Felony's Insatiable Hunger

6: Book

It was a while before Kidd let him get down to clean himself up. He was thankful that the toilet was angled and behind half of a concrete wall to give the slightest bit of privacy to his nether bits and that the sink was in working order. It made cleaning up easier.

When he was done he moped in one of the corners farthest from the bunks, bare feet against the concrete and knees tucked up against his chest. From his position he observed Kidd pull out a book from underneath his mattress, open it up, and begin to read. A fucking book.

Law radiated anger to a point where even Kidd, as impervious as he seemed, turned his head to gaze at him.


"You have a book in here?" Law asked.

"Yes," Kidd answered tersely. "I can only take so many hours of staring at the concrete walls."

Law pursed his lips. At some point he was going to have to come across a book himself, otherwise he would likewise go a little batty, no doubt about that. There was only so many passages of his medical textbooks he could conjure up in his mind.

"How did you get that?" Law asked next.

"If you want to read it, just ask me," Kidd said grumpily. "If I chuck it over will you shut up?"

Law was starting to think Kidd really didn't like the sound of his voice. Still, he had to say, "Yes, I'll gladly shut up if I have something to read."

Without hesitation Kidd threw the book at his head with deadly aim. Had Law not flattened himself against the floor he'd have yet another bruise on his face. He said nothing and scrambled to grab the weathered book whose corners were bent in to suggest it had been thrown against the walls one too many times already.

The spine was broken and Law suspected the pages were falling out, but he turned to the little blue book's title page. "Oh, The Great Gatsby. I've read this already," acknowledged Law solemnly. Still, he supposed it could have been worse. Kidd could have thrown him a dogeared Bible or some terribly written romantic comedy novel. At least this was a classic.

"You've read it already? I've read it upwards of eight times," Kidd grumbled. "Daisy still pisses me off. But she does get run over, so it's okay."

Law chose not to comment on that, even though he knew Daisy was not the character that got run over. Kidd had proved himself.

"Why don't you read it out loud, amuse us both," Kidd suggested just as Law finished reading the first two pages silently. He looked up with a frown. Here he'd been thinking Kidd hated the sound of his voice.

"Fine," Law said, flipping back to the first page. "In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning around in my mind ever since. 'Whenever you feel like criticising anyone,' he told me, 'just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.' He didn't say any more– "

"Did your father ever give you advice?" Kidd asked suddenly, cutting Law off before he'd even gotten through the third paragraph.

Law set the book down against his knees. When was he going to get some peace and quiet? Never. Not in here anyway. "No."

"Really? Nothing?"

Law sighed and leaned his head back against the concrete. "No because I never met him."

"Oh. Well, mine just said 'Don't fuck shit up' and look where I am!" Kidd apparently thought this hilarious, as he wouldn't stop laughing once he got started.

Law simply concluded that Kidd was indeed a wee bit crazy. He just hoped that wouldn't be him if Bepo, Shachi, Penguin and the others couldn't get him out fast enough.


The reading of Gatsby disintegrated after that and Law was finally given some respite from Kidd and allowed to immerse himself in the text he now found himself in possession of. Kidd had miraculously fallen asleep rather early and didn't do much more than stir when the lights went out for the night

He didn't really know what to do with the book. Kidd's attachment to it was ambiguous considering he'd let Law have it with little fuss. Yet it belonged to him all the same and Law thought briefly about whether to tuck it under Kidd's mattress rather than take it up to his bunk like he owned it. Somehow leaving it on the cell floor seemed unfitting and therefore wasn't an option.

It was really too precarious to stick it back under the mattress, Law decided, so he carried it with him as he tip-toed his way over to the bunks. He really didn't want to wake Kidd, especially since it was supposedly the night that Kidd had been looking forward to, the night Kidd would be spending some intimate time with him. So he really didn't want to rouse Kidd in any way.

He managed to awkwardly pull himself up onto his bunk, wincing as it creaked with his weight. He laid the book against the concrete wall and curled into a ball, trying to generate enough body heat to make his feet and nose warm. It was so difficult that his thoughts eventually wandered to the 'what if' of having sex with Kidd. Would Kidd let him sleep next to him and share his warmth?

Law flushed in embarrassment at the thought. No, that was revolting. Yet he knew it was only a matter of time before his thought became a reality, and he hoped then that at least he'd be able to get ride of the cold that had infected his bones and effectively chilled his blood.

He let his mind wander away from that semi-depressing thought to another equally, if not more depressing one. Why he was in here in the first place. Now that was a story that he'd run over many times in his mind.

It had started with his curiosity. It had, in a way, been his fault. He had been the one to go out seeking Cesar Clown by himself, without the assistance of his friends. That scientist had things that interested him, namely drugs that could alter the human form. As a doctor, Law wanted to see the validity of these drugs. He hadn't known until he'd tracked Clown down and entered his laboratory, seeing the children himself. Even then he hadn't been overtly alarmed, a mistake that he owed to his insensitivity. He hadn't thought too much about where the children had come from, just about the drug that changed them, made them suffer from induced gigantism.

