The kids are eight


Grimmjow crouched low in his panther form. Ichigo wasn't too far ahead in his small tabby chasing after a mouse. Grimmjow slowly moved closer and he was about to jump until a little orange ball hit him. He grunted and Ichigo turned around. Ichigo shifted back to his half form.

"Grimmjow you made me lose my prey" Ichigo pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I'm sorry" Grimmjow said after changing back and kissed Ichigo on the head. "But blame this" Grimmjow held up one of their three children.

He looked like Ichigo but had his daddy's tamper. The little cat squirmed and whined in Grimmjow hold.

"Shiki" Ichigo laughed and took his child into his arms.

"I just wanted to play too" he whined and pouted.

Ichigo nuzzled him and walked back to the village with Grimmjow.

"Yoruichi always has trouble keeping an eye on you" Ichigo chuckled.

Yoruichi was fight with his draughter at the moment. She had bright blue eyes and a mix of blue and orange hair.

"Ayaka what have I told you about bugging your brother?" Yoruichi flicked her nose.

"What is it this time?' Grimmjow walked over and picked her up.

"She keeps picking on Taiga" Grimmjow looked at Ayaka.

"We were playing then he ran off I didn't do anything" she whined.

Ichigo set Shiki down and went to look for his third child. It was never hard to find him he always hid in the same spot. Ichigo looked down at his blue haired chid.

"Taiga?" the little boy looked up completely bored. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing" he stared straight ahead of him.

"Ok no more hanging out with Ulquiorra"

"What but he's so cool!" the little blue through his small hands up into the air.

"Then why did you run off from your sister?"

"I got bored with what we were playing" he tilted his head and stared straight in front of him. Ichigo worried about him sometimes.

Shiki was much like Grimmjow he loved to explore and to scare the other wares. Even though they had gotten use to it they still act as if they got scared. He was also a little hunter that loved to leave presents in the living room. Ayaka was a mixture of both Ichigo and Grimmjow she had Ichigo's playfulness and lovingness but she was hard headed like her father. She liked to pick on her brothers but she once told her parents that she was making them tougher. They laughed and told her to tone it down a bit after she made them both cry and have nightmares for a week. After that she just fought with them every now and then. Taiga was the strange one. After Ichigo gave birth to him they had him check out but they said he was fine. Ichigo was told it was a faze he was going through, but Ichigo knew better. His kid was smart and he knew something that Ichigo knew kids his age shouldn't know but he didn't mind. He also like to imitate others Ichigo found it cute and Grimmjow found it creepy.

Taiga looked up at his mother. "Mom?"

"Yeah?" Ichigo pulled him into his lap.

"how come uncle Shiro is always with uncle Nnoitra making weird noises" Taiga repeated some of the sounds and Ichigo couldn't help but face palm.

"When you're older your father will teach you about those noises" Ichigo rubbed his head.

"I know they're having sex mom"

"Then why did you ask!?"

"I don't know" then Taiga did he stare off into space thing.

Ichigo sighed and lifted his son up and walked over to hi other two children. Grimmjow was fighting with Ayaka and Shiki was bugging him by crawling all over him. Ichigo laughed at the sight and set Taiga down. Ichigo walked over holding his sons hand. He pulled Shiki off Grimmjow's back then stood between Grimmjow and Ayaka. All he did was smiled and they shut up.

"Now that you're quiet how about we go eat?" Ichigo turned and walked away with Taiga holding his hand. The boy may be weird but he was very open and nice.

Once they were seated Taiga looked over at one of the couples a few seats over.


"Yes?" he looked down at his son.

"Can I have a baby brother or sister?" Ichigo blushed and Grimmjow laughed.

"Umm well it's not that easy" Ichigo tried to explain.

"But they had one? It can't be that hard to get. Uncle Starrk says if you walk far into the forest you can find one" Grimmjow laughed harder causing people to look at them.

"Maybe one day I'll go looking" Ichigo patted his head.

"Can I come?"

"No this is a mommy and daddy thing" Grimmjow stated and grinned over at Ichigo and winked.

'Looks like I'm going to be looking sooner than I thought'