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"I don't understand Laura! Everything's hooked fine. I've checked every single part of the supercomputer." Jeremy sighed taking a seat on his chair and resting his head on his arms in frustration.

"Well Jeremy, what if someone else is involved. Someone could be hacking Lyoko, perhaps if powerful enough, maybe even your computer." Laura suggested.

"As much sense as that makes Laura, I'm not sure if you understand that we're the only ones that know about Lyoko, besides if there's anyone else hacking us, then there would have to be another computer somewhere….. that's it." Jeremy trailed off and turned excitedly to the supercomputer.

"What, what is it Belpois?" Laura asked, confused at Jeremy's sudden excitement.

"We've destroyed replicas before, if there is one I've got a program to counter it, maybe even destroy it, I began perfecting it once we discovered just how many replicas we had to destroy, just in case." Jeremy smiled proudly.

"Wow Belpois, you truly are a genius." Laura smiled, as she watched the blush form on Jeremy's face. " And you look adorable blushing." She giggled.

"Err… thanks." Jeremy said, feeling the blush get slightly stronger. "Odd Aelita can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear." Aelita answered. "Can you see anything on your screen? Odd and I are at the core but it's awfully quiet."

"All I see is the center, and some strange object blinking about 50 feet from you guys. I'm not sure if it's a monster or not and you can't risk it until I know for sure if you can be devirtualized or not." Jeremy warned.

"What if it's Yumi?" Odd asked.

"We can't risk it." Laura joined in.

"Listen, I think Yumi's worth it, I can go check on my own, but I'm not just going to stay here if it's Yumi and she's in danger." Odd bravely stated before taking off.

"Odd!" Aelita, Jeremy and Laura shouted in unison, but it was no use, he was determined to check it out. Realizing that Odd was right, Aelita decided to follow, if it was a monster, she wasn't about to let him go at it alone, he wouldn't let her. Aelita was abruptly brought out of her thoughts when she noticed Odd stopped running and was staring intently at something.

"Odd what are you-" Aelita stood in horror at the sight, Yumi was inside some sort of prison, it was blinking which explained why Jeremy had no idea what it was.

"You guys what is it? Are you okay?" Jeremy asked, extremely concerned.

"It's Yumi!" Aelita and Odd replied.

"What why is it blinking if it's her? Is she unconscious?" Jeremy asked.

"Well yes but that's not why." Odd answered.

"She's in a prison, I believe it's like a guardian, but this one's far more advanced. It has the ability to appear and disappear at will." Aelita added.

"You think you can fool this one as well?" Jeremy asked.

"Fingers crossed." Aelita simply answered before getting on her knees and beginning to make a replica of her trapped friend. Suddenly the guardian began blinking extremely fast and it exploded, soon imprisoning the replica Aelita had created.

"Yumi!" Odd shouted running to pick her up. He violently shook her, hoping for any sign that she was okay. That she wasn't hurt.

"You pea brain are you trying to knock my head off!" Yumi shouted as she opened her eyes.

"I missed you too." Odd smiled as he embraced her. "She's good Jeremy."

"Yumi we're so glad you're okay." Aelita smiled.

"You guys we've got to find Ulrich. X.A.N.A's not alone, someone on the outside is helping it, and they want all of us dead." Yumi warned.

"I knew it!" Laura exclaimed.

"Well maybe the tower is activated on the replica of another sector like before, I mean what other reason would there be for you not being able to see it, or our cards." Aelita suggested.

"You never know Einstein. Check outside the usual sectors." Odd added.

"I did, and I just located it but I can't contact William or Ulrich, all I know is they just ran into the forest sector." Jeremy replied, concern evident in his tone, as well as frustration.

"Then send me to the forest sector, and send Aelita and Odd to the replica fast!" Yumi ordered.

"Right." Jeremy replied. "Laura is there a way we'll have enough energy to do both transfers?"

"I think so, do you mind if I take a crack at it?" She asked.

"By all means go right ahead." Jeremy answered. She busily typed away, suddenly the lights went out and all that was working was the supercomputer.

"What just happened?" Jeremy asked.

"I'm conserving energy. I've hooked the power to the supercomputer so for now the factory's keeping the computer alive." She smiled proudly.

