Short and sweet. Also, a side note, I've read at least two stories recently that mentioned Doodah Day and Mulch getting together and, for come unknown reason, this pairing makes me extremely happy.

Thanks to the lovely ilex-ferox.

June 17th

Guillaume wasn't gentle like Jean-Jacques. He kept Artemis' arms pinned above his head, holding them down with his own, their fingers tightly intertwined. As the other man moved above him, Artemis panted and gasped and moaned and nearly lost his mind completely. But Guillaume just chuckled, biting Artemis' shoulder and pushing harder. Artemis wanted to feel embarrassed by his loss of control, but he was too busy enjoying himself.

"You're looking a bit peaky," said Minerva.

"I feel fine," Artemis replied, shifting delicately on his seat.

"So fine that you couldn't make it downstairs to make you own coffee?"

"I'm just tired, that's all."

"Tired and sore?"

Artemis made an unidentifiable noise. "I never want to move again," he moaned.

"Worth it?"

"Oh yes."