Clary's POV

"Jaaaaccccceee! Wait for me!" I screech from across the field as Jace runs away. I chase after him. I run into the woods he entered but I can't see him anywhere. I walk around the woods for a few minutes cautiously glancing around waiting for something to jump on me. As I am looking behind a tree as a presence appears behind me whispering "boo" against my neck. I scream and fall down, hitting my knee on a rock in the process.

As I land on the ground I hear hysterical laughter from the person who scared me and I turn around to see Jace. I start to bawl as small trickles of blood appear around the scratch I got from landing on the rock. Jace's laughter begins to slow and he looks at me concerned.

"Are you ok Clare-Bear? I didn't mean for you to get hurt." He holds out his hand for me to grab onto and I take it pulling myself up.

I begin to pout. "That was mean Jacey. You shouldn't scare a girl." I say indignantly.

"I'm sorry Clare-Bear. Will you forgive me?" he asks.

I pretend to think it over before a grin spreads over my face and I giggle.

"Of course I do! I would be silly not to!" I grab onto his hand and pull him towards the entrance of the woods.

"Come on Jace! Mamas probably done with lunch now!"

"Ok" he smiles back at me.

We walk over the fields of Uncle Luke's farms and back to the farm house where Mom, Luke, Valentine, and Selene, Jace's mommy are all waiting for us.

The whole walk back we hold hands.


I'm broken out of my daydream when Simon slides into the chair next to me. The memories of Jace bring a small laugh out of my mouth and Simon stares at me questionably.

"Do I have something on my face?" he asks me.

"Yes you have a nose and a mouth and some eyes too. We've been over what's on your face before" I say sarcastically to him.

"Fine, forget I asked." He mumbles to himself although I can see the smile fighting its way onto his face. I begin to think to myself again.

For some reason I can't get Jace out of my head today. I think about how he had taken me out for ice cream when we were twelve and how he had helped me find my toys when we were five. I remember how had gotten into that driving accident when his mom was driving him to school. I remember how he had told me he liked me the day before the accident. I remember how when I had gone to visit him in the hospital he had stared at me and asked me who I was. I remember the pain of losing my old best friend.

"I really miss Jace" is the last thought I think before being pulled out of thought and into conversation with Simon.

A/N Ok my first TMI story! This was kinda a filler chapter even though it was the first one and sorry it was short. The story will hopefully get better and the chapters will hopefully get longer! The italics were Clary remembering when she and Jace had gone to Luke's farm for a summer. R&R and remember I am new to this so constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated. :D Thanks for reading!