Felony's Insatiable Hunger

5: Dessert

They marched to dinner early in a single-file line, since they were all out of their cells anyway. Law kept his hands in front of him until his most traitorous body part calmed the hell down.

He picked up the same sort of sealed tan container as this morning, only he was sure there were different things inside. Dinner felt heavier, but barely so.

This time there was no dispersion of men to sit wherever they pleased. An officer was directing traffic, pointing wordlessly to tables that were getting filled gradually from end to end. They were being divided randomly.

Fear coursed through Law as Kidd was pointed to a table on one side of the cafeteria while he was pointed to another on the opposite side. He found himself in between a Hispanic with a permanent itch and a white guy with hairy arms, one of which was intruding on Law's personal space. It reminded him of flying economy class on an airplane, only he was sure these two beside him would never make it past security.

He cracked open the lid of his container, preparing himself to stuff everything down his gullet as quickly as he could. He had no doubts that he'd have his food stolen otherwise, if it was good enough to be worth stealing.

Mercifully, dinner was some sort of pasta in tomato based sauce, and though it was somewhat chilled it was still welcome in Law's belly. He was grateful it was simply pasta and a carton of some nutrient enriched juice thing high in protein, according to the label. Nothing that could really be worth stealing, right?

It became apparent to Law that stealing was the last thing on everyone's mind, as only a few of the men at the table even knew one another and all kept to themselves after the initial half-assed grunt that Law figured was some kind of manly greeting. Regardless of how tame the men were behaving thus far Law shovelled down his meal, taking no chances. He was among the first done, but as he looked around he realized nobody was getting up. He took this as a sign to remain seated. He didn't want the officers stationed around the room to pull their guns on him and shoot him at point blank for being an idiot.

The Hispanic man was perhaps their table's slowest eater, partly because he took a bite of pasta and then stopped to scratch a persistent itch on his arm. Law hesitantly turned his head to look at the angry red splotch where nails had raked over skin in fury. He could piece together what was wrong just from examining the man up close.

Drugs. Talk about a botched injection job. Law could still see where the skin had been sliced open deep enough for something to be manually inserted via fingers; there were still flecks of blood clinging to the dark arm hairs, standing out like pimples. In fact, he could see the wound trickling blood. Any sudden movements and he would have a red splatter on his shirt.

He subtly scooted ever closer to the man on his other side, and the bald guy either didn't notice or didn't care.

When dinner was deemed over by the head guard, tables were designated to leave one at a time. When Law's table was called he bolted upright and assumed the lead position, none too keen on hanging around any long. He followed the trail of the table that had left before them, practically jogging back to his cell.

He half expected to be molested by Kidd upon return, but when he got there he noticed Kidd wasn't in. This struck him as odd considering he'd watched Kidd leave the cafeteria several tables before him.

He felt himself grow pale with the thought that he'd gone into the wrong cell. They all looked the same with their minimal furnishings, and Law ran out to stupidly check the number outside, sweating profusely in his burst of panic. He did not want the cell's owner to think he'd been in there stealing things.

It was his cell after all. He'd had his suspicions that it was, with the way only the top bunk was covered in a telling rumpled sheet, but he'd had to make sure.

He climbed up on the top bunk and waited, watching other prisoners return to their cells. Of course, he was stomach down, out of sight and safe, since Kidd wasn't there to be his bodyguard if need be.

He waited like this for a long time. He didn't know how many minutes had passed, or if it had been an hour or two, but Kidd finally returned to the cell. Kidd spared him the slightest of glances before stretching only to lie down on the bottom bunk.

"Where have you been?" Law asked the ceiling.

Kidd's voice floated up from below. "Out. Why, did you miss me?"

Law sighed heavily, his jaw clenched. "What if I'd been raped while you were out?"

Kidd's head suddenly appeared next to his. "You know, you should be worrying more about being killed rather than raped. Because, when you get killed in here, you die slowly and painfully, and there isn't anyone who'll really try to save your life."

Law regarded Kidd with open hostility. "In that case maybe I should find someone else who'll take the job of protecting me more seriously."

