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I wake up with the need to vomit. I can feel Peeta's arms around my waist but right now I don't care about waking him, all I care about is getting to the stinking toilet. I shoot out of bed and turn the corner into the large master bath and just make it to the toilet before I start to puke.

"Katniss?" Peeta's worried voice says from behind me. He walks tiredly to me and start rubbing my back and takes my hair in his free hand.

"Go away Peeta! I dont want you to see this." I moan as another round of nausea hits me.

"You know I'm not gonna do that." he replies when I'm done. After sitting there on the floor for another five minutes, my stomach stops turning and I can stand up. I go straight for the sink and brush my teeth vigorously as Peeta stands looking at me with a worried expression.

"Honey, this is the third time this week this has happened. I'm really worried about you. I think it's time you went to the doctor." he says.

"Peeta!" I groan. "You know how much I hate going to the doctors. Plus I feel fine. It's probably just the flu or something, I will be fine in a couple of days, don't worry." I lean up and give him a tender kiss on the cheek, ending that conversation for now. We both slip into bed and fall asleep for another hour or so before Peeta has to get up for work.


I wake up and look at the clock; It reads 7:00 am, an hour later than I usually sleep. I find that I have been getting more and more tired lately and I decide it must be this stupid flu. Getting up I throw on a black long sleeve shirt and a pair of sweat pants and go downstairs to make myself breakfast. Peeta left this morning for the bakery around six thirty and won't be back until noon for lunch so I usually go hunting, but today Effie is in town and she is coming over for a visit around nine.

I go over the the fridge to see if I can find any left over stew from the night before that I could heat up to sooth my hungry stomach. When I am about to open the fridge I find a note taped to it addressed to me. I open it and read:

Made you these this morning. thought you might want a real breakfast for once. Have fun with Effie today and there are some pain killers and Tylenol on the counter to help sooth your stomach if you still feel sick.

Love you,


I open the fridge to find three cinnamon rolls and three cheese buns to go with them.

"Aw, Peeta." I say to myself as I take them out of the fridge and put them in the microwave to heat up. I picked up the small tub of icing he had left on the island for me so that I could ice the cinnamon buns myself. Sometimes I think about how awesome a husband I have and how Haymitch was right, I could live a thousand years and not deserve him.

The microwave beeps and I open it up to be bombarded by the strong smell of cinnamon, suddenly I'm nauseous. I run the the small half bath down the hall and vomit.

"Stupid flu." I breathe. It's odd because I have never been sick like this. As soon as the nausea subsides I am perfectly fine. Weird.

A sit on the couch for an hour or so and do some laundry and before long there is a rap on the door. I look at the clock that reads nine o'clock; that's Effie, always on time.

I stride over to the door to open it and see a shivering Effie, dressed in one of her over the top Capitol outfits. Her hair is its usual pink shade matching her dress and shawl, and she has on bright green heels with a matching green handbag. I noticed a flowery embroidering on her dress that was also green.

"Hey Effie, long time no see." I say as she comes in and hands me her jacket.

"Good to see you to Katniss!" she chirps as she sits down on the couch in front of the fire. "Gosh, I don't understand how you can live in this cold weather for so long! There isn't even a heat lamp in the street!"

"It's not so bad." I reply. "would you like anything to eat? I have some left over cinnamon buns that Peeta made, I can heat them up for you?" I ask. I couldn't eat them because the smell made me want to vomit, but I got the cheese buns down just fine this morning.

"Oh I would love some! Haymitch has so little actual food over at his house. All he seems to have in his fridge is alcohol." Effie says with a serious expression.

I wander into the kitchen to get the cinnamon buns for Effie when another round of nausea hits. What the hell was wrong with me?

"Katniss, are you alright, are you sick?" Effie asks when I come back into the room with the cinnamon buns outstretched so that I couldn't smell them.

"What? Oh no I'm fine. Just a little nausea, nothing to serious." I reply nonchalantly.

"Katniss. I could hear you, are you sure you don't want me to call Peeta?" she asks, looking at me with a worried expression.

"No really. I'm fine, but um Effie, could I ask you a question?" I timidly say.

"Of course." she replies.

"Well, I don't want to worry Peeta by asking him this but, have you ever been sick but not sick? Does that make any sense?" I ask. She just shakes her head no so I elaborate. "Like, you throw up but you feel fine, like nothing is wrong?"

