Hey you guys! Well I'm new to this story writing thing. This idea just randomly came to me, and well since I do read stories on here, I figured why not publish is and see what you guys think? If it's terrible let me know and I won't continue it. So here goes nothing, read and hopefully enjoy :)

Btw sadly I don't own Code lyoko or any of its characters :C

Ulrich and Yumi had been together for about six months, six crazy months, which if you counted all the return to the pasts due to the X.A.N.A attacks, would probably be more like a little over a year. Yumi could truly care less, she was just happy Ulrich had finally mustered up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend after two long years of claiming to be "just good friends and that's all". Well that is, if you consider Ulrich accidently blurting out that he loves her during one of their William and Sissy centered arguments, courage. So what, it wasn't the most romantic way for someone to confess their love for you, but Yumi was just happy she was with Ulrich, the boy she's risked her life for thousands of times on lyoko, the boy that had always been there to catch her when she was falling, both emotionally and literally.

Ulrich on the other hand, was just hoping that they wouldn't have to cancel their ice cream date for the third time that day. He wanted to do something special for Yumi's birthday but with X.A.N.A rearing his ugly head all the time had no time. Oh, how he wished X.A.N.A would just buzz off and cease to exist. He couldn't help but feel angry as he thought back at every single date he had to cancel with Yumi because X.A.N.A decided that he wanted to attack earth.

"We're here."Yumi finally said, breaking Ulrich out of his thoughts. Quickly he picked up the pace and sped past Yumi to open the door for her.

"After you", he said, a smile that made his heart nearly pop out of his chest every time he saw it, spread across his beautiful girlfriend's face. Just as they were about to take a seat, Ulrich felt his phone vibrate, and sure enough it was Jeremy.

"Jeremy what's up?"

"X.A.N.A just launched an attack, there seems to be some sort of white bubble around the whole desert sector, we need your help!" Jeremy urgently exclaimed.

"Ugh of course he did." Ulrich said, hanging up on him, and violently shoving his cellphone into his pocket.

"X.A.N.A attack?" Yumi asked, mostly out of habit, since she knew Ulrich well enough to know how he got every time X.A.N.A ruined their plans.

"Right on time, like always." Ulrich replied already up and ready to sprint to the factory.

"Glad you could make it, get to the scanners quick!" Jeremy greeted.

Yumi and Ulrich simply nodded, getting into a scanner each, accustomed to what had become a daily routine, although this time, Ulrich was nothing short of furious. Jeremy rapidly typed away at his keyboard, virtualizing both of his dear friends on Lyoko where Aelita and Odd awaited them.

"Woah what is that thing?" Yumi asked, amazed at the giant white bubble that engulfed most of the desert sector.

"You'd know what it was if you were here on time like Odd and I." Aelita joked.

Odd attempting to keep the joke going on, add "Yeah what is with you guys being so irresponsible?"

Yumi just laughed, but Ulrich who was already on the verge of exploding inside the scanners, finally erupted.


"Woah man we" Odd started but was cut off by Ulrich's yelling.

"SOMETIME I REALLY WISH WE HAD NEVER EVEN FOUND THIS STUPID SUPER COMPUTER!" Ulrich stopped, noticing the hurt expression on Aelita's face, but before he even had time to apologize, the white light began to consume his body.

"UUULLLRIIIICCH!" Yumi yelled as she watched her boyfriend's body slowly disappear along with the rest of the white bubble.