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The first thing Thomas saw when he opened his eyes was the orange tint of the sky. 'Where am I?' He was still disoriented from the deep sleep he had fallen into on the bed of grass. He let out a sigh and glanced at the sky for a moment, the memories of everything rushing back. Surprisingly, he didn't close his eyes as he remembered the last seconds of three of his best friends. Something about being here, made it more smoothing to recover from what had happened. But he knew he would never be the same.

Glancing at his side, a small slight smile spread across his lips. Brenda was asleep, using his arm as a pillow. The kiss of last night came to mind. It was a real kiss, not a kiss in the cheek that she would always give him (not that he disliked those). Brenda raised her hand to her face and rubbed her nose, her nose wrinkling up as she did. Her mouth was slightly open, her breathing audible to him. An unfamiliar noise came out from Thomas own mouth, surprising himself. He had laughed. Something so simple, so human as a laugh. After watching Teresa die, he thought he would never be human again. He had become something different: a murderer. Someone with no moral nor compassion.

He removed his gaze away from Brenda's sleeping figure and looked up at the sunrise sky. He closed his eyes now, trying to forget everything. Thats when he noticed that he didn't have sort of dream last night. All he dreamt about was pitch black darkness. What was happening to him? He was so far from recovery. Brenda shifted on her sleep, making herself comfortable. She pushed her head more against his shoulder instead of his arm, her arm spread across his chest, holding him close. Thomas did the same. He hugged her, trying not to wake her. Soon, he drifted back into another deep dreamless sleep.

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