Chapter 1. Watching...

Twas a peaceful night in early January. Snow was gently falling from the sky, the wind howling through the ever green tree's and the young girl smiled to herself. She's been alive for 315 years or maybe more.. She wasn't really sure. She appeared to be around about 16 to 17 years old. She had pearl white hair, ivory skin and golden eyes. She wasn't very tall, around about 5 ft 3, and was very curvy. Her name was Day Dreamer, Or Dreamy for short.

Earlier that day, she sat by the river bank and watched some children playing in the field. They were laughing and giggling, and very much so enjoying each others company. She felt the pang of jealously kick in again. Sighing, she waited for the opportunity to cast her day dreams. After several hours of the children constantly playing around, hide'n'seek, and so forth. They finally settled down and started to watch the clouds gracefully fly by at a slow, peaceful pace. She quickly created, two breath taking sand butterflies, and sent them over to the children. Slowly, two little sand images composed above their head. Smiling to herself, She finally, stood up and took her leave.

She moved onto the next town. The teens were still at school, so she flew on her coud high, high above them sending her sand out. She would sometimes think she saw shadows out of the corner of her eye watching her. But she simply dismissed it.

Any who, Dreamy was currently in a forest, which was beaming with adorable wildlife. The night creatures would roam around, never even noticing her pretense. Finding a very tall tree, she decided to try and learn how to climb a tree. Just to pass the time really, for being an immortal spirit, all you ever really have is time to spear. After several failed attempts at climbing, she sat down upon the nearest log and went into a very, very deep thought indeed.

- several hours later

Looking around her now, she noticed how quiet it has truly become, she felt very unsettled by this new, eerie nothingness. Her golden eyes darting around. She felt settled once again when she spotted nothing horrific. Looking towards the sky, the moon was shinning, and she spoke gently;

"Oh Sir Moon, Why am i doomed to this life of loneliness? I bring joy to children, and so forth for the teenagers and Adults.. I see them all holding hands.. being very much so in love.. It's beginning to hurt.. Nobody ever see's me! I've tried everything that i have the power to try! And ... nothing.. Why can't you answer me?!" She started to shake and the loneliness sunk in even more and she couldn't help but think.. that this is not fair.

The Guardians had believers.. Gosh! Even that stupid Groundhog even had them! Why not she? Is her work not important enough for her to be believed in? Negative thoughts raced through her mind. And she slumped over and fell into a tight ball, as she quietly sobbed to herself.

After some time of crying, she dried her eyes and decided that she shouldn't be so silly as to let this sadness into her heart. She had a Job to do after all, with one final look at the moon. She stood up straight, and whispered;

"You must have chosen me for a reason.. I must admit i am such a very poor choice.. But I'm doing what you want me to do.. with my whole heart.." She created a beautiful Pegasus, made a saddle and some rains out of sand, settled herself upon the glorious creature. And rode away into the night.

What she didn't know was that a dark figure had been watching her for quite some time. Smirking to himself. He loved how it would be simply amazing to watch her break and splinter into a thousand horrors..

And at how simple it would be to waver her onto his side. Looking towards his nightmares. He decided that it was His time to get back at the guardians..

After all! He had not been gaining power for nothing. Immortals like Himself, (and this young girl) , had a Right to be believed in. The mare gently nuzzled her nose into his cheek to catch his attention. Turning his golden eyes to the beast, It nayed and he chuckled.

"You are right old friend, after i win. She shall be such a glorious prize!" Evil laughter disturbed the peace that had settled. And the Nightmare King, vanished into the shadows.

'5 years later'

"HEY JACK! TURN AROUND!" 15 year old Jamie shouted, and threw a very large snowball at the winter spirit. Lucky, jack dodged and it missed him by simply a few inches. "Good shot Jamie!" The spirit flew over by his first believer and sadly.. he's last. He gently put a hand upon his shoulder, and young Jamie beamed up at him. Dreamy was watching the scene from the rooftop of the supermarket.

And felt a pang of jealousy, She had never in her immortal life had a believer. Sighing very loudly, she went back upon her white cloud, and continued bringing day dreams, to little girls and boys, to moody teenagers, to adults who escape from the boring issue's of their everyday life. The job was very enjoyable, and required quite a bit of creativity as well as concentration.

So the thoughts of jealously soon vanished. She white sand flew into schools, office buildings, artists studios and a few writers. Watching the people Day dream and smile at her creations, made her feel worth while. And so she continued that day feeling slightly better than before hand.

