James took his time even though it was killing him. All the dominant wanted to do was to pound into his minx of a submissive until they both passed out, but then his revenge wouldn't go through. As much as he loved how Quinn touched him, now wasn't the time for quickness.

He started at the soles of the black-haired's feet. Nibbling and sucking on the perfectly formed appendages like a babe would to its mother's breast. He smirked the entire time, loving the sounds he made his submissive produce through a bruised, open mouth.

The blonde loved how vocal his mate could be. As Quinn grew more comfortable around him, James could see his true personality come out to play, so to speak. He wasn't lying on how the brown-eyed could be a tease.

The dominant ignored his submissive's whimpering pleas as he licked upwards to his delicate ankles. He licked all the way around them until he could see a gleaming trail of saliva before licking and nibbling up to Quinn's calves.

James took a moment to admire how the muscles played when his submissive flexed and tensed. At the back of his mind, he could vaguely hear the black-haired's begging cries and nonsensical babbling, but he continued to ignore it.

The dominant really hadn't lavished on his submissive, so now was the time to do it even though his cock felt that he could fall off, it was so hard. He peppered open-mouthed, slurping kisses on the soft skin as he trailed north to Quinn's lean thighs.

He caught pleading brown eyes begging him to do something other than tease him, but James wouldn't have it. His mate needed to feel cherished and loved beyond reason since all his life he had been viewed lower than shit.

The blonde nudged Quinn's thighs apart and widened them with his hands. Immediately, he buried his nose into his submissive's crotch, inhaling the musky scent that was all his. Ignoring the brown-eyed's engorged, weeping length, he gently mouthed his balls, sucking on them like he would have with hard candy.

"James! Please! I can't take it anymore!" he heard his mate all but sob.

"What do you want, my lovely?" James rumbled after releasing the brown-eyed's testicles.

"You know!"

"I want you to say it…" the blue-eyed murmured huskily. "Will you do that for me?"



"I…I w-want you to t-take me."

"Take what, Q?"

"My…rear…" his submissive mumbled.

"Your what? I didn't quite hear that," James sadistically challenged.

"I want you to take my ass!" Quinn hissed, face red as a tomato.

The dominant smirked as he licked a streak up his mate's inner thigh. "Good, little one. That wasn't so hard."

Any retort Quinn might've said was quickly forgotten because James pushed his legs up to his chest and licked one broad trail over his submissive's rim. He chuckled when the smaller male gave a choked gasp and arched his back.

"I wonder if you will find your release with only fingers and mouth…" James thought out loud, blue eyes finding blown, brown ones.

James smiled when Quinn's only response was a shudder and a moan. "I'll think I might try that," the blonde continued as he tapped his mate's mouth with two fingers.

The black-haired opened after a beat of confusion. "Get them good and wet, sweetheart. Don't want to have any accidental tearing."

Now it was the dominant's turn to moan as Quinn's soft, wet tongue accompanied that full mouth in making his appendages as much dripping as possible. After a few minutes, James slid his fingers out and began to stretch his mate's sensitive entrance.

He breached younger male with both fingers and made it to the first knuckles before Quinn began to tense up. James waited until he was relaxed again before pushing all the way in. He heard his submissive gasp and tremble.

James murmured, "Just wait until you're adjusted, love. There is no need to rush."

The dominant waited until the trembling stopped some and Quinn was pushing back onto his fingers. Slowly, he began to pump them steadily. The blonde licked his lips as he looked down at the sight of his fingers thrusting into the tight heat that was Quinn's ass.

As he got a good rhythm going, he leaned down and took all of his submissive's hard length in one lunge. He felt Quinn shudder and groan. James had the sudden urge to taste his mate's seed as soon as possible, so he stopped teasing.

He sucked the black-haired's cock hard and wet, heavily breathing through his nose as his fingers thrusted into Quinn swiftly when he wasn't getting any resistance anymore. His free arm rested against the back of his mate's knees, keeping them up.

When the ex-slave started to make that strangled, choking sound, he knew he found his prostrate. He changed his angle so that his fingers pushed up against the bundle of nerves. Glancing up, he loved what he saw.

Quinn looked absolutely wrecked; chest heaving, sweat pouring, face dark pink with exertion. His mouth was bruised and swollen from his own teeth biting into the delicate flesh in frustration. James looked down again, fearing that he would've climaxed right then and there.

The blue-eyed felt his submissive tense up and with a soft cry, a rush of creamy, salty liquid went down the dominant's throat. James swallowed every drop and licked away any excess seed as he found his release moments later.

That was the first time James climaxed without any stimulation and that made his heart beat faster. He pulled out and off his mate slowly and balanced on his haunches. Quinn was heaving for air, trembling with the strain to control himself.

James pulled his boneless love into his arms and laid down on the bed, trying to find a spot that wasn't sweat-soaked and smelled heavily of sex. He buried his nose into Quinn's damp hair and murmured, "I love you, Q."

"And I you…" his submissive whispered, drained of all strength for a while. "I can't move anything."

James chuckled and wrapped his mate's trembling legs around his waist. "I tired you out."

"Too much, it seems."

"Then I did my job well."

He heard Quinn softly laugh against his neck as he snuggled closer to the dominant. "You know you did, James."

"Of course, little one. I must attend to my submissive's every need."

He heard the black-haired chuckle again as he fully relaxed against him. "James."

"Yes, little one."

"I…I want to meet your siblings now."

"You're sure?" the blonde murmured, gently kissing Quinn's temple.


"Alright. They'll be pleased. How about next week?"

"Why that long?"

"Because, my little submissive, my sisters aren't going to let you go until they leave. I need to stock up on my touches because I won't get to hold you."


"Don't be worried, Quinn. They're just a little overexcited when it comes to something new."

James was relieved when his submissive nodded his understanding and fully relaxed against him again. "I think it's time for a nap before dinner."

"Yes, dominant," his submissive purred.

The blue-eyed groaned and took his mate's mouth hard. "You know what that does to me," James growled as he pulled away.

"Uhm-hmm…" Quinn breathed, dark eyes soft with contentment.