Sorry this is so short, it's just some random silly thing I've been writing forever.

Translation notes (sorry if they're not entirely correct ^^"):

"Sød" is Danish for "Cute"
"Norge" is Danish for Norway.
"Dum" is just Norwegian for stupid.
"Dan" is short for Danmark, Norwegian/Danish for Denmark.

Norway was sitting at his computer, about to print a new piece of violin music, when he heard stumbling footsteps coming quickly down the hall. He swiveled his chair around just in time to see Denmark hurtling toward him.

"Norge!" Denmark flung himself at Norway, who promptly dropped him. Denmark smelled like beer and Norway wanted nothing to do with it. He turned back to his computer, and Denmark sat up behind him.

"Hey, Norge!" He chirped, sounding surprisingly awake.

"What do you want?"

"Kiss me. Please?" Denmark shot his best puppy eyes at the back of Norway's head.

"What," Norway said, spinning his chair again, "No way. That's weird."

"Oh, come on Norge, what's a little kiss between friends?" Den increased the voltage on his eyes.

"We may be Nordics, but you are not my friend," Norway sounded grumpy, "And I will NOT kiss you!" He stood up and went to push past the Danish man, but Denmark latched on to his knee.

"Noooooooorrrrrrrrgggggggeeee e." Denmark then proceeded to sink his teeth into Norway's thigh. His upper thigh. Dangerously close to his arse. Norway's knee found Denmark's chin, making the drunk fly backward a few feet and hit his head against a couch. Den groaned, but didn't really seem hurt in any way. The Norwegian man walked over to his brother, bending over him.

"If I give you a small kiss, will you leave me alone?" Den's smile reached from ear to ear. Norway sighed and bent down, placing his lips briefly on Denmark's cheek. Denmark grabbed Norway by the lapels of his sailor suit and pulled him over to smush their lips together. He felt Norge squirm a little in his grasp, and he smirked into the kiss. When he finally released the smaller man, Norway wiped his mouth off on his sleeve.

"What in the holy hell was that, idiot? You are so stupid, I didn't want to kiss you like that!" He looked really pissed, but Denmark could see a little something in those blue eyes. He grinned.

"But you'd do it again, eh, Norge?"

"Like hell I would, dum!" Norway said, even as Denmark stood and walked close to him. Den got close enough to wear he could see his reflection in Norway's eyes, which were turned away as the shorter man blushed.

"Come on, Norge, why can't you just let your feelings out for once?" Denmark then planted a long, lingering kiss on Norway's lips, and he nearly shouted in success when he felt Norway begin to react. He rested his right hand on Norway's waist, and his left hand went to the back of his head. Norge wrapped his arms around Dan's neck.

When Den pulled back to catch his breath, he looked into Norway's eyes.

"So, does this mean we're dating, sød?" he said with a smirk.

"Whatever, you dumbass," Norway replied, burying his blush into Denmark's shirt, "And I am not cute!" The Danish man laughed and kissed his new boyfriend again.