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Peeta rushes over and catches me right as my knees buckle. Black dots start to cloud my vision and I try to blink them away but they only grow larger. Pain shoots through my abdomen and I cry out. I can feel the breeze from outside but I can't see anything because of the blinding light of the sun and my continuously retracting vision.

Then everything fades to black.

I wake up to the muffled sound of people rushing around, calling orders to one another as they run by. I hear Peeta screaming but I can't really understand what he's saying. It sounds like my head is submerged in water.A new pair of arms are suddenly under me and I cling to my husband.

"It's okay" I hear him say and it sounds as if he's been crying, why is he crying?

The baby. The pair of arms that must belong to a doctor because he rushes me over and sets me on a gurney. I look back and see that Peeta is soaked in bloody and the man who was just carrying me is too. I look down and gasp at the sight. The entirety of my lower half is soaked in the sticky liquid. It's almost enough to make me faint again.

In seconds I am being rushed down a hall and in through a set of double doors. A nurse sticks me with a needle and everything goes fuzzy.

"It's just a sedative Katniss." She explains. I almost ask how she knows my name but then I remember that I'm the girl on fire, everyone knows my name. My cloths are being cut away from my body but I'm in to much pain to be embarrassed. Someone slips a mask onto my face and sleep takes hold of me right as I hear to doctor say, "her bloods not clotting, she's hemorrhaging."

When I wake up all I see is white and my head is spinning. I feel a familiar warmth in my left hand and I can tell by the slight snore that Peeta must be sleeping in the chair next to me. I move my head to see what the other sound is that I am hearing and can just make out Haymitch pacing back and forth with his arms folded, his hand running through his hair every now and then. The movement makes me even more dizzy and my head starts to throb. I close my eyes and a low groan escapes my lips. I hear Haymitch rush over and can feel his eyes on my face.

"Peeta," he says, "wake up! I think she's coming to!"

I open my eyes again to see Haymitch standing over me and Peeta's eyes fluttering open. He squeezes my hand and I return it but with a lot less strength than I intended.

"Hey sweetheart." Haymitch says and my eyes shift to him. "How are you feeling?"

I contemplate that question for a second. Why would I be feeling bad? As I try to recall my memory I realize I can't even remember why I'm here. By the looks of worry I am getting from Haymitch and Peeta I can tell something bad happened. Why can't I remember it?

"I don't know." I say truthfully. My head hurts terribly and I feel as if I have pulled a muscle in my abdomen but other than that I guess the rest of me was in working order.

"Go get the doctor." Peeta says to Haymitch. Haymitch nods and leaves, but before he does he gives me a sad smile and puts his head down and walks out the door.

"What happened?" I ask.

Peeta just stares at me for a couple of seconds. His expression is worried and extremely sad and I have to say it is really freaking me out. What the hell is wrong!? I see tears welling up in the corner if his eyes but he just blinks them back, he never has liked crying in front of anybody.

"We don't know yet." he says, his voice thick, his grip tight on my hand.

"What do you mean we don't know yet?" I'm frustrated now, "Why am I here?"

He eyes me warily, obviously confused, "You don't remember?"

"No." I say, trying not to get worked up, "Will you please tell me why I'm in the hospital?"

Peeta lets out a shaky sigh and leans back in his chair and rubs his eye with his free hand.

"You started bleeding when we got home. You were on the phone with Johanna and then you screamed and I ran down the stairs and you were standing in the kitchen with your pants soaked in blood. You kind of were touch and go for a while and I carried you to the hospital and they took you off to surgery. You've been asleep for a day." he explains.

My eyes widen in shock at his words. the memories comes flooding back to me in an instant just as he had explained them. I start to panic and my hand flies down to my stomach where I hope my baby still grows and tears start to flow freely from my eyes. For the first time since I have met Peeta he doesn't have a way to comfort me. He just holds my hand and lets me cry and I notice a tear or two of his own slip from him as well.

"There was just so much blood and then the doctor came out and tried to explain that you were hemorrhaging and I had no clue what that meant so I didn't know what to do. Haymitch showed up and we have been waiting for you to wake up since." Peeta rambles.

Just then the doctor walks into the room. I make out the small figure and big round glasses through my tears and see Peeta wipe his face and stand to greet her. She nods at him politely and shifts her attention to me. I wipe my face in an attempt to look semi decent but failing spectacularly to stop the tears from streaming.

