The golden dog loped at a steady trot through a neighborhood. She followed the scent of pizza to a white house. "What's the plan, Babe?" The Rottweiler's eyes seemed to say. The golden dog smirked.

She moved swiftly towards the open back seat. " Do your thing." The Rottweiler growled at the woman standing on the porch, trapping the delivery man in the doorway beside her. The golden dog inched the bag around her neck and began racing down the road, back to Sophie. The Rottweiler gave a deep, loud bark and followed close behind.

The golden dog dropped the bag, containing 3 boxes of pizza, onto the ground beside Sophie.

"Thank you!" Sophie laughed, then gave a long sigh," where'd you get this, you crazy little girl? You'll land yourself in the pound, you keep stealing pizza!"

" I won't get caught!" The mischievous blue eyes laughed, as the dog nudged a pizza box toward her.

Sophie's expression sobered as she looked into the dog's eyes. " I'm sorry girl, I knew someone, a thief, who died today. Her name was Parker. She didn't have a mother, and I didn't have a daughter, so we were as close as family. We were best friends." The dog whined and pawed at her arm as she broke off. " I took too long today, getting to the van, and the whole team-" She broke off as the golden dog pinned her down.

"No, Sophie. No." The blue eyes were pleading. " Don't say that, Don't even think it."

The golden dog stood over Sophie as she finished eating, and then stood up. The pit-bull nudged her shoulder and the Rottweiler gave a gentle growl. The two dogs supported her as she got shakily to her feet. The golden retriever followed close behind, carrying the empty pizza bag.

" C'mon guys, let's get back to head quarters. Maybe Nate will be there."