They both sat in the bar, Eliot nursing a beer and Nate a whiskey. The bar had shut an hour ago and the rest of the team had gone upstairs for the night.
"One day I'd like to have my own place actually as my own place" Nate said with a grin on his face. He wouldn't admit it but he liked having the gang around him, they where his family and family's stuck together. Eliot laughed and replied "You love having us around Nate why don't you just admit it". Nate shrugged his shoulders and downed his whiskey and poured himself another. Eliot downed his beer and headed off upstairs, they had a busy day planned tomorrow and he needed to catch up on some sleep!
Nate poured himself another whiskey and thought about all the con's they'd been through, just how much of a family they'd become. At least that was one thing he had Victor Dubenich to thank. He stood up and place his whiskey glass in the sink and put his bottle back behind the bar and turned to walk upstairs when he though he heard a noise. He stood still and listened and heard nothing else and put it down to the old building creaking. He just reached the bottom step when he realised he wasn't alone but by then it was too late, the cloth was placed over his mouth and nose and he could smell Chloroform before he felt it starting to take effect. He tried to shout out, make some noise so the other's would hear him but a sharp blow to his stomach knocked the wind out of him and as he inhaled again he passed out. The intruders froze, listening to any sound coming from upstairs. Nothing so they proceeded to carry Nate out through the back door and into the waiting van parked just round the corner.