"You never asked me what I was out doing," Kidd said. Law gave him a look to suggest he didn't care in the slightest. "I was out proclaiming you to be my new wife, darling. That, and someone owed me something."

Law was about to snarl that he was no man's wife when he caught sight of the smears on Kidd's knuckles as he held onto the bed frame. They were faint, and Kidd's fair but reddish complexion made it harder to distinguish, but he knew Kidd had been beating someone up. "Someone…owed you."

"They paid, with a bit of coercion," Kidd replied before vaulting up onto the bunk. Law hurried to curl into a corner against the wall, drawing his legs up to his chest and wrapping his arms defensively around himself. Kidd sat next to him, his long legs hanging off the edge of the bunk.

Law realized his only weapon was his pillow once more.

"What did you do to them?" Law asked, keen to keep the conversation off of the topic of his new status as 'wife'. He would deal with that label later, preferably when Kidd was in a better mood and did not have bloodstains on his knuckles.

"Broke their nose, their jaw…he made a scene running around after and got himself tasered and thrown in solitary."


"Why? Because when you make a scene you go to solitary to think about what you've done like a bad fucking child. Really though it's to make you go crazy." Here Kidd's voice dipped low. "That's all it achieves. You put an animal in a cage that's far to small and they go fucking nuts."

That hadn't been what Law meant. He'd wanted to know why Kidd had used violence, not why the guy'd been thrown in solitary confinement. Still, the way Kidd's voice had broken up at the end convinced him he should say no more. That there was perhaps more to Kidd than the violent asshole he'd been exposed to so far.

"So you get the urge to cuddle sometimes?" Kidd asked all of a sudden. Law looked up from where he'd been resting his chin on his knees, wide-eyed and on edge. Not that he'd ever been off his edge since getting in here, but still. Kidd was giving him that same feral look Law had received from patients who'd needed to be stitched up but would require a needle full of freezing first.

Was he mad still? "Um. Cuddle?"

"I'm disappointed we couldn't finish what we started earlier," Kidd continued, and the look on his face became clear. Kidd was irritated with the prison for breaking them up. "Come here."

"Oh no, I couldn't possibly. I mean, I'm not feeling any cuddly urges right now. We shall have to try again later," Law said quickly. He glanced to the open cell door. How far could he get if he started running now…?

"That wasn't a suggestion. Get your ass over here."

Over here meant all of three feet, but three feet was three feet too many for Law. "Nope. I'm still very mad at you for leaving me – you haven't been keeping your side of the deal very well."

"Did you not hear what I said before, bitch? Now get over here," growled Kidd. Still, Law made no move, though he puckered his lips in a way to suggest he wasn't so happy with his new title. That he still believed Kidd was stingy in enforcing his side of the deal.

"I'm not coming to you."

"That's fantastic," Law said, offering a somewhat goofy smile.

Kidd said nothing, his gaze burning a hole through Law's body. Law damn well knew Kidd was trying to be intimidating so he would be obeyed, he knew that, and what was worse was knowing that Kidd was damn good at being fucking terrifying.

"Fine, I'm coming," Law mumbled, scooting closer. He didn't really know where Kidd wanted him, so he shuffled on his hands and knees until Kidd reached out and pulled his butt into his lap. Law had never sat in another man's lap before, but he was again surprised by how warm Kidd was, especially when he wrapped his arms around him…

"Wait," Law gasped. He did not like being trapped without a means of escape. "No cuddling!"

"I'm not interested in cuddling," Kidd said into his ear. "You said you weren't feeling any cuddly urges. So I think instead I'll have some fun and finish our game from earlier."

"I've changed my mind! I'm feeling lots of cuddly urges right now!" Law cried as Kidd's hands went to the hem of his pants. He continued protesting right up until Kidd had him in his hand, cupping all his junk in his palm and making him feel tiny. "Ah, oh fuck, please don't–"

"Your little pleas are turning me on," Kidd said with a brutish laugh, watching as Law tried to pry his arms off of his stomach and what lay below with minimal success. He gave Law a quick squeeze and heard the softest of gasps. "Relax and it'll be better for you."

"Why are you doing this?" hissed Law.

