Felony's Insatiable Hunger

1: Cellmates

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you royally fucked."

"Thank you, officer," said the man before he was crudely shoved into the cell that looked to be a whopping eight by six feet. He stumbled but did not fall to the gray cement ground, and turned in time to see the iron gate being rolled closed behind him. His 'escorts' laughed and jeered at his naked form as they locked him up. He bit the skin on the inside of his mouth, willing himself not to show any emotions to those hyenas that would continue to mock him if he exhibited weakness.

His wrists hurt where they had grabbed him, and several points on his bare body were aflame with pain where he'd been jabbed by other prisoners as they walked him too close to the other prison cells. He'd been grabbed for and sneered at, groped and almost thrown to the sharks had it not been for one of the guards deciding to house him with only one other cellmate. Impel Down was overcrowded, and the sight of the mass holding cells had struck an alien feeling of fear into him that he couldn't shake even now.

The guard's logic had been that throwing him into a cell with ten other convicts would be sentencing him to be eaten alive, which Trafalgar Law inferred was a nice way of saying fatally gang-raped.

"My, my, don't you have a cute ass?"

His skin prickled with indignity and he looked over his shoulder, entirely aware that turning around would probably be just what his new cellmate would want. His eyes didn't have far to wander in the small cell, and their job of finding the voice that had spoken was made easier by the distinctive red hair sprouting out of the top of the man's head.

"You know, they didn't tell me I'd be getting a new playmate this soon," the red-haired man said. Trafalgar couldn't see much of him, as he was currently lying on top of the metal bunk bed so that only his head could be seen poking out. "Especially after what happened to my last one."

"It seems this arrangement wasn't something deliberated at great length, but rather decided on a whim," Law replied coldly, his eyes now searching the cell for the clothes the guards had said would be awaiting him. His search came up empty.

"I got the hint when they chucked these in here," the man continued, and Law watched as a pair of orange pants dangled precariously over the edge of the bunk. "Shame they're too small for me to wear. But oh well, I can always use them as extra pillow fluff. This place supplies the worst pillows, I'm telling ya. I hope you kissed your feathery pillows goodbye."

Law turned back to the bars of the cage to see that the prison block on the other side of the hall had been alerted to the cell gate opening and closing, and were now watching him with interest. Facing one man compared to several naked suddenly seemed more appealing.

He turned on his cellmate and, swallowing his pride, said, "My name is Trafalgar Law, and I would appreciate it if you'd hand me your extra pillow fluff. I have a really good use for it."

He was hardly expecting raucous laughter, but that's what he got.

Red slid off the edge of the bunk and landed before him, barely three paces away with the pants. The stupid part of Law hoped he was about to hand them over, no more questions asked. His hopes were dashed when they were lazily draped around the man's shoulders like a neck warmer.

At least now he could see who he was dealing with. The man was definitely over six feet tall, taller than Law was by a head if not more. In terms of weight Law estimated he was three times his meagre muscle mass, and it was like comparing a tiger to a housecat. Like the housecat, Law felt more like this tiger's next meal than his equal.

The man gave him the once over, his eyes lingering on certain parts of Law that he desperately wanted to cover up. He would not, however, use his hands, as he knew that was the equivalency of saying Hey, I'm pathetic and my balls are fucking cold.

The pants were waggled in a teasing motion. "If you want these, you're going to have to come here to get them."

The mask obscuring his inner sentiments was starting to crack as he felt his heart speed up. Did the man want a fight and nothing more? Was he going to rape him right away, in full view of plenty of other convicts? Those were the only questions Law asked himself, as there was nothing friendly about that man's sick smirk and bulging biceps.

Nonetheless, the desire to get clothes and prove himself capable overpowered his desire to remain passive and unhurt. Besides, it was not as if he could escape. Plus it was more important to ensure that the man didn't think he was easy prey. So he attacked.

The redhead hardly expected the dark haired beauty before him to come at him like a wildcat. He raised a forearm just in time to deflect a punch that was more of a feint than an attack, but his grip on the pants had slacked enough that they were torn from his grip, and his new cellmate bounced back towards the bars of the cage with his prize.

Despite this burst of near violence the red-haired man laughed again with more zeal than before, and Law wasted no time in putting the pants on, relieved he could finally cover his lower half. Now to find the shirt…it seemed like almost everyone was wearing one, the brute before him included.

"Didn't have you pegged as a gutsy one!" the man cried as Law adjusted the ill-fitting pants. "What a brat you are!"

Law found he couldn't hold his tongue. "Brat? I'm twenty-four!"

The redhead stopped laughing and appeared surprised. "Ah, I'm twenty-one as of last week. Still, you look young, but maybe that's just because I'm not used to seeing people my age!" Then he began laughing again, that same laugh that Law thought was just about the most obnoxious sound he'd ever heard.

Law crossed his arms in front of his chest and glared. His next objective was to get to the top bunk and defend it from his annoying, bratty cellmate like it was a fortress.

"I'm Eustass Kidd by the way. So what got you in here?"

"None of your business," Law replied tartly. "Besides, I'm innocent of the crime they've got me in here for."

