A.N.: Warning – there will be violence and sexual content of the mostly non-consenting variety in this chapter and many chapters following this one. Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware.

Felony's Insatiable Hunger

2: Deal

It wasn't hard to lie awake all night, especially when Law found his feet and nose frozen and the scream he heard earlier running distorted on repeat in his mind. It had been hard to focus on anything else after that had occurred.

He'd heard Kidd drift off to sleep, his uninterrupted snores giving him a way to judge how much time was passing. Not that Law was impatient to see what tomorrow would bring; he just wanted time to pass by quickly in this cell so he could be free again. His plan was going to work, it just required that he bide his time and not get himself killed.

At some point he'd snuck down from his safe haven and used the cell's toilet, but hadn't gone back up to his bunk right away, instead sitting near the metal bars with his legs tucked up against his chest. He was freezing, not at all used to the concrete floors and the flat mattress that had greeted him when he'd leapt up top after Kidd had let him go. The thin blanket was the biggest disappointment, as Law was used to sleeping with a heavy blanket ever since he was a child. He was rubbing his bare arms frantically in an attempt to get the blood flowing but it was hardly working.

"The fuck ya doin' over there? Knitting?"

The voice startled Law into jumping to his feet and he turned around to see Kidd blinking sleepily at him. He had noticed Kidd slept on his stomach, which he knew likely played a role in his snoring issues. "N-nothing," he replied shakily before clearing his throat.

"Then stop making so much bloody noise," Kidd said, then yawned and flopped over on his side, back against the wall and thick arms hanging off the side of his bunk. "And it better be nothing because I swear if we get searched and you get us both in the hole for some stupid thing I will beat the shit out of you later."

"I wasn't aware I was making noise," Law growled, shuffling towards the bunk. He could feel a confrontation coming on and he didn't like his chances fighting a huge bulk of a man in the dark.

He heard Kidd groan, then the sound of what could only be Kidd's palm hitting the cement wall. Frustration? Anger? "It's almost time for the count, too."

This Law couldn't help but comment on. "How do you know what time it is?"

"It's called a watch and it is normally worn on the wrist."

Law felt his face heat up, which wasn't so bad considering his frigid state. "I didn't think they would let you have a watch in here. They took mine when I passed through security."

"Traded someone for some smuggled goodies. Besides, nobody will dare try to take it from me, guard or con. Isn't worth the pain."

Law could understand all too easily why people turned a blind eye. Not only was Kidd a solid mass of muscle, he just looked mean, which was enough to deter sensible people. "People are that scared of you?"

"I hope you're not this chatty at 5am every morning, or we're gonna have a real short relationship."

"No. I just couldn't sleep. This place is fucking cold," Law confessed. He grew rigid when he saw the bulky form of his cellmate rise from his bed. In the dim light he could see most of Kidd clearly enough to deduce that he had pissed the man off sufficiently.

"If you're so damn perky this morning, why don't we start negotiations?" Kidd suggested darkly, and Law was given scant seconds to contemplate what that meant before he found that Kidd had cornered him, not a feat in their current enclosure.

"Negotiations?" murmured Law.

Kidd snorted at him. "Yeah. It's clear a pretty thing like you will get mauled in the yard. So what'll it be? Me or them?"

Law was not ignorant. Far from it. He had known this 'negotiation' as Kidd called it would inevitably happen before the day was out. However, he had been hoping he could access his funds through the system and pay someone off. The guards that'd striped and searched his body when he'd come in had informed him that he wouldn't be able to access his account for a solid month. Nor would he get any sort of visitation rights. That was when he knew he was screwed. He knew what Kidd was suggesting he bargain with, because it was the only thing he had left.

"I'm not gay," whispered Law. "In a month I can pay you out of my account instead…"

Kidd pointedly ignored his offer. "Hardly any of us are gay, but that doesn't mean we don't get horny." Kidd pushed him up against the corner, sultry breath in Law's face. "I'm being nice here – I know you've got nothing to bargain with. Either you can get down on your knees and do what I say in return for my protection against those animals, or I can tell everyone I have no claim on you and watch the fur fly. Either way I get my entertainment."

Despite the sick feeling in his stomach that was threatening to creep up his throat, Law recognized that he really had a limited choice because Kidd didn't trust him. There was no way he'd hold out for a promised buck after a month. If he was going to survive for a week or two, or however long it took before his friends rescued him, he was going to have to accept this deal, no matter how debilitating it was. He just had to recall the scream from mere hours ago to assure himself that he was making the right choice.

"You'll protect me, no matter what, from everyone else? I won't be touched at all?"

Kidd chuckled darkly. "There are only two things that are truly important in here: strength and honour. You won't be touched if it's known you belong to me. So have we got a deal? You gonna be my bitch?"

Law sighed heavily and forced himself to speak. "Fine. Deal."

"No, I want to hear you say it properly."