"You're amazing." Jeremy complimented. Laura simply blushed and nodded. "Okay ready guys, I'm sending you now. Remember, I won't be able to have contact with you guys once I send you. Good luck, Laura and I'll try our best to get you guys back as soon as possible."

"Okay we heard this monster growl, it was even breaking the ice sector so where is it?" Ulrich rambled in frustrated.

"Woah Stern, shouldn't you be happy this thing isn't anywhere near us. I mean, judging by the sound of it, it seemed gruesome." William spoke up. Their conversation was soon interrupted by someone landing on the ground behind them. The boys turned around and stood in fighting stance.

"Nice to see you guys too." Yumi told them laughing.

"Yumi!" Ulrich screamed as he ran to firmly embrace his girlfriend. He knew it was her, the look in her eyes made it evident. He would never be tricked by one of X.A.N.A's polymorphic clones ever again. The moment was soon interrupted by a loud growl and rumbling of the sector.

"Great. Our friend's back." William mumbled.

"What friend?" Yumi asked confused.

"I think it's best you don't find out. C'mon you guys we'll hide out until we can, until there's no choice left but too fight." Ulrich ordered. Yumi and William simply nodded. "We'd better move fast too, before this sector breaks in half." He added.

"Okay Princess, which way should we go?" Odd asked.

"I don't know." Aelita sighed. "Wait, can you feel that?"

"No, what?" Odd asked confused.

"Pulsations. C'mon Odd it's this way!" She exclaimed before taking off.

"Aelita I always have to chase after you, warn a guy!" Odd yelled before taking off behind her. "I guess this is what they mean when they say chasing after girls gets old." He mumbled to himself.

"They're getting stronger!" Aelita shouted as Odd finally caught up to her. Suddenly, hornets came their way.

"We're definitely going the right way." Odd stated. "You go on I'll take care of them."

"Are you sure?" She asked, much too afraid to leave him alone, she didn't want him to be possibly gone forever.

"Yes run!" Odd yelled before running in the opposite direction with the hornets hot on his trail.

Aelita ran as fast as she could, and before she knew it, the tower was in sight with one slight problem. There were five mega tanks guarding the tower.

"Great…." Aelita mumbled.

"If only there was a way to set this all back. There's no way we'll be able to stop everything." Jeremy mumbled in frustration.

"Do you mind if I take a look at those codes?" Laura asked.

"Sure." Jeremy said, once again giving up his chair to his beautiful assistant.

"Just as I thought. These are codes to return to the past. This machine is capable of all that?" Laura asked after five minutes of reading over them.

"Yeah but only about 12 hours. Not nearly far back to the day Ulrich got trapped." Jeremy replied.

"Apparently Mr. Hopper sent you this so you could extend the return period. It's only good for one run though." Laura turned to look at him.

"What! Incredible." Jeremy exclaimed looking over her shoulder to read the codes. "I think we'd have to wait until the tower is deactivated though, in order to avoid any danger, if my suspicions are correct that's what's messing up my controls, and what's giving whoever's helping X.A.N.A so much power. By deactivating the tower, the sector should cease to exist."

"All that'll happen? Incredible. Will we know once they're done?" Laura asked.

"If I'm right, that should enable the communication I should have with them so, yes." Jeremy answered.

"I guess all we can do is wait now, so we're ready to insert the code as soon as she deactivates it." Laura added.

"Right." Jeremy nodded.

Ulrich, Yumi and William had been hiding in some sort of cave for a while. The whole time the growls heard through the sector and the rumbling getting louder. They were sure the monster would be there any minute, it was either that, or they were about to fall into the digital sea from the destruction in the sector.

"I think we should face it. I'd rather catch it by surprise than let it catch us." Yumi finally spoke up.

"Yumi's right Ulrich." William agreed.

"I know. In that case, we need to come up with a plan." Ulrich answered.

"Well, William's got the super smoke thing, I can attack at a distance and you've got the speed as well as triplicating." Yumi suggested.

