Sophie put the kettle on to make a cup of tea to take to Nate but by the time she'd got to the room, Nate was sound asleep and she didn't want to wake him.
"How is he?" asked Parker as Sophie quietly closed the bedroom door.
"He went out like a light; I didn't have the heart to wake him just for a drink".
"He'll need a lot of help and support till his hands heal properly, we must not let him do anything too soon or it could halt his recovery" Eliot said as he sat down heavily on the couch. They all nodded in unison, they would do whatever it took to get Nate back to full fitness. They needed him just as much as he needed them! Nate slept most of the night and part of the morning, he never noticed Sophie slip under the covers beside him during the night. Hardison and Parker slept in the guest room and Eliot took the couch. He woke early and fixed breakfast of eggs and bacon with a fresh pot of coffee brewing on the side. He knew that today was going to be a rough one on everyone; they would start the physio on Nate and it wasn't going to be easy. He already had a set of hand grips ready and was looking at other ways of getting Nate's hands back to full strength. The hard part was going to be getting Nate to take it slowly; it wasn't going to get better overnight it was going to be a long process. He looked up as the door opened and in walked Nate
"Hey Nate, take a seat I got you some eggs and bacon and there's a fresh pot of coffee on the go". He nodded and walked over to the kitchen table and sat down with a sigh, Eliot placed his breakfast down and poured him a coffee.
"Smells good" Nate said as he tried to pick up his fork to eat it. "God damn it, I can't even eat without fucking it up" he yelled as the fork fell out of his grasp. Eliot picked up the fork and placed it back into Nate's hand and replied.
"Like it or not you got us to help you till you get back to strength and we won't take no for an answer".
The next few weeks where pure hell for Nate but he knew he had to do it to improve his strength in his hands. Eliot had bought him some Hand Grips and he'd been walking around squeezing them almost 24/7 and in all honesty he could feel his grip getting stronger. He was now working on getting his little finger to bend a bit more then it was, he could still use it but it was not fully functional. Sophie would always laugh when he had a cup of coffee, saying he looked like a proper English gentleman with his finger stuck up in the air like that. He knew she was trying to lighten his mood, and in all honesty it was working, he could tell it wasn't so bad now! One of the best forms of exercise he'd found was with the help of Hardison, using his computer was a great help to his finger. The constant typing was moving his finger and helping the muscles and tendons by stretching them more then the hand grips ever could!
They'd done a Con in the last week, so that had took his mind off it for a while, but he knew he was still a long way off from being 100% back to normal. He knew he still had the brains and skill to do the job in hand, it would take time but he'd get there. But he owed it to the team, hell even himself to get his life back on track and not to let this ruin his life. He wouldn't / couldn't let this get in the way of helping others, he had a job he loved with a team he loved and nothing was going to stop him from continuing with it.