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Chp. 3


Fuck me. why can't I just have one day without any drama? Everything was going great until Chloe, Cynthia, or who ever the hell she wants to be this week decided she was going to pay me a visit. She's the last erson I want to see today. While I was on tour, I found out she was cheating on me with no other than Tyler Rorke himself. Before the tour, I found out she was lying to me. About everything. Her real name is Cynthia Jean Koalski. She claimed she didn't tell me because she thought I was going to leave her. Since when am I that type of person? Then to top all of that off, it turns out her "dead" mother was very much alive. My mom was taken away from me two years ago, and she goes behind my back nd tells me her's is dead when she isn't? Who does that?! It was just to much for me to handle. So, I cut things off with Chloe and ended my tour early. That's why I came home and I couldn't wait to see Loren again. I can't stop thinking about her. Somehow she always finds her way into my mind. Right now, I need to just get rid of Chloe so I can get to Loren.

Chloe: Hey, baby.

Eddie: Bye, Chloe.

I try to close the door but she stops it.

Chloe: That's no way to treat your fiance.

Eddie: I know. Good thing you aren't my fience anymore.

And with that I slam the door in her face. I don't have time for her drama today. I go ge dressed and head to Loren's house.

~At Loren's House~


Tonight I'm going to the movies with Eddie and I have absolutely no idea what to where. I look around for a bit, but when I can't find anything, my first impulse is to call Mel.

**Phone call**

Mel: Hello?

Loren: Hey, Mel...I might need your help...

Mel: I don't know...You know Lisa might try and go all King Kong on me right?

Loren: I s that why you left when I got that phone call?

Mel: Yea...Who was it anyways?

Loren: Huh? Uh, um...well...

Mel: Spit it out, Tate!

Loren: (whispering) It was Eddie.

Mel: Speak up.

Loren: I said it was Eddie.

Mel: (yelling) Did you just say Eddie freaking Duran?! OMG!

Loren: God, Mel! You do know the phone is up to my hear right?! But, yes he did call. He asked me how I was doing, then he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies. I said yea, so-

Mel: He asked you on a date?!

Loren: NO! We're just hanging out. But-

**Line Goes Dead**

Well, at least I know she'scoming over. I check the time, 7:00 when there's a knock at the door.

Loren: Hey Mel. How did you get here so-

Mel: (runs to Loren's room) Come on we have a lot work to do!

Loren: (laughs & slowly walks to her room) Mel, we have a whole until he comes.

Mel: Which exactly why we to hurry!

I laugh as I watch my friend nearly break her neck trying to find the perfext out fit for my "date". I obviously wasn't as ezcited as she was. But, I must admit, I am a little nervous. Maybe I should just be myself. But what if he doesn't like me being myself? I mentally slap myself for thinking like that. I know Eddie isn't like that. Or ai least WASN'T like that. People change in four years. I know I did...Once again, I was pulled from my thoughts by Mel running across my room.

Mel: Got it!

She took a step a back and smiled triumphantly at work. Before I knew it, clothes were being thrown at me and I was shoved into the bathroom. Unfortuntaely, I didn't realize what Mel had picked out until I put it on. She picked out an allbalck dress with a red belt. The top of the dress was tight but it flared out at the waist. It stopped about mid-thigh. A walked out of the bathroom to find a surprised Mel.

Mel: (jaw drops) Lo, you look amazing.

Loren: Really?

Mel: No, there's still something missing. Here put these on.

She tossed me a pair of red pumps. I reluctantly put on shoes and walked over my desk where Mel started putting on my make-up. I checked the time again and it was 7:55. I curled my hair a little then went to my mirror to see how I looked.

Loren: Woah...

Mel: Yeah, woah is right. I did good.

Loren: You sure Eddie'll like it?

Mel: (laughs) If Eddie doesn't think you're hot then he and I need to have a serious talk.

Loren: (laughs) I hope he doesn't bail.

Mel: Don't start, Lo.

Loren: What? I just don't want to get my hopes up just to be disappointed.

Mel: You always do this. You always look for the bad side things instead of just enjoying it.

Loren: I'm just-

Somebody rung the doorbell and Mel and I couldn't stop the squeal that escaped our mouthes.

Loren: (yelling) COMING!

We both went into the living room. Mel took a seat on the couch while I answered the door. When I saw Eddie my whloe world stopped. Even wearing something a simple as jeans, t-shirt, and a leather jacket he managed to look sexy. My cheecks started feeling hot and I knew for a fact that I was blushing.

Loren: (blushing) Hey, Eddie.

Eddie: Hi, Loren.


Damn. That's the only word I can use to describe how sexy Loren looks right now. I can tell Mel picked out the outfit. I'm trying not to forget that this is my best friend but damn, those legs are calling my name. No, Eddie stop. She's your best friend remember that. You're going to hang out nothing more. After about ten seconds of us standing there staring at each other, she steps aside and lets me in. I smile at her then I see Mel sitting on the couch watching tv. I forgot Mel is at Loren's house more than she's at her own. But then again her mom does go King Kong on her a lot.

Mel: How goes it, Duran?

Eddie: (laughs) Pretty good, Mel. How you been?

Mel: Awesome.

I couldn't help it. I turned around to take another look at Loren.

Eddie: Lo, you look amazing...

Loren: Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself, Duran. (flirty voice)

*(a/n: LOL Loren...trying to seduce him already? ;))

Loren Tate you will be the death of me. I was surprised that she said that. I think she was too, because she turned a deep shade of red. When I looked over at Mel, she was giving Loren a dirty look. Typical Mel.

Loren: Um...So, Eddie, are youready to go.

Mel: Ditching me for the rock star already? I'm insluted. (jokingly)

Loren: (laughs) You're so over dramatic!

Eddie: Don't worry Mel, I'll have her home by 11:30.

Mel: (evil smirk) 11:30? God, Eddie. What you trying to do to your girl Loren?

Eddie: (blushing) Uh,um,uh...

I know Mel was probably just kidding, but how Lo is looking right now I can think a lot things I coulkd be doing to Loren. I looked over at Loren and she was fuming.

Loren: (mad) Mel, don't you have a house to at right now? I'm more than sure Lisa is looking for you.

Mel: (laughs) Have fun you two!

I love Mel and all, but I'm kinda glad she left. Me and Loren stood there for a while not knowing what to say or do. Finally, I broke the silence.

Eddie: (laughs nervously) I see Mel isd still the same.

Loren: I'm so sorry about that.

Eddie: Don't be. We both know how Mel is. You ready to go?

Loren: Oh, uh,yea...

Eddie: Ok, lets go.

With that we left her house. I hope I don't do anything stupid to mess this up. I hope Loren is as crazy about me as I am about her...

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