He should have known they'd been kidnapped and that Clown would be tracked down soon enough. Only by that time he'd been forced to strike a deal with Clown, one that eventually led to him being found guilty of crimes he hadn't committed. Clown was an idiot, but his secretary was a sneaky bitch when it came to falsifying documents.

It's wasn't as if Clown got off scot-free though. He was in the prison somewhere; Law could feel it in his bones. If the time ever came when they should meet face to face again, Law swore he would somehow make sure Clown received a proper sentencing. To death.


Law woke to the intercom blaring that it was time for the count and breakfast.

He blinked and rubbed the sleep dirt from his eyes, then peeked over the side of the bed. Already Kidd was up. Well, up wasn't really the right description for a man doing push-ups.

As if he could feel Law's gaze Kidd straightened and looked over at him, his usual cocky smirk irking Law even this early in the morning. "Have a good rest, sleeping beauty?"

"Very good, thanks," Law replied crassly. He waited to be given an order, as Kidd had been rather fond of giving orders yesterday, but Kidd said nothing and waited for the locks to be released on the cells. He didn't even mention the fact that last night was supposed to be their 'first time.' It threw Law for a loop and he was forced to come to the unsatisfying conclusion that perhaps Kidd had actually forgotten and would make up for it in broad daylight.

Kidd stepped out of the cell when the locks released and Law quickly finished his business and joined him, none too keen to face the day ahead. They were counted and herded like animals to the feeding troughs, and Law was relieved to see that today they were allowed to sit where they wanted. He followed Kidd to the back of the cafeteria and plopped down across from him.

The tan container held some sort of mashed potato mixture and cubes of meat. After a bite of it, he confirmed it to be pork. It was kind of nasty, but it was more organic-looking than the mashed potato mixture, that was for sure. He was certain there was more sustenance in the mashed potatoes, but it just appeared like they'd taken mixing nutrients in to an extreme. Law was a somewhat sadistic man in that he didn't really have the same level of empathy for others, but he was sure that even he wouldn't feed this to any of his former patients.

"We get tossed out into the yard after this," Kidd said through bites of food. "Don't do anything dumb."

Law sneered, "Define dumb, du..." He was about to say dumbass but stopped himself. Not a good plan. Nor was flipping Kidd off, which he was currently doing under the table with both of his middle fingers.

"Don't talk back to people or go anywhere near the equipment, especially near the weights. Unless you'd like to get your neck crushed." Kidd's mouth twitched upwards into a sadistic smirk and Law scrunched up his nose as if smelling something utterly vile.

They finished eating in silence save for a few remarks Kidd made to Law every time he caught sight of one of his past 'targets'. Kidd seemed to command more respect than he'd previously thought, because there had to be at least a table's worth of men cowering in fear of Kidd. At least that's what Law figured when that particular table occasionally looked over at them, with no real animosity in their eyes.

That, or perhaps they were looking at him, not Kidd. But that was something Law refused to dwell on.

After breakfast Law followed Kidd's lead, taking note of the layout of the prison once more. They went down a new corridor, and Law noted that this one was rather dark and dingy, not to mention rather tight. The part of him that knew fear imagined, fleetingly, what it would be like to get caught in here, alone. With that thought he subconsciously shuffled closer to Kidd, riding right on his ass.

They arrived in an open-air cell and Kidd showed him how to input his inmate code into a system that would let him past the revolving gates and into the yard. Kidd went through first, and Law followed after checking himself in. Kidd was even kind enough to wait for him this morning, rather than take off and go about his business.

"So what do you do out here?" Law asked, taking in the large stretch of sandy dirt and sparse grass. He could see a weathered basketball court and a game going on, as well as a fitness area. There were quite a few men out in the yard already, and all of them had their shirts off, many displaying their tattoos and battle scars. Law felt self-conscious for wanting to keep his shirt on. He just didn't want to attract any more attention than necessary with his own tattoos, which had seemed to captivate Kidd and may do the same to others.

He followed Kidd towards the small gathering of three men, one of which had ridiculously long, blonde hair. Law couldn't believe his eyes when he walked up. Surely that was enough hair to strangle oneself in a cell. He couldn't believe it hadn't been shaved off. But perhaps that was because the prison didn't care enough about one more corpse turning up.

Law felt his heart speed up as they approached, and he stood rigidly awkward as Kidd gave a manly hug to the blonde man.

"Who's that?" the blonde asked, nodding his goatee in the direction of Law.

"A toy," Kidd replied easily, and suddenly Law wanted to dropkick him in the nuts. "Was thinking of nicknaming him Kitten, but wanted to ask you first, Killer."

