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The road was dark and the rain didn't help very much. Renji drove through it determined to get home safely with his new pet. Renji was tired of living by himself and wanted someone to greet him when he came home. So he drove out of town to a pet store owned by a weird man and bought a pet. A neko that is. His new pet was an orange tabby neko who was currently sleeping in the back seat. He had orange cat ears on the top of his head that matched his hair and an orange tail to match. Renji looked at the rear view mirror and smiled, but because he wasn't paying attention they crashed into a tree. The force knocked Renji out as the air bags deployed and woke up a startled Ichigo.

Ichigo crawled out holding his head. He had rolled off the seat and onto the floor waking him up. At first he was dizzy but once his vision cleared he saw his new owner passed out. Once at the driver's door Ichigo opened it with a bit of trouble because of the damage it had taken. He didn't want his new owner to be hurt because the rumors would start up again if he was ever sent back. He always had trouble with the people who took him in one way or another they would get hurt. The other nekos avoided him and his hotheaded tempura didn't help. People believe they could help him when they took him in but it ended all the same. He never meant for any of it to happen. Ichigo pulled his owner from the car and checked him over for any injury. After he found none he sat back and waited for the man to come to.

Ichigo didn't know how to use a phone or any technology for that matter. They had access to it but Ichigo never bothered to try and get the remote from the others and he had no one to call over the phone. Ichigo curled up beside Renji it was getting cold and the man was still knocked out. Ichigo extended a hand and shook him a bit trying to wake him up. It didn't take long before the neko was crying.

'Was did this always happen to me?' the poor neko curled up into a tighter ball trying to keep himself and his master warm.

It didn't take long for someone to find them but it wasn't the people who Ichigo was hoping for.

"Hey look over there man" an unknown man walked over to the car Ichigo and his master had just been in.

Ichigo sat up and growled out a warning. There was no way he was going to let his master get hurt again.

"Hey it's a neko and its owner over here" the blond man stepped forward and Ichigo snapped at the hand that was extended. The man yelped and jumped back.

"What's wrong!?" two more men ran over.

"The fucking bitch bit me!" he pointed to Ichigo while holding his hurt hand.

"Oh so you like to play rough huh?" this man was shorter than the blond one but it didn't mean he wasn't as dangerous.

"Come on Kira the boss won't be happy if we come but hurt" the tallest of them put a hand on the shorter man's shoulder.

"I think we should take him with us. We might get a pretty penny for him"

Ichigo hissed and spat as they came closer. They jumped him all at the same time but he was able to get away when he turned ready for a fight he stopped. The men had Renji by his arms and a knife to his throat.

"If you come with us quietly then we won't hurt your master, or soon to be ex-master" the short one laughed and watched as Ichigo fought with himself.

'If I don't go they'll hurt him, but if I stay I might have a chance at beating them, but they have the advantage. I don't want Renji hurt because of me again, but if I go I will never see him again, but he could get killed if I don't' Ichigo fought in his head before sitting down looking defeated.

The men grinned and tied his hands together. They pulled Ichigo over to their truck and shoved him in a cage. He didn't want to see his master die but Ichigo didn't know if it was really ok to leave him there alone. As the truck drove away Ichigo could have but feel sad that he wasn't able to live one day with his new master before he was moved to a different place. Ichigo put his head down on the cold metal and let his tears fall. He just never had any luck.


The truck has been off road for a while and Ichigo was getting tired of hitting the sides of the cage. He bumped his head again and bit his tongue. He tried to ignore the taste to blood but he was thirsty and the bastards refused to feed him. Ichigo groaned when he smacked his head again. At least they were now slowing down. Once they came to a stop the men started pulling off crates and bins full of the goods they had stolen. Ichigo was the last one off. They threw a tarp over his cage and tired it down. It made him feels horrible to be trapped and not know what's going on around him. He lied down on the somewhat warm metal and hoped to anyone out there that he would be found and returned back to his owner.

The cool chill of the wind sent shivers down his spine. It got freezing cold out once night hit and he could hear the three men chat about the rewards they might receive. He could also hear they talk about what they plan to do to him, first it was rape then selling then telling the boss they had him. So mainly they planned on conning money from their boss. Ichigo pulled at the ropes hoping that after toying with them with his nails they would have broken at some point but to his disappointment they were as tight as ever. Ichigo gave up the thought of trying to get away and let the realization of never seeing freedom wash over him. He knew he would never see his master again that is if he was still alive. The sound of crackling fire was all he heard before the orange neko passed out.


Renji shivered and woke with a start. Why was he cold? He looked around and saw his poor car rammed against a tree. There was something missing and he knew it. His eyes grew wide as he jumped up and looked for his new pet.