"How are you feeling?" she asks me sympathetically. I tell her what I told Haymitch and Peeta and waited for her to respond; to give me some news about my baby.

"Katniss," she starts, "Peeta, I know you two are probably worried sick." she was right about that. I'm surprised I haven't thrown up yet because of the stress of the situation. "You suffered severe hemorrhaging around your uterine wall. We were able to stop the bleeding and to get the blood to clot normally but it was touch and go for a while. You almost lost your life."

Peeta and I looked at each other then. He looked so helpless and I wanted to tell him everything was going to be fine, that I was alive and healthy and there was no need to worry but that wasn't the case. We still haven't heard the news we have been waiting to hear.

"Is the baby going to be alright?" Peeta says in almost a whisper, turning to look at Doctor Clayton.

"For the time being, yes." she says and there is an audible sigh of relief in the room. It seems as if an unseen weight had been lifted from the air. "But, this is a serious situation Katniss. You and your baby are still in critical condition."

"What does that mean?" Haymitch asks before I get the chance to. "Could she still loose the kid?"

"She very well could." The doctor says and Peeta's brow furrows in frustration. "Before you ask anymore questions, please let me explain. If you would all kindly take a seat." she says to Haymitch and my husband. "Katniss, for now, in the state you are in you are fine. But we don't know if the vessels that caused the bleeding will rupture again and cause damage to your uterus. I want to keep you here for a few nights so I can over see your healing and make sure you are fit enough to go home. You suffered a massive bleed and we can not risk this happening again during the pregnancy. It is more than likely that this same situation will happen while you are giving birth so you are on a high risk list of pregnancy patients."

I take a second to assess the information I have just been given. A high risk pregnancy? How can I be fine but not fine? This doesn't make any sense to me. All I know is all this thinking is making my head spin. I shut my eyes for a second and Peeta softly takes my hand and lightly squeezes it. I try to focus on the good news, I haven't lost my baby. My right hand comes to rest back on my stomach and I lightly stroke it with my thumb absent mindedly.

"So what now?" I ask, opening my eyes to look at her.

"Well," Doctor Clayton says, "I will keep you here for another two days. That should be enough time for me to deem you fit to go home, and if it's not I'll keep you here for a few more days but no longer than a week. Then I will send you home and it will be at least two weeks bed rest and I mean it. That means no going out of your home, now doing any unnecessary movements, and no physical activity, seriously. Basically the only thing you can do is sit in bed and go to the bathroom and you are lucky I'm even letting you do that, I could send you home with a bed pan. Peeta you will make sure she stays put. I don't care how cute her puppy dog eyes are she is not aloud to leave her bed for anything you have not run by me first for."

Peeta salutes her like a soldier with a small smile on his face, clearly he is feeling better.

"Then after those two weeks are up I will come and see you and make sure you are able to walk around with the rest of us. Then basically it's no physically straining activities," she gives Peeta a look on that one, "and plenty of rest. And of course avoiding stressful situations from now on."

"No stress, got it." Peeta says and stands, letting go of my hand, "thanks Doc."

"You're welcome." she smiles and shakes his hand. "I'll come check on you later." she says to me and leaves the room.

"I better get home to Effie. She is worried sick about you and the kid." Haymitch says standing. He kisses my forehead and shakes Peeta's hand before leaving.

Peeta sits back down in his chair and sighs, his eyes closing. "You really know how to give me a heart attack you know that?" he smiles.

"I know." I say and close my eyes.

A minute later I feel the bed shift and look over to see Peeta sitting on the edge grabbing at the covers.

"Push over." he says.

"You heard what the doctor said, no physical activity." I wink at him and he rolls his eyes.

"Just push over."

"Okay, pushy." he laughs and slides into the bed next to me and immediately I mold into his side. It takes a second of maneuvering due to all the wires connected to me but eventually his arms are rapped around me and my head is resting on his chest. This time it's my turn to sigh in relief.

"I'm glad my girls are okay." he says before kissing my hair.

"Hey," I say, "we don't know if it's a girl yet. It could be a boy."

"Just sayin'" he chuckles.

"Told ya you wanted a girl." we both laugh at the memory of us trying to pick out a name for our baby and with that memory fresh in my mind I fall asleep.