"That's what they all say. Really. And I didn't murder several people or run with a gang of crazies. Nope, that wasn't me. That was some other bastard. How dare they lock me up!"

Law snorted; it's not as if he expected anything less from this cocky and snarky individual.

Wait, Law thought, He's a murderer?

His face betrayed him, and he watched Kidd smirk dangerously. "I think you can imagine what happened to my last cellmate. Have you ever seen a guy get tasered after getting his stomach contents ripped out? The hole smoked. True story."

"Are you trying to intimidate me?" asked Law. There were a number of things about Kidd that already got under his skin. He could hardly stop himself. "Because I think you're six feet and three hundred pounds of hot fucking air."

"Those're just facts," Kidd answered all too easily. Law grew rigid then, as Kidd crossed the short distance between them, leaving Law with his back pressed up against the metal bars of the cell. "You talk bigger than your size. You wouldn't last a minute in the yard – some guy would come along and deadweight your ass clear over the fence. Don't think the others you walked past to get here have forgotten your perky little ass either. Those guys in the big pens will be up all night talking about who'll be the first to make you the prison's new bitch."

All of the air in Law's lungs was pushed out as Kidd slammed him up against the bars and held him there with his much larger frame. He gasped as Kidd leaned further into him, far too close for comfort, and whispered into his ear. "Yet they know it'll be me. I'll be the first."

The pressure on Law's body let up momentarily, loudspeakers making Law's heart flip. "Lights will go out in five!"

He heard murmurs from the convicts, but it was Kidd's chuckling that he was most in tune to. "This is usually when the fun starts in Impel Down. You're not the only newbie they brought in today. There was another skinny guy like you earlier, farther down the block. They threw him in with a couple other guys. Could've been you."

"Get off of me," Law hissed, shoving against thick muscle mass. "Fuckin' brute!"

Something changed in Kidd's eyes, and Law thought he was going to be slaughtered right then and there, until he realized that a thoughtful expression had taken over Kidd's face. His face displayed his surprise when Kidd let him down on his own two feet, keeping a firm hold on his upper arms. It felt like he had stripes on his back from the bars.

"Actually, I think you should listen. You'll get a better feel for this place…"

Law slowly regained his breath, wary of the man who had him in an iron grip. If anything it reminded him of the handcuffs that had gone onto his wrists when he'd been arrested. The thought brought about a new bout of frustration, and he steeled himself to keep from lashing out. All he needed was to survive a few days in this hellhole, maybe a week or two at most, and then he'd be free to roam again. The charges against him were indeed false, and his friends had assured him they'd come up with the proof that the authorities had jailed the wrong man soon. They had already started gathering it while Law was still awaiting trial.

It was a time game, Law knew. He just had to play his cards wisely. It was stupid to get beat up and killed by his cellmate when he was just a temporary occupant of cell B-47.

As they stood there silently, the lights around the complex began to go out, until there were only a few dim lights left in the main hall that separated cell block A from B. Law found himself blinking at the darkness in the cell, squinting so he could make out the basic form of Kidd standing before him.

Kidd pushed him flush against the cold metal bars again.

"Hey you fuck–"

"Shh, shut up, I want you to get a good listen. They're gonna start soon."

Law growled profanities under his breath, all too aware of the heat of Kidd's body. Since walking through the concrete compound naked earlier he'd had goosebumps all over, and the cold hadn't left his bones since putting on the thin pants. If anything, he'd grown colder as the chill entered and infected his bones. Kidd's bare chest against his and his hot breathing across his forehead weren't as unwelcome as Law knew they ought to be.

He was utterly repulsed by his body's happy reaction and began to push away from the unsympathetic bars, trying to escape so he could seek out the bunk bed and curl up to get himself warm. It was obviously time to sleep, though he had no idea of the time. He could hear rustling and voices bouncing off the concrete and echoing in the vast space, but nothing decipherable.

"Get off of me," he snarled, using his most threatening tone of voice. He could see the outline of Kidd's facial features, his sharp nose that looked as if it had been broken not once, but twice, in both directions and not set properly by a doctor either time.

"Shut up and fucking listen," Kidd returned, his grip tightening and bringing salty tears to the corners of Law's eyes. He blinked them away though he knew Kidd wouldn't be able to see them fall in the dark.

Another uncomfortable five minutes passed, during which time the voices died down and Kidd's grip relaxed slightly. Law was contemplating head-butting Kidd's chin and then making a dash for where he thought the beds were when he heard it.

One blood-curdling scream that was so obviously cut short. He felt the blood leave his face, and for the first time Law broke out in a cold sweat, his heart racing.

He had a vague idea of what was going on down the block before Kidd confirmed it quietly and ominously in his ear, finally letting him go. Law wasted no time stumbling through the dark and smashing into the bunk beds, scrambling to climb up top with shaky, disobedient limbs.

"There you have it. Welcome to Impel Down," Kidd announced. "And it's a good thing for you that I like to sleep on the bottom bunk anyways."

A.N.: I've been having difficulties writing lately, so I've decided to stir up some Kidd/Law with a side of horrific prison story and serve it on a platter to you all. It's just going to be a short story I think (I HOPE). Short chapters anyway. Tell me what you guys think.