"Oh my gosh." Effie exclaims as she jumps off the couch and stares at me.

"What!?" I ask, the look of shock on her face is worrying me.

"Katniss, your pregnant!" she exclaims as she takes my hand and smiles.

"What!? I can't be! I mean, we didn't even... not unprotected... but... there was that one night, but it was only once, and. Your not serious are you?" I ramble.

"Of courses I am! Hold on I will be back in two minutes flat." Effie tells and scampers out the door, grabbing her coat on the way.

I look down at my stomach in shock. Pregnant? I can't be pregnant, I don't even know if I want kids! What will Peeta say? Will he resent me for getting pregnant? Maybe he will be happy. It would explain the nausea, but why don't I have any other symptoms, I don't have mood swings or food cravings, unless you count cheese buns as a food craving, but still?

Effie comes in exactly two minutes later and shoves a box into my hand. "Go take this. It will tell for sure if you are pregnant or not. It is one hundred percent accurate, trust me, it's the best brand in the Capitol." she says as she pushes me into the bathroom and shuts the door.

After taking the test I restlessly sit and wait for it to give me the results. I drum my fingers on the counter top and look at the time. It's eleven o'clock, Peeta will be home in an hour.

I look back at the test to read the results.

"Well?" Effie says through the door.

"What does two lines mean?" I ask. I hear a squeal and it suddenly the door flies open. Effie takes the test from me as I look at her in confusion.

"Congratulations Katniss! Your pregnant!" she cries and throws her arms around me. I just stare at the wall wide eyed. It's true. I'm pregnant.

"Effie?" I say, calling her attention back to me, she was staring at my abdomen and it was making me uncomfortable. "can I uh...get some time alone?" I squeak out, trying to find my voice. My throat felt tight, like someone had shoved their fist down into it.

"Of course." she says when she sees my expression. It must be a mix of fear and shock because that's exactly how I feel. "I will be right across the street if you need me." she says as she leaves me in piece.

I go into the living room and sit on the couch, staring at the test in my hands. I'm pregnant. How am I going to tell Peeta? Will he have a fit, will he be excited, will he want to keep it? These questions racked my brain as I searched for answers.

I look over at the clock, it was eleven fifty eight, I hadn't realized how long I had sat on the couch for, Peeta would be home any second. Hurrying, I get off the couch and throw away the test.

As soon as the trash bin closes I hear the door open.

"honey, I'm home! Gosh I have always wanted to say that." he chuckles to himself as he finds his way to the kitchen that I am at the moment standing in. "Hey, what's wrong?"

I must have had a worried or sick expression on my face because he comes over and places one hand on my waist, the other on my forehead. "Are you sick?" he says, his voice serious.

His expression had changed from worried to fearful when I shook my head no. "Katniss, you have to talk to me. Please. Tell me what's wrong." he said in a soothing tone.

Peeta, I'm..." I trail off, unable to say the words out loud, afraid he will get angry.

He places both hands on the face and looks into my eyes, "Your what?" he asks, still worried.

"Pregnant." I state under my breathe. I look down, afraid to meet his gaze. He must hate me. We had only been married two years and hadn't even talked about having kids yet. We were only twenty one!

"Are you serious?!" I hear him say in a uplifted tone. I look up at him to see him beaming down at me, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah." I say, dumbfounded at his happy expression.

He dips his head down and captures my lips in a hard passionate kiss. I was caught off gaurd but quickly caught up and kissed him back.

Then it hits me. Of course Peeta would be happy that we were having a child. Peeta loves children, I was so stupid to think he wouldn't.

"I'm gonna be a dad!" he exclaims when we come up for air.

"Yupp." I reply with a big grin forming on my face. I realized then that I too wanted kids. It made Peeta unbelievably happy and that made me realize that I would be happy to.

That's why you were getting sick! This is wonderful, oh my gosh. I mean not wonderful that your sick and all but awesome that we are going to be parents! Katniss we are going to be parents!" Peeta laughs. I kiss him again and we both laugh in excitement of the situation.

Peeta kneels down in front of me and takes my waist in his hands. "Hey little one. This is your daddy, I love you and your mommy so much. I can't wait to meet you." he coos and a tear pricks the corner of my eye. I put my hand on his cheek and he looks up at me with so much love in his eyes, it was as if I was on cloud nine. In my own little blissful world. Peeta and I were gonna have a family, and I couldn't be happier.

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