Ulrich peeked out of the cave taking in the surroundings. There was a huge tree, a huge piece of what appeared to be part of the floor once out of place, kind of like a huge boulder, and some sort of crack forming right at the center of it all. Suddenly the forest began to crumble once more and Ulrich decided it was time to improvise.

"Okay you guys, I've got it. I'm gana run towards it and lead it exactly in the center of that crack. William as soon as I triplicate, I want you to surprise attack it so it's confused. Yumi, you see that tree?" Yumi simply nodded. "I want you to hide up there. When I give the symbol you pick that boulder looking thing up with your telekinesis and toss it over whatever is attacking us. The weight from the monster and falling boulder should be enough to break the floor along with the rumblings." Ulrich finished his plan, waiting for a reply.

"We've got it Stern. We'll go on your signal." William answered.

"Right I'm going towards it, you guys get in position." Ulrich finished, but just before he took off he felt someone grip his arm.

"Good luck." Yumi simply said kissing his cheek before taking off to her position. All Ulrich could do was nod before he took off himself. I really hope this works, was all he could really think. It seemed good enough especially since they really had no time for more. The monster's growling kept getting closer and closer. Sure enough, Ulrich ran a measly 20 feet before running into the monster.

"All alone?" One of the heads asked, a sinister smile forming on the other two.

"This is going to be easier than expected." The second head added, before Ulrich knew it, the third's claw had sent him flying across the sector.

"Great why did I think this was going to be easy?" Ulrich mumbled to himself before getting up and sprinting towards the area designed for the plan.

"Come back here, all we want to do is play!" All three heads yelled after him before breaking out into maniacal laughter.

"How's tag?" Ulrich answered, not once stopping, all he did was look back, thankful that they were actually chasing after him. Maybe it won't be so hard after all, he silently thought as he sprinted back to his friends.

The mega tanks spotted her as soon as she stepped into the scene. She looked around desperately looking for somewhere to hide. Aelita couldn't believe it, this close to the tower and there just happened to be five monsters, all hoping to be the reason she fails guarding it. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of the mega tanks opening, ready to fire. Aelita skillfully doged the first four lasers, but unfortunately she couldn't dodge the fifth and she was knocked to the ground really close to falling into the digital sea.

"That hurt!" She yelled. Focusing her attention back on her enemy she realized 2 of them were rolling at her full speed, that's it she thought. She stayed on her knees waiting for the mega tanks to get close enough, as soon as they were about to collide with her, Aelita jumped out of the way and saw both mega tanks falling to their doom. Proudly she got back on her feet and saw another one getting ready to attack. As soon as it opened she shot at it, right on target and it exploded.

"Easier than I thought." She said to herself as she began to run towards the tower. Unfortunately she put her guard down and another mega tank struck her on the leg. Wincing in pain, she quickly glanced at the still open mega tank and got it.

"There should be one more." She spoke to herself once more. "Where are you?" She yelled, still on the ground, that last shot had really hurt. She figured with the amount of hits she had taken, one more and she was done for. As if right on cue, the last mega tank came in sight. Aelita could hardly limp and the mega tank had her cornered.

"I guess this is it. I'm done for, sorry you guys, I should've never brought you into my world." She sadly mumbled as she dropped to the floor and closed her eyes, expecting the shot at any moment to strike her, and end it right then and there.

"BONZAI!" Odd shouted as he shot the mega tank just in time. "C'mon princess. We've got to go, the sector's collapsing." Odd told her as he took her in his arms and sprinted to the tower.

"Odd you saved me." She smiled.

"Knight in shining armor at your service." He replied with his signature grin. He placed her on the ground and Aelita entered the tower.

"Now you're trapped." The monster hissed as Ulrich arrived at the destination. The area was secluded, but Ulrich had gotten the monster right where he wanted.

"That's what you think." Ulrich smirked. "TRIPLICATE!"

"What!" The monster roared. Suddenly William came out of the ground and slashed on of its head off. Meanwhile Yumi was beginning to pick up the boulder.

"You stupid kids. You're going to regret doing that." The monster growled, shooting lasers at William and sending him towards a tree. The sector began to shake violently making it difficult for Yumi to concentrate. Ulrich figured he'd need to buy more time so began to attack along with the other Ulrichs. William quickly recovered and once again went to attack. Between William and Ulrich the monster had a hard time defending itself, no matter how many times it threw them, hit them, hurt them, the boys would not give up.

