This is the official first chapter

Once he woke up again, he was alone. The sky was now bright blue, looking as beautiful as it ever was. Thomas stood up, shaking his clothes clean. He glanced around at the beautiful sight before he turned around, re-uniting with the others. For his own good, they were all together. Minho and Frypan, Aris and Gally, Jorge and Brenda. They were sitting down in the grass, surrounded by a controlled fire that he guessed Frypan had started.

"I will go out and find some food." He heard Frypan offer as he stepped closer to his friends.

"Good that." Minho agreed, "But don't go too fancy trying to find so many herbs and seasoning. Just take a group with you and get the most essential, which is basic foods."

Although Minho distributed roles yesterday, they had to continue organizing things until everything falls perfectly into place. The glade had about 50 kids, now they are dealing with a few of hundreds of people, of all sizes.

"I don't know what you guys are planning on doing, but we need clothes." Said a girl Thomas never seen before. She seemed a few younger than him, about 13 or 14. "And other...necessities."

Thomas finally reached his friends. Minho acknowledged his presence with a nod. He stood next to Brenda, who grabbed his hands. He gave it a squeeze as he sat down next to her.

"Somehow, it's a bit terrifying being on our own." Frypan said. Thomas knew what he was referring to. Back in the maze, at least they supplied them with food and everything they needed but now they were completely own in this beautiful but desolated place.

"We can build our own houses and hunt for our own food." Minho said. He wanted nothing to do with WICKED ever again.

"Yeah, but with what will we chop the wood, and with what weapons will we hunt?" The same girl from before countered. Thomas had to admit, she had a point. Minho looked angered that he was being defied but he had nothing to say.

"I've never been here, as anyone here." Brenda started saying. Thomas glanced at her, wondering what she was up to but she didn't met his gaze. Brenda's words of last night and that gleam in her eyes had made him suspicious but honestly, he wasn't going to ask her. He didn't want to know anything else. He trusted her so he didn't want to ask her anymore questions. "All I can say it's beautiful here and I wonder how the sun flares never reached it. I'm supposing it's somewhere around the north. My guess is we're in Alaska. Or Greenland, but that is less likely. I'm betting it's Alaska."

"Okay, genius, and thats relevant because?"

Thomas noticed Brenda take a deep breath to continue.

"Well, it's still in the planet Earth and there is bound to have some sign of civilization somewhere. I'm not saying a populated area, not anymore anyways, but there should be an abandoned town somewhere. And a town means..."

"Clothing stores." Said the teenage girl from earlier.

"Yeah, exactly. As well of some other necessities such as cooking utensils, mattresses, stuff like that. Perhaps a car or two. I bet the people left those behind."

Minho took that in and nodded with a shrug. Thomas was surprise he accepted Brenda's suggestion so easily. "So I guess this will be almost like the maze. Thomas and I will go out and draw maps on whatever we can find, we'll try to find any sort of the stuff you are mentioning."

Minho threw Thomas a look. Thomas nodded. He knew what that meant. The maze was a test for survival, and they needed to survive now. It'll be a more trickier than the maze but Thomas had the utmost confidence toward Minho and himself. They will do this. They will survive.

"We leave in the morning, at sunrise." With that, Minho stood up, letting them all know that the small meeting was over.

Thomas had a better sleep than he expected. Sure, the scared faces of his deceased friends still haunted him.. But last night it was...passable. Now, it was sun-rise and in a few minutes, he'll be out in the wilderness with Minho, exploring their new surroundings and hope, just hope, that they can find a town. He wasn't so sure if they wanted to come across civilization. What if it was a horrible ghost town filled with Cranks...? The thought made him cringe. But according to Jorge, small towns were mostly abandoned so there was little to no chance that he'll come across crazed faces.

Thomas stepped closer to a small lake to clean his face and also drink some of the sweet water. He will have to do his best today. Most people weren't complaining but he wondered how long they'll last without no kind of resources. Minho and he had to find something, they was around two hundreds lives counting on him.

"Hey dude." He heard Brenda say behind him.

He stood up, water dropping down his face. "Hey." He said, as he tried his best to dry his face with his hands.

"Minho is all ready. He is just waiting for you." She said. He noticed that she seemed more mellow from her usual self.

"You okay?" He asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just..." She shrugged.

"It's just...what?"

"It's just this shouldn't be like this." She said with a sigh.

"Hey, don't say that." Thomas didn't want to hear Brenda being doubtful. That was his job, she was the one he trusted, his rock and if she had doubts...

"I'm sorry." She said and he saw a small guilty smile across her face although she had a frown.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and made her look at him, "This isn't a test but we'll pass it anyways."

Instead of answering him, Brenda wrapped her hands around his waist and hugged him. It wasn't as if she never hugged him before but he could feel her closer now than he ever did. She needed him. And he for sure knew that he needed her. He didn't know where he would be without Brenda.

He pulled back to see her face. His eyes instinctively closed as he searched for her lips. He didn't care if she had lied to him about WICKED. He stopped caring when he saw her again in those scrubs back in their headquarters.

As much as he reached for her lips, he couldn't find them. He raised his brow and opened his eyes. Brenda had a smile on her face, her nose slightly touching his cheek. She had a playful look in her eyes.

"What are you doing?" He asked her, the sound of his voice even catching himself by suprise.

"Just taking in that part where you kiss me." She said with a giggle. True, in the past few days, it was always her. "It's a nice difference for once."

"Gee, thanks for ruining the moment." He muttered and slowly pulled back but Brenda grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him in.

"Sorry, Thomas." She said and then kissed him. He returned the kiss, afraid she'll pull back or simply disappear.

"Hey you two! Can you get your tongues out of each others throats so Thomas can go to work?!" Minho's voice roared from the side.

Thomas cursed his friend in his mind when Brenda pulled away, a small blush creeping through her cheeks.

"You should go." She said to him.

"Yeah." Was the only thing he could say.

"Be safe and don't get lost. Don't come too late or I'll kick Minho's butt for stealing you from me."

Thomas have smiled at her comment. He didn't think he'll ever recover but as long as he had his friends close, he was fine. She kissed his cheek one final time before he ran toward his best friend.

"Enjoying having a girlfriend, I see." Minho said as they slowly stepped into the pine forest. "You guys were acting as if you were leaving for war."

"Shut up." Thomas said, walking ahead, trying to hide from Minho's gaze.

Walking down the forest, they marked their path every few minutes. It was like the maze but this was the real deal, no tests nor experiences neither. It was similar to the maze but he didn't have his friends. They didn't make it and a part of him stayed with them. A small part of him was dead and he won't ever be capable of going back to it, just as his friends weren't able to return to him.