AN: Okay, so it's just a little poem from Flaky, to Flippy, using the language of flowers. No big deal, people.

Disclaimer: No, not mine, Happy Tree Friends belongs to Mondo Media, I think. And the flower definitions were all found on languageofflowers_._com (just take out the underscores).

In the garden of my heart

There is for you, a single part.


Buds of Periwinkle, Blue

Is what our early friendship grew


To me, you were simply sweet

The Hibiscus wasn't such a feat


Back then your garden was so small

Add Glycine, and that was all


When my heart was rearranged

In your garden, nothing changed.


But in a tiny, secret place

Of Rose-Pink love, there was a trace.


"Beware!", the Rhododendron said

But I cared not, and went ahead


And and with my false, Snakesfoot cheer

It was then that I knew fear.


Rye Grass was for that 'other side',

The Primrose was my love,

Hatred the Basil supplied,

And Sweetbrier, Yellow, for lack of thereof.


And all of these flowers I was seeding,

Where, for you, my Love Lies Bleeding.




Okay, flower meaning time for the flowers whose meanings weren't explicitly stated.

Hibiscus:Delicate beauty, Sweet disposition

Glycine: "Your friendship is agreeable and pleasing to me."

Snakesfoot: Horror

Rye Grass: Changeable disposition (lol)

Sweetbrier, Yellow: Decreased feelings of love

Love Lies Bleeding: Hopeless, not heartless (this is the special, secret meaning of the poem, leaving the ending up for interpretation)