All Yumi could do was try her best to focus. The rumbling and battle going on down there didn't make it any easier. Finally she picked it up and was able to move it over the monster's heads. Noticing the boulder, Ulrich and William finally evaded the last blows the monster shot at them and swiftly backed away.

"Now Yumi!" Ulrich shouted. Caught off guard the monster was hit, and just as Ulrich suspected, the sector broke. Strange enough though, the monster immediately took in the shape of a person and was devirtualized before falling in the digital sea. Yumi collapsed from exhaustion; luckily William and Ulrich were there to catch her. There was no time left, the impact of the boulder made the rest of the sector begin to collapse. All that was left now was to run and hope Jeremy found a solution fast. Ulrich placed Yumi on his back and began to run alongside William.

"Where do we go?" Ulrich asked.

"No idea, we could jump sectors, but what's to say it won't be collapsing too." William replied.

"I guess it's all up to the Einsteins now." Ulrich added, hoping with all his might that today wouldn't be the day Jeremy failed them.

Aelita floated up to the top of the tower and entered the code. Immediately after, she could hear Jeremy and Laura.

"Jeremy all clear." Aelita notified him. Unfortunately just as she said that, she felt the sector moving. She ran back to Odd, only to realize that the sector was disappearing.

"Jeremy the sector's disappearing here! We need your help!" Ulrich yelled through the headset.

"I'm going to try a program Hopper sent me fingers crossed." Jeremy quickly notified them, before rapidly typing away the code.

The Lyoko warriors all ran to safety as fast as they could.

"Jeremy we're out of sector!" Ulrich screamed as the last of the forest under them disappeared.

"Return to the past now!" Jeremy screamed as he entered the code.

Suddenly the forest stopped disappearing, everything stopped the white light engulfed them.

Ulrich opened his eyes and realized that he was once again about to take a seat inside the ice cream shop. Instead, he ran towards Yumi and embraced her.

"I'm so glad everything's back to normal. I missed you so much, I love you so much. I wouldn't give this life up for anything." He sincerely said.

Yumi blushed, people around them were staring, but she could care less, she was glad to once again be in his arms.

"I'm glad you feel that way." She smiled and gently kissed his lips. Finally they took their seats.

"Every time we kiss it feels like the first time." Ulrich smiled taking her hands in his. "I really need to apologize to them."

"Yeah you do, it was selfish." Yumi agreed.

As if on cue, Aelita, Jeremy and Odd walked in and sat down with them.

"I'm so glad you guys are okay." Jeremy was the first to speak. Everyone simply nodded in agreement.

"Listen guys, I'm sorry for being such a jerk. I didn't appreciate you guys. Honestly, it was all on impulse, I wouldn't give you guys up for anything. I thought that was what I wanted but this taught me that my real happiness is because of you guys. Sure I'd have a regular life, but I wouldn't have you guys and a life without you guys isn't worth living." Ulrich finished, smiling sincerely at all of them.

"Aww Ulrich!" Aelita was the first to run up and hug him, followed by the other three.

"Of course we forgive you good buddy!" Odd shouted.

"You guys we're making a scene!" Ulrich exclaimed embarrassed of being in the middle of a group hug inside the ice cream shop.

"I guess this means you're ready to continue the fight against X.A.N.A since I think it's going to be longer than expected with someone on the outside involved." Jeremy spoke up.

"Anything if it means you guys will be there with me." Ulrich smiled.

"Well, I uh, I'd better go. I need to feed kiwi." Odd mumbled before running off.

Aelita knew what was wrong; she still hadn't said anything to him. She looked at Jeremy and she knew by the look in his eyes that he wanted to talk. Knowingly they both got up, ready to leave.

"Well, have fun you two." Aelita giggled as she and Jeremy walked off.

"Aelita, I'm not mad. I was at first but then I realized, I just want you happy." Jeremy told her as they reached the school bench.

"I know, and that's why I appreciate you so much. It's just, I've always felt like-"

"Like we were together because that's how it's supposed to be, how everyone sees it, not because you wanted too." Jeremy interrupted.