Law felt his cheeks glowing red in the dark. He shut his pride off and simply said the words Kidd wanted to hear like a robot, allowing his mind to wander to a safer zone. "Fine. I'll be your bitch, but only if you protect me until I'm let out of here. No backing out on your side of the deal no matter the circumstances. If someone gets on me, you better fucking attack them."

Law's breath caught in his throat as Kidd's hand went around his neck. He wasn't choking him, not yet, but it was a sobering reminder of Kidd's strength, his upper hand in the deal. "Don't worry; I won't get bored with you if that's what you're worried about, or abandon you if things get fucked up. No need to get all nervous about that. In here, all you've got to bargain with is your word, and it's your actions that prove if you're honourable or not. So I expect the same from you."

"Fine," barked Law, struggling to wriggle out of Kidd's grip. "I can keep my word."

"Good. Then get down on your knees and show me how you'll keep your word."

Law felt his mouth go dry. He hadn't been expecting to do anything right away. He'd thought he might be able to lounge for a few days in Kidd's formidable shadow, and that Kidd would simply believe he had all the time in the word to get Law to do him favours. After all, he knew the people in this prison were in for years, if not life.

"Well? Don't tell me you're baulking already."

It didn't matter what he thought, because he was faced with running from their deal or embracing it, as Kidd wanted his proof right away. "Let go of my neck."

Kidd obliged and even took a step back, giving Law just enough room to sink to his knees. The cold seeped back into him anew, and he steeled himself as Kidd dropped his pants and pushed forward. Law didn't know what was more disgusting, the fact that Kidd was already hard in anticipation – like he'd known for a while what Law would decide – or that he actually had to get another man off.

He felt the head of the man's cock against his lips, warm and just the slightest bit moist at the tip. "Well?"

Law blinked back the strong emotions that threatened to break his will. Gradually he opened his mouth and leaned forward, covering a few surprisingly soft but ridiculously thick inches before he found that he had a gag reflex that could and would cause problems.


He inhaled all he could, his tongue twitching but otherwise making no other movements. He was revolted by the idea that another man was using him, and this kept him from moving in a way he knew would bring Kidd pleasure. His disgust was no secret to Kidd though, only the other dealt with it by grabbing the back of Law's head and forcing him down over his cock until he gagged and fought back, clawing at Kidd's hips.

"Take it like you mean it, bitch," Kidd growled, pulling Law back down by his hair and thrusting his hips forward. Law's throat was opened up, and he felt tears gather on his eyelashes. "Unless having multiple cocks to satisfy is more your thing?"

Law didn't mean to, but it happened all the same. He angrily clenched his jaw in such a way as to bite Kidd in a very sensitive zone. Kidd roared in pain as he withdrew and went immediately for Law's neck, squeezing it so hard that Law thought he was going to suffocate and die right then and there. As was his luck, Kidd used his grip to bring Law to his feet and, once there, decked him in the face with a meaty fist.

The concrete rushed up to meet him, and he was given a second's reprieve before Kidd was on top of him, fist raised in the inky darkness.

"Wait!" Law wailed. "I-I didn't mean it! I-I didn't, didn't–"

Rather than feeling knuckles connecting with his face, Law got a flat palm across his cheek, which stung just as much as the blow to the head had and left him disoriented. He cried out and began to yell, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, a guard would come and rescue him from certain death. His screams were muffled by a rough hand that was big enough that it nearly obstructed not just his mouth but his nostrils while still managing to cover his dark goatee.

He felt Kidd's weight on his stomach shift as he leaned in. "Do that again and I will make you the only woman in this prison, understand me?"

Law whimpered and tried to nod, his effort hindered by the mass of weight holding him down. His heart froze as Kidd slapped his cheek again and stood up, and Law wasted no time sputtering apologies, thinking he was about to be beaten further. Instead, Kidd grabbed his chin, his thumb parting Law's lips so he stopped blabbering.

"Finish what you started," he growled. "And make it good this time."

Law resisted the urge to swallow his loose saliva, and instead put it to good. His face stung and he was fairly certain his temple was going to have ugly yellow-black bruising by morning, but that only empowered him to do a better job, and he sucked up and down the length of Kidd until he felt him swell and twitch in his mouth. He could feel all the veins on the underside of Kidd's member as they became more prominent and filled with liquid excitement, pulsing against the insides of his mouth. Then he focussed all of his attention on the tip, grabbing the base of the man's cock to steady himself, and applied his tongue in swirling motions, just the way he himself liked it.

He felt Kidd's release in his palm before he tasted it in his mouth, thick and salty and powerful. It spattered down his throat with such force that he choked, making a mess of the both of them. He expected to be ordered to clean it up, so he went about that task without being told, making sure not to miss any. By then his hand still holding Kidd was so shaky that the man removed him from his crotch by hooking him under his arms and lifting him to his feet like he was a rag doll.