The Dawn of night was closing in much quicker tonight. So as she finished up her usual routine of Day dreams. She stayed in the sky to watch the moon rise, a little treat to herself after the long day she had. Once settled and no longer occupying her mind. The jealous thoughts and the loneliness settled it's way into her heart once again. And even a few silver tears escaped from her eyes.

Brushing them away with her small hands. She looked around her and spotted, streams of golden sand! She smiled brightly and made tiny white sand wings and flew over towards them. She swirled around them several times before, she shakily reached her hand out towards it.

Lightly brushing the stream with her palm, a beautiful explosion of golden feathers flew around her and giggling she took one into her hand. And it turned silver and glowed very brightly. She laughed loudly and began doing the same to the other sand feathers that had escaped from the explosion.

Sandy turned around hearing the laughter of a female. He looked over the edge of his cloud and noticed a very beautiful woman. Blushing slightly he created what appeared to be another version of himself, and used his sand symbols to tell him to create the dreams for a little while.

The Other sandy nodded his head and put up a thumps up. He gave a tiny chuckle and floated down towards the Young woman.

She quickly made a sand cloud, and sat down to get a closer look at the features. She sort of remembered reading once that feathers wear the sign of wisdom according to the Native Americans. She wasn't sure how she knew this. But didn't question it further when she felt a light tap upon her shoulder. She froze.. and turned around slowly.

Standing before her was a man. A very small man. He had Golden bed hair, pale gold skin, as well as warm liquid golden eyes. His clothing was also sand-like fabric. He wore a golden robe. After taking in his appearance, she blushed somewhat terribly. The golden man made some symbols above his head, she looked at them and from what she understood, he was asking her name.

"um.. are you asking my name?" She asked as politely as she could. He had a look of shock across his handsome features and a warm smile appeared upon his lips and he nodded. "My name is Day Dreamer.. But i suppose you can call me Dreamy if you want... What is your name?" She smiled back at him. He made a image of sand then a y.. "Sandy?" again, he nodded.

He sat down next to her on her cloud, and they both noticed how the sand underneath him turned golden and when it met her sand, they met and entwined together, causing a spiral of silver and gold. They both smiled and looked up at each other. She looked up into the sky once again, but this time she noticed that there was a golden cloud.. which is where the golden streams of sand came from. She giggled slightly and looked back into her palm at her feather. She supposed she should show it to him. But he gently took it out of her hand and inspected it. A look of puzzlement crossed his eyes, he brought the features closer to his face and saw that there was the same pattern of the cloud on the feathers.

And he looked at her and a question mark appeared over his head. "Well.. i touched those streams of sand," She pointed at them, "And them a explosion of golden feathers flew from the stream.. I touched one and well.." She guested towards the feathers. He looked from the stream of sand, to her, to the features. He did this several times.

Sandy thought it was strange how she had changed his dreams. She looked a little confused by the way he was darting his eyes about. Finally he thought about how she had sand.. and what it could mean. Then a exploration mark appeared across his head.

She watched him as he started to ponder something to himself and she looked back up at the moon and silently thanked him for the encounter. She heard a quiet twinkling and saw that he had a exploration mark above his head. He then started to make fast symbols again. She couldn't quite understand.. she supposed it was clear above his head, for he took a deep breath and went slower.

From what she could make out. He was asking her about her powers and why she worked with sand. She went into thought to try to come up with an easy explanation about why. She opened her mouth to say something.. but then closed it. She did this twice more before just saying the easiest thing. "I create Day dreams.. I thought it would be Obvious with my name being Day Dreamer and all" She gave out a loud giggle and ended up in a giggling fit. She felt warm inside and smiled hugely, all the while trying to calm her giggles.

Once she had settled back down, she looked back at him and noted that he had a light blush across his cheeks. "Awwh, Please do not feel embarrassed." He looked at her with wide eyes, made more symbols meaning that he wasn't embarrassed, and rubbing his neck, he blushed a even deeper shade of gold. A light giggled escaped her lips, and she leaned over and kissed his cheek. She looked towards the moon again while she let the little man sort out his flushing cheeks.

Suddenly the northern lights shot across the sky and the little man beside her jumped up and hesitated. He bent over pecked her forehead and then quickly transformed a airplane and took off towards the source of the lights. All the while smiling at how adorable she was and how easy she could understand his little sand symbols.

She watched him ago and sighed. She didn't know how lovely it felt to talk to someone. And with his leave she felt that he took the warmth he gave her with him.

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