'Did he run away?' Renji started to panic.

He pulled up the bottom of the driver's seat and grabbed his second phone after finding his first one gone. He quickly dialed a close friend of his.

"Why hello Renji I never did expect you to call me on this number. Did you lose your phone?" Urahara one of the best detectives he knew and very a very close friend of his.

"No I didn't. I went out a bought a new pet then crashed because I couldn't see the damn rode. I just woke up soaking wet with my pet gone and everything valuable in my car stolen!" the red head was mad.

"Oh did you think that maybe your new pet stole everything from you?" Urahara laughed.

"He wouldn't do that"

"What kind of new pet did you get?"

"I got an orange tabby neko" Renji scratched the back of his head. Does it really matter what kind he is?

"Oh I see you got quite the loyal companion. Tabby's have been known for being overprotective, and very trustworthy. I believe you belongings and new companion have been stole. Seeing how your car is wrecked why don't you tell me where you are and I'll look into it when I come to get you"

Renji agreed then hung up he sat in his car waiting and hoping his pet was alright.


It didn't take long for Urahara to arrive and he brought along his partner Byakuya. Both were known for their cases together and apart. They were a dream team. Urahara got Renji into his car as his partner looked things over. He called Urahara over after he had found something.

"What is it?"

"I think it's cloth from something and from the looks of it someone was dragged through the wet grass right here" Byakuya pointed out some of the findings he found. Urahara brought over the cloth to Renji.

"Have you seen this before?" Renji held onto the red fabric of his neko's top.

"Yes Ichigo was wearing it" Byakuya nodded and continued down the road a bit more and came across some tracks.

"Well it seems let they went that way" right in front of him was a big hole. It was clear that the trees were pushed out of the way.

"Let's get a search party ready" Urahara sighed and put in the call.


The three men sat around the fire. It was quiet out and nothing disturbed the night.

"So how much do you think we can get for the kid?"

"Depends on what we sell him for"

"I say we sell him as a sex slave. We'll get a lot of money off of him that way"

The trees rustled in the wind. Things had gotten to quiet. It was as if the whole forest quieted down at the same time. There was some more rustling then a flak of birds flew by over their heads. The three men stood up and held onto their weapons. A few more birds left then things became quiet again. No one moved and after a few more moments they laughed nervously and piled their goods closer to them. They sat back down still on edge and jumped at every little thing. They kept a hold on their weapons refusing to let them go until the animals began their chatter. The shortest one looked around nervously then announced he was going to take a leak. Leaving the safety of the light he walked into the woods.

The other two waited for their friend to return but instead they were greeted by a scream of terror. The blond one held up his gun and swung it around ready to shoot at anything that moved. The taller one put his hand on his friend's shoulder and took a few caution steps towards the trees. He squinted as if he could see better and farther. All he saw was a flash of blue before a man attacked. Cutting him down quickly the blue haired man turned to the blond one. The blond one stood in fear, he just watched his friend die and he knew it was his turn. In a last attempt to save himself he shot off a few rounds before the beast jumped him and killed him. There was silence then the chatter began and the beast left.


Ichigo had been sleeping until a terrifying scream woke him up. He jumped in the small space that he had and couldn't help but listen as his kidnappers screamed and cried as they were killed. Things grew quiet until he heard shots being fired, he didn't know where they were coming from but suppressed his whimper as a bullet tore through his upper left arm. Things grew quiet once more and Ichigo kept a hand over his mouth. He felt his hot tears run down his face and listen to the chatter of the animals asking what had happen.

Whoever was out there was now gone. Ichigo knew he couldn't get out of the cage without breaking the lock. He cried in his corner and ripped off the bottom of his shirt to tie it on his arm. He tried to calm his nerves but his hair stood on end and wouldn't settle. It had been quite some time since the attack. He didn't move when the sound of a truck came closer or when he cage was jostled when it was being lifted.


Grimmjow grinned at his work. He didn't like killing people but these three had been known for robbing people and he knew the world wouldn't miss them. He left quickly also giving a chance to the wild to claim the bodies before he was back. Turning on his truck he pulled up close to the campsite and started going through the bins. Most were filled with food some had silks and gold. Grimmjow looked at the tarp covering a cage.

'Guess they have more food in there' he scratched his head before grabbing another bin and bringing it to the back of his truck.

Once everything was loaded he looked over the cage. Sighing he move towards it and grabbed two of the bars. He fluxed his muscles before lifting the cage and putting it in the very back of the truck.

"God I love being stronger than humans….and faster" he laughed.

Climbing back in he turned the key and got back onto the road and went to meet his friends.

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