Kitten? thought Law sourly. Wait, Killer? His name's KILLER?!

He studied the wall of muscles he was confronted with. Yep, Killer looked every bit as strong as Kidd, only not as obviously cocky. More laid back rather than high strung and tense in the shoulders.

Behind Killer was Eddie, and some other guy with a weird hair style and a darker skin tone.

"He looks more like a raccoon or a skunk to me," this unknown man grunted. Law's skin prickled when Kidd snickered.

"Ya, but you don't want to be yelling skunk or the guards might think you're about to set something off," Killer said with a smirk.

"I suppose you're right," the dark-haired man agreed solemnly. "Kitten it is then."

"I don't believe I asked your opinion, Mr. Fucking Wire," Kidd said, but Law could tell his tone was playful. Wire simply snorted and smiled, then looked away and wandered towards the nearest bench press.

Law stiffened as Killer sidled up to him. "So, you're the new cellie? Interesting. You look like you're hiding something."

The corners of Law's mouth turned down and he said, simply, "Perhaps."

Killer nodded, with a hint of satisfaction, and then said to Kidd, "Make sure he doesn't murder you in your sleep. He looks like the type to dig a hole in your gut."

"I think I'm too valuable to him," Kidd replied haughtily. He looked every bit the male peacock that he not so secretly was.

"Or so he thinks," Law said with a half smile aimed at Killer. The man looked surprised that he'd spoken, and snickered once while Kidd glared at his oh so disobedient bitch.

"Watch it," Kidd growled. This only made Killer chuckle that much more.

"Chill, Kidd. Why don't you and Eddie go pay a visit to Ryes? He owes me," Killer said, his grin spreading. "I'll take care of your kitteh."

"Bye Kitteh," Kidd said, still irritated. Law blinked at him, the corners of his mouth dipping, but said nothing. Though Killer didn't seem to want to wish him harm, he didn't like the whole idea of Kidd wandering off to the other side of the yard. Not one bit. This was not part of their deal, the strategy. His fucking plan.

He watched Kidd and Eddie leave tem, and was very close to flipping them both of, one for each middle finger. However, Killer was watching him with interest.

"You're not in here for a violent crime, are you?" Killer asked, already knowing the answer and getting it confirmed by the deadened glare Law put forth. "Well, I have you pegged as a smart one, so I would imagine your crime's as twisty as you are."

"I never committed the crime I was charged for," Law growled. It was really starting to grate on his nerves hearing himself guilty of something he had bare minimum to do with.

Killer snorted. Law couldn't see much of his face behind his curtain of hair, but he could see enough to gauge the intensity of the grin he bore. "Well, that's just fabulous, isn't it?"

Law grunted, but said nothing.

"Want to be let in on a little secret?" asked Killer. Law regarded him with apathy, and Killer leaned in until Law could see his blonde eyelashes bating the curtain of his hair. "See, we're planning a little escape from this place. That's the secret. Tell anyone, and I'll kill you myself."

Law's mouth twisted. "Why would you tell me something like that?"

Killer rocked back on his heels. "Because I can tell you're smart enough not only to help, but not to tell. And just because I felt like telling someone who can keep their emotions under wraps."

"Why do I feel like you've got me pegged?" asked Law, trying his best not to let sarcasm creep into his tone.

"Because I know what you did," Killer hissed. "Those mandatory repentance classes they run in here? A few of us inmates are made examples of, and get nominated to lead discussions when they lock a bunch of crazy people in a room together. Cause, you know, there's nothing lost if someone goes berserk in a room full of convicts. So they get the slightly better convicts to try to reach the slightly worse convicts, turn 'em into sheep, right? Either way, I get access to records in preparation for these classes, and I remember reading yours, certainly. I have a good memory, plus it stood out, doctor."

Law's mouth twisted into a slight smile. "I feel like you're a sharp, dangerous one to mess with. So you know why I'm in here. What will you do with the information?"

"Spread it, if you need to be taken care of. Keep it to myself if you agree to help us out."

"Who's 'us'?" Law asked sceptically. He kept his face impassive. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was out of the hellhole. He knew Killer did not know that information; therefore, he would play along, see where this headed. It was certainly better than being targeted because of the nature of his crime.

"Oh, Kidd, Eddie, Wire, myself…maybe some others, but they'll be last minute. Can't have too many idiots knowing what will happen. More chances this'll screw up."

Law nodded and watched a red dot move closer. Kidd was headed back with Eddie trailing behind in his wake. He could see Kidd's scowl already, like something hadn't gone well. "Well, I guess there's nothing more to be said."

"I'll give you the details another time. I've got tasks only a medical man on his best behaviour can complete," Killer murmured, and then fell silent.

Law smirked to himself. Killer might've read his text, but he was no fucking open book.

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