"You agreed to this deal," Kidd returned. "Besides, they served dinner without any dessert tonight, and I want my dessert."

Law breathed a temporary sigh of relief when Kidd withdrew his hand and quickly crossed his legs. Then he heard more than saw Kidd spit into his palm right next to his ear.

"Spread your legs, bitch, and stop fighting me. Or should I strip you down and toss you outside into the cold?"

Law bit his lip and uncrossed his legs, leaning back into Kidd's broad chest. "Why do you want this? Wouldn't you rather have me…have me blow you?"

He heard Kidd chuckle in his ear. "True, I guess I could have that if I wanted. But I'm more curious about what noises you'll make when you come by my hand right now."

Kidd's hands delved beneath his prison attire, one curling up around his stomach and the other enfolding his cock in warmth and cool wetness. The position he was in and Kidd's dirty talking had gotten him half-erect, and shame flooded through him when Kidd discovered this and whispered his findings in Law's ear.

"You're actually enjoying this."

Law groaned and closed his eyes as Kidd began stroking him gently, getting him slick. He tried to imagine it was just his own hand doing this, but the thought made it worse as his member grew ever harder and Kidd's breathing turned into hot pants in his ear.

His eyes shot open when he felt Kidd's other hand moving up his chest. His breath wavered, Kidd's fingers grazing over a sensitive nipple before scratching him there and then, finally, pinching him with his index finger and thumb. He jumped slightly in Kidd's lap, making Kidd tighten his grip on him in all locations.

Law knew he was leaking precum even without looking down in his lap to see. He didn't want to see the sight of Kidd jerking him off, because it was becoming too hard to deny that he was turned on by Kidd's actions and it had been too long since anyone had done this sort of thing to him.

Kidd added more spit to his hand and returned to pumping him, occasionally fondling his balls. His balls were beginning to quiver under Kidd's touch, and he let out a soft moan when Kidd lightly tugged them away from his body and rolled them in his palm.

He felt Kidd's tongue flick his ear, then rough lips were on his neck, and Kidd was biting and sucking on his skin. This brought a renewed flush to Law's face, and to know that another man was doing this dirty, sinful thing to him sent him over the edge.

He gasped as he came, his eyes instinctively darting downward to see the spunk shooting from his cock and coating Kidd's hand and his stomach. His nipple was squeezed so he bucked his hips in surprise, heightening his sense of euphoria. Wave after wave coursed out of him, and he threw his head back onto Kidd's shoulder, his mouth parted. He didn't even try to conceal his throaty, low moan.

He'd come so fast and so hard, spurting more than he thought he had in him. That had never happened to him before. That or it had been too long since he'd climaxed so intensity that he'd forgotten what it truly felt like to lose all muscle mass and just become a sated pile of fatigue.

The concrete walls looked a couple of shades lighter when he next opened his eyes. His ass felt the telling bulge in Kidd's pants as he shifted forward to take stock of the mess he'd created with Kidd's assistance. All at once he was disgusted with himself. He wanted nothing more than to go down to the toilet and wipe himself off with wetted toilet paper. Unfortunately Kidd had no intentions of letting him go do that.

Instead Kidd was still fondling his aching shaft, rubbing it between his fingers almost absentmindedly so that the last bits of white spunk were teased out. His other hand gripped Law's chin, angling his head to the side in order to better access his lips. Once again Law got to experience what it was like to have a man's tongue force its way past his lips and ravish him.

God, he felt so possessed, so owned. So damn humiliated.

Before incarceration he had heard humiliation was commonplace in prisons, but he'd associated the idea of humiliation in the slammer with convicts and their guards, not convicts with other convicts. He supposed he'd been naïve to think that way.

He could feel the curve of Kidd's grotesque grin against his lips while his cum was smeared over his chest in abstract designs. What disgusted him more than his own weakness was the ease with which Kidd licked his fingers clean, the greedy smack of his lips as he indulged in his creamy dessert.

The only thing that made him feel a touch better was the prevailing knowledge that, if he hadn't been housed with Kidd and sealed their deal, he probably would have been worse off by now.

He could have been dessert for the masses rather than a dish for one.

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