautiful!

"Moka..!" Kurumu said, startled.

"When will you learn that you aren't the one that wears the pants in this relationship?" Inner Moka begun. "I am."

Kurumu bit her lip, she knew what was coming next.

"You need to LEARN YOUR PLACE!" She delivered a roundhouse kick, punting the blue-haired beauty into the sky.

Shaky, Maka reached for and picked up the crucifix, grasping it in her trembling fingers.

"..." Her mouth was a bit open as she stood, handing it off to the more dominant female.

"Thanks, you aren't so bad." Inner Moka smirked. "Do me a favor.. Take care of the Other Moka." She snapped it into place as her hair faded to pink, and she collapsed.

"..!" Maka quickly caught onto Moka, staring at her as a tear slid down her cheek.

Maybe.. Maybe.. M-Maybe..

"I like girls..." Maka said quietly. "..Maybe I could learn to love this girl."