"How'd you know?" Aelita asked shocked.

"Well, spending time with Laura made me realize that you're not the only girl in the world. I wouldn't have time to look at other girls if I loved you. Don't you think? Same for you, you wouldn't notice Odd if you really loved me." Jeremy answered.

Aelita simply smiled. He was right, he always was. "No hard feelings? I won't be mad if you go after Laura."

"None whatsoever, same to you for Odd. I still love you, I guess I just love you differently, like a sister." Jeremy replied.

"Same here, you saved me Jeremy, for that I will be eternally grateful, don't ever forget it." Aelita finished, embracing Jeremy. "Now go get her."

"Good luck." Jeremy smiled.

Jeremy walked into the library. There she was, reading like always. How could he have never noticed her beauty? She had the most gorgeous green eyes, beautiful blonde hair and an enchanting smile. She must've caught him staring because she smiled and he blushed. Mustering up the courage to walk up to her he took a seat by her.

"Hey Laura." He greeted.

"Hi Belpois. What brings you here?" She asked, a bright smile on her face.

"I, I need to tell you something." He answered.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Well, I know this sounds crazy but um, I .. I like you. I know we don't really talk but there's just something about your presence that just makes me so happy." He finished , extreme heat rushing to his cheeks.

Laura simply giggled. "Jeremy that was cute. I remember everything though. I tweaked the computer so the return to the past wouldn't affect me." She leaned in and kissed him right in the lips. All Jeremy could do was remind himself to breath. He couldn't believe it, she liked him too, and she was so smart.

"Sorry I just wasn't expecting it. I thought you'd forget, you're amazing, you're a genius." He smiled.

"I guess you've met your match." She replied winking and taking her hand in his.

"I guess so." He smiled, this felt right. It was the way it should be, she really was the one for him.

Odd was laying around his room playing with Kiwi when suddenly a knock came from his door.

Assuming it was Ulrich, he shouted, "COME IN!"

"Hey Odd." Aelita smiled walking through the door.

"Oh, hey." He answered, trying to act calm because on the inside his heart was going crazy.

"We need to talk." Aelita answered.

"About?" Odd replied in an attempt to act cool.

"Us. Odd, ever since I met you, I knew you were going to be someone important in my life. I don't want to lose you. When I was first brought here, Jeremy took care of me, he showed me your ways until I remembered on my own, all while you were off with other girls." Odd simply listened to her, he wasn't too glad about where this was going. "But, strange enough, I don't love him because my heart chose you." Aelita finished, smiling.

Odd couldn't believe it, he didn't even think about it, he ran to her and picked her up. "I love you, you don't know how many times I've dreamed about this."

"You don't have to dream anymore." She replied placing her lips on his. She had chosen, she was finally happy, best of all, they all were, she hadn't hurt either.

"So we finally got our ice cream." Yumi smiled as they walked hand in hand back to kadic.

"Finally. You know, it really wasn't the ice cream I was mad about, it was just X.A.N.A kept cutting into my time with you." Ulrich told her.

"I know what you mean. Although ice cream's always a plus." She answered.

"You sound like Odd." He laughed. "You have no idea how scared I was about losing you. I almost lost you once to William because I'm a coward, there was no way I was losing you because of my stupidity."

"Ulrich, you were never anywhere near losing me. You've always had me since the start, ever since I pinned you that day. X.A.N.A wasn't going to win either, the day you lose me is the day Odd decides he's not really hungry." Yumi smiled at her own joke.

"Woah you really do love me. That's never going to happen. Even if it did, I wouldn't let you. I hope you know I'm already plotting to marry you against your father's will." Ulrich grinned.

The moment was soon interrupted by someone's cellphone going off.

"Hello." Ulrich answered. He simply smiled. "Okay."

"Who was it?" Yumi asked.

"Jeremy, duty calls. He said to call William as well." He answered. "Feels good to know everything's back to normal, well aside from getting a little extra help."

"It sure does." Yumi answered as they ran hand in hand towards the factory. Maybe it was the hard way, but Ulrich had learned that if he was given the option to choose any other life, he wouldn't change the one he's living for anything else in the world.