Hope sat in his office looking over some paper work. Blueprints and reports were spread all over his desk and some even on the floor. You would think Hope was a neat person but he still had some of that teenage l'cei boy in him. It's not like anyone ever or would ever come into his office. At least that's what he thought.

Noel opened the the office door and strolled in as it were his own. Hope straightened up in his chair giving a Noel a confused look. Noel walked over to behind Hope spinning his chair around and sitting on Hope. Hope was in utter shock. Noel leaned back suffocating the silverette.

"Would you get off me?" Hope asked in a slightly annoyed voice. Noel sighed.

"I don't see any other chairs in here."

"Noel." Hope growled in a low voice. Noel didn't seem to be threatened be this but got up anyway and laid on the floor instead.

"Can I ask you a question?" Noel asked. Hope looked at Noel with a suspicious look while regaining his composure from being sat on.


"Do like girls?" Hope was a little taken back. In what way did he mean?

"Uh-" Noel interrupted Hope.

"And before you get ANY ideas no, I am not trying to hit on you."

"Well, I wasn't-"

"But I do know some people that would like to be with you in an instant." Hope wasn't sure to feel on the subject of finding this out but continued on with the conversation anyway.

"As I was saying," Hope said straitening his tie "I've never really thought about it. I guess I just wasn't into that kinda stuff." Noel nodded as he took the information in. "Why do you need to know?" A grin grew onto Noel face as he held back his laughter. Noel took his foot and kicked the legs of Hope's chair making him fall onto Noel.

Hope blushed as he heard the office door open to see Alyssa staring at them.

"Um, I'll come back later." She said as she closed the door.

"Wait, Alyssa! It's not what it looks like!" Hope yelled as he got up off of Noel and chased after the short, blonde girl. As soon as the office door was closed Noel got up, grin even wider now.

"Did ya get the picture, Mog?" Noel asked as the Moogle came out from under Hope's desk.

"Ya, Kupo." Mog said handing the camera to Noel.

"After all this is over, this will make wonderful black mail.