Law felt weak in the knees, and he flinched when Kidd leaned into him and his back hit the wall behind them. Then, without warning, Kidd's lips were on his and his tongue was in his mouth. It washed over his cum-covered tongue and withdrew, but not before sucking on Law's lower lip and giving him a sharp bite that made him whimper in surprise and pain.

What was this? Kissing had never been part of the deal. Or had it? He hadn't thought men were into kissing. Or was this just a thing that he wasn't aware of, since he had only been with women? Wait, or was Kidd actually gay and just playing the part of the horny inmate?

Kidd's hot breath in his face was toxic. "Who's your owner, bitch?"

"Y-you are," Law managed to reply, still coughing lightly.

"Good. And what's my name?"

"Eustass Kidd," Law answered weakly, hoping he'd pronounced every syllable correctly and to Kidd's satisfaction.

Kidd grabbed his cheek aggressively and Law felt the sting of where he'd been hit. "That's right. I'll honour my side of our deal, but you'd better be sure you're doing enough to honour yours. Got that?"


Kidd let up on him and left him slumped against the wall, walking over to his bunk and lying down without another word. Cautiously Law moved the short distance to the bunk and hauled himself up, limbs still trembling and barely obeying him. He collapsed on the thin mattress and put the flat pillow over his head, trying to block out the sound of Kidd breathing below him. It was impossible with his brain so entirely consumed by Kidd.

When at last he found his body relaxing the lights in the prison began to flicker on, though he didn't notice immediately with the pillow covering his head and his face in the hard mattress shielding his eyes. He only raised his head to acknowledge this when he heard loud voices.

He turned his head to the side to find two dark eyes staring at him. He blinked and leapt up, scrambling to put a bit of distance between him and Kidd. Kidd barked out an amused laugh at his attempt to escape.

"Get up. It's 6am already. Time for count."

Law still had in his hands on the pillow, and Kidd glanced at it before moving his eyes back to his face. Law couldn't help but notice how Kidd looked jovial. Law knew it was entirely his influence, and he didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he'd managed to affect Kidd's mood. Either way Kidd disgusted him. "Gonna beat me with that pillow?"

Law made a show of putting it back where it belonged at the head of the bunk, distrustful eyes not leaving Kidd's. Eventually the man grunted and lowered himself to the floor, though his red hair still poked up over the edge of the bed in plain view.

"By the way, here's your shirt. It's got your number on the front and back, so you better put it on," Kidd said, tossing him up a shirt that hit him squarely in the face. He peeled it off and scrambled to get it over his head, internally cursing Kidd for not giving it to him earlier and hoarding it. He'd been fucking freezing all night without it and Kidd bloody well knew it.

Kidd watched with muted satisfaction as Law adjusted the huge shirt so it didn't drape so awkwardly from his slight frame. He was soon bored of staring and seemed to be out of comments to make. It was only when Kidd sauntered off towards the metal bars that Law moved off his bed.

Law's feet had barely touched the floor when the voice on the intercom called out, "Lock up!"

The sound of many metal doors scraping the floor as they were opened by their captives filled Law with dread. He watched as men ambled out onto the floor outside their cells, none with handcuffs or accompanied by guards. Kidd had turned around to give him a sour look and was motioning for him to get his ass in gear. In a few paces Law joined him outside and took his first good look around, as he hadn't spent much time looking at the general layout of the place when he'd first been brought in.

He had known he had a cell on the first floor of the prison block, and across from them he could see two tiers above, making six rows of cells in all when he added in the two above him and those on the ground floor. The sheer volume of men, all of varying shapes and sizes and colours overwhelmed him, and he felt his heart begin to race at the thought of being the plaything of even a handful of these mostly burly, hairy men. He knew not all of them were interested in messing with him, but he knew many of them would be. Enough for him to know using Kidd as a sort of meat shield was worth the trade-off of his pride and certain parts of his body.

If Kidd didn't stay true to his word, he would surely perish before being set free.

Kidd shuffled close to him so Law's shoulder brushed his bicep. Law jumped when his ass was seized and given a fleeting smack and squeeze, and looked up to find Kidd staring down at him with the most hedonic grin he'd ever seen.

"Don't look so fucking scared."

"Don't touch me out here," Law hissed back. He didn't want the other convicts to see him getting manhandled in any way. It would be bad to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that he was physically weaker than everyone else. He already had a bruise he could feel throbbing away to prove that.

"I can touch you whenever I want," Kidd retorted. "And I will, and you'll just have to bear it because we have a deal."

"Right. The deal," growled Law, his eyes moving down the expanse of the block to where guards had started a head count. It seemed like it would be forever before the guards reached them. "The damn deal," he muttered under his breath when Kidd brushed a hand over his ass once more as a mocking reminder.

As if he'd forgotten already when his mouth still tasted of Kidd.