The next few weeks go by excruciatingly slow. The whole staying in bed thing was nice for about twelve hours and then I started getting antsy. Peeta took the next a week off of work to stay with me at home but that was all he could get off since he had just taken time to go to the Capitol. He made me breakfast in bed... and lunch in bed... and dinner in bed. The only enjoyment I got was in the beginning of my second week home I had to call Johanna and tell her not to come because I was bed ridden and we got into a long conversation about babies; which was odd. I had no idea Johanna knew so much about pregnancy and taking care of a child. She had never mentioned it in all the years that I have known her but maybe she and Anne had talked about it.

Effie had decided that since I was home I could help her plan her wedding. Which was interesting to say the least. Haymitch better know what I am doing for him because if it were up to Effie he would have had an orange and pink wedding to say the least. I also got her to cut down her eight hundred guest list to a one hundred guest list and let me say that was a feat.

We were sitting on my bed finishing up the last scrapbook for the day. Effie was all dressed up in a nice pretty green dress that matched her eyes and her hair was natural. I was almost embarrassed to be wearing my husbands baggy t-shirt and a pair of athletic short, almost. Most of my cloths were getting tighter anyways so it was much more comfortable to be wearing some of Peeta's things instead of my own. There was no doubt that I was showing now.

I thought I was done helping her plan things when she pulls out another book.

"More wedding books Effie? Haven't we looked at enough?" I groan.

"This isn't for me silly," she giggles, "it's for you! It's a baby shower book!"

"A what?" I ask.

"Please tell me you have heard of a baby shower before Katniss." she asks in disbelief.

"I think I went to one when I was little with my mom when Prim was still a baby." I say. That was about all I could remember except that everyone brought a gift and I was the only seam girl there. My moms friends were all from the merchant class so I was like a fish out of water with my brown hair and grey seam eyes.

"Well, we are throwing you one!" She squeals and a huge smile spreads across her face.

The next few days consisted of planning and sleeping. Peeta would make me whatever I wanted to eat and I felt kind of bad to be making him do all the work but every time I suggested that I was capable of walking down the stairs and making dinner he immediately shoots me down. I am practically giddy and bouncing in my bed when the day comes that Doctor Clayton has to come and see if I'm able to leave the confines of my bedroom.

"What are you so excited about?" Peeta asks that morning while he is getting ready for work. I hadn't realized I was smiling until he said something.

"Today is the day that I get the freedom to make my own sandwich." I say.

"Is that today?" he smiles, like he forgot. He remembers everything. "I'll be home at noon for when she gets here. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." he leans down and gives me a lingering kiss and places a hand lightly on my stomach, "I'll see you two later. I love you."

"Love you too." I say and peck him once more before he leaves and then lay back down.

I might as well sleep until she gets here. I had already had breakfast with Peeta, pancakes and bacon with blueberry's, and there was nothing else to do so I doze off until I hear the door open down stairs. I look at the clock and see that it is exactly noon and can hear the distinct sound of my husbands foot steps pounding up the stairs.

He sees me when he comes through the doorway and a smile spreads across his face.

"What?" I ask. Does my hair look that bad?" I say, reaching up to see if that's what he is grinning at.

"No." he laughs, "I just think you're beautiful."

A blush heats up my cheeks and he pecks me on the lips before going changing into something more comfortable. I can't help but stare at him as he takes off his shirt and I can see every defined back muscle and every curve of his bicep...

Focus Katniss! The Doctor is going to be here any second and the only thing I can think about is how hot my husband is. Hormones.

A knock on the door snaps me out of my trance and Peeta throws on a t-shirt and goes to get let Doctor Clayton in. I hear them chatting as they climb the stares, about me of course.

The check is quick. She hooks me up to a mini ultrasound and checks the baby's heart rate and takes a look at the area where the bleeding happened. Then she makes me walk and does a physical exam with me and deems me ready and able. I surprise even myself when I hug her after she gives me the seal of approval. She hugged me back and shook Peeta's hand and was gone.

The first thing I do when the check up is over is kiss my husband. He smiles and deepens the kiss but I break it, much to his disdain and walk down the stairs. I pick up the phone and dial the number next to it.

"Hello?" the person on the other line says.

"Johanna!" I say. I think this time I might be bouncing. "So when you getting here?"

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