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When I woke up, my Aunt and Uncle gave me a huge list of chores to do. I had to clean the living room, clean the kitchen, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, paint the bench, then weed the garden. While I weeded the garden, it started to rain. After a while it turned into a thunderstorm, and I knew if I went inside before I was done or called in to make dinner I would be in a lot of trouble with my Uncle. I probably would be anyway, but I could always hope. I really was dreading my Uncle coming home. I knew I wouldn't be done by the time he drove up the driveway, and I knew what would happen.

I had just gotten over halfway done when my Uncle's car pulled up. I winced. 'Oh, Merlin,' I thought. 'I am totally dead.'

My Uncle yelled at me to come over to him. I slowly got up and walked over to the back door where he stood. He looked furious.

"You're not done!" he barked, his face tinged purple.

I shook my head slightly, eyes on my feet. A hard blow to the side of the head made me stumble slightly, and I quickly corrected my footing.

"You will stay out here and finish the garden. Petunia shall make dinner tonight, which you shall get none of. Then, you will sleep on the porch, and Petunia will call you in. She will give you your list of chores after you have made breakfast."

Then he slammed the door in my face. I walked back over to the garden and set to work. Nearly an hour later I was done. Sighing, I walked over to the porch and found the driest spot I could and curled up to sleep. I slept horribly. I kept having nightmares of my parents and my friends disappearing in that taunting green light. That mixed with all the memories of my uncle beating me. I was glad when Aunt Petunia called me in the next morning, even if it was just so she didn't have to do the cooking that morning. She had me clean up and change so I didn't dirty up her pristine kitchen, then had me make breakfast.

Once breakfast was done and Uncle Vernon had left for work, my aunt gave me my chore list. The list was shorter than normal, which was unusual. I set to work, and by noon I was done. I let my aunt know I was done, and she dismissed me to my cupboard. I quickly hurried there before she changed her mind, and lied down.

I attempted to take a nap, but it soon proved impossible. My head hurt and my throat was dry. The fact that I kept coughing and sneezing didn't help either. I figured I must have a cold or the flu. What a great way to spend the summer.

After my Aunt and Uncle knew they couldn't stop me from going back to Hogwarts, they chucked me back in my cupboard. Dudley was thrilled to get his second bedroom back. School doesn't start for another month, and I was waiting for the day to come where I would board the Hogwarts Express and leave this Hell Hole for my Second year. I attempted to fall asleep again, and this time I was slightly successful. I fell into a fevered dream but I don't remember what exactly happened in it.

My aunt came and woke me up around dinner to give me a piece of bread and a glass of water. It had been almost a week since I last ate, but I wasn't hungry. I drank the water gratefully while I eyed the bread. I knew I probably needed food, but I physically couldn't eat it. When I told my aunt I wasn't hungry she looked at me like I was crazy.

"You haven't eaten in nearly a week. How in the world are you not hungry?" she said exasperatedly.

"I think I'm sick and I know I won't be able to stomach anything." I replied quietly.

She just shot me a disgusted look and left, leaving the bread on the floor by my bed. I stared at it for a while, then attempted tog o back to sleep.

The next week was a blur. All I remember was that I got sicker, did more chores, slept terribly, and got beaten once or twice a day for not getting something done or messing something up like I always manage to do. After I had been sick a week and a half, something I never expected would happen, happened. Completely out of nowhere, a teacher from Hogwarts came to pick me up. Not just any teacher though. No. It was Professor Snape, of all people, who came to my cupboard, woke me up, and told me to pack my stuff. I moved slowly because my body ached from being sick and my last beating. I didn't even really comprehend that it was Snape, who tried to make my life at Hogwarts suck, that was being my savior from this hell. After at least 20 minutes, I was ready to go. Snape took my truck and shrunk it with a wave of his wand. He had me send Hedwig off to meet us at Hogwarts before shrinking her cage as well.

"Grab my arm" said Snape with his usual expressionless mask. I did as he said and we apparated to Hogwarts. When we appeared outside the gates, I tried not to puke. I was able to compose myself enough to follow Snape to the Hospital Wing without fainting or puking. But once Madam Pomfrey had me lay down, I instantly blacked out and became unaware of my surroundings.


~Several Hours Earlier, Snape's P.O.V.~

The summer was going normally, and I was brewing in my private potions lab when I got a floo call. I put my potion on stasis to see who was bothering me. "Oh what a surprise. It's Dumbledore." I groaned. 'What did that old coot want now?' I thought exasperatedly.

"Ah, Severus, thank Merlin you answered. Would you please floo up to my office? I need to talk to you about something very important." I just nodded my head and flooed to his room. I stepped out into his office and shook the soot off my robes before turning to the headmaster.

"What can I help you with, Headmaster?" I asked politely. He looked at me with that annoying twinkle in his eyes.

"Severus, would you like a lemon drop?" he asked, offering me the ever-present bowl of those disgusting sweets he always ate and insisted on offering to anyone in his office. I shook my head stiffly. "Oh, what a shame…Now, on to why I called you here. I need you to go check on Harry at the Dursley's." I was about to interrupt, but he continued talking before I could. "Harry's friends contacted me saying Harry hadn't talked to or contacted any of them in any way all summer and they are worried about him. If anything has happened to Harry, bring him straight to Poppy." I glared at him.

"And why must I, of all people, go and pick up this insufferable brat from his pampered home?" I asked annoyed.

The headmaster gave me a sharp look and said, "You're the only one who can at the current time. I've tried the other professors, but they are all busy. Please, Severus. You're my last chance. Hagrid would be my ideal choice, but after the whole debacle last year I can't send him. Now, before you go spouting more nonsense about how terrible Harry is, remember he is his own person. Harry is nothing like his father. If you really got to know him, you'd realize how much more like his mother he is." I snorted. Potter, not like his father? Like Lily? What nonsense.

After debating arguing more, I finally grunted out a "Fine," knowing no matter how much I argued with him I wouldn't get out of it. Before he could say anything, I left his office with a swish of my cloak and went down to the apparition point just past the castle gates. Before I could talk myself out of it and disobey Dumbledore, I apparated to Privet Drive. I walked until I found Number 4. It was the neatest house on the block, which was saying something since every single house looked like it was cleaned till the last speck of dirt was gone. Cursing Dumbledore and his bloody twinkle, I walked up to the door and knocked briskly on the door.

Not too long after I knocked, a very large man who strikingly resembled a walrus opened the door and grunted, "What do you want?" I looked disdainfully at him.

"I am here to pick up Mr. Potter." He looked anxious for a second before masking it. I squinted my eyes in suspicion.

"He is not available at the moment and I do not appreciate freaks like you coming to my house!" When he said 'freaks' I knew something was up. Wasn't Potter supposed to be a pampered prince? I pushed my way past him.

"Where is his room." I demanded so fierce fully that the Dursley cowered. A thin woman stepped into the living room and it only took us five seconds to realize who we both were.

"YOU!" she gasped, terrified.

"Yes, Tunny," she flinched at the nickname, "It's me. Now, I must know. Where is your Nephew's room?" She looked horrified and seemed to be fighting with herself before she pointed to the cupboard under the stairs as though she didn't realize what she was doing.

You keep him in a cupboard!" I spat the last word at her in disgust. She nodded fearfully. Her fat lard of a husband stepped forward and growled,

"Yes, we keep him in a blasted cupboard. He should be grateful we didn't shove him outside! He deserves it! He's a freak and doesn't deserve to live!" He said furiously, his face turning an odd and ugly array of purple and red.

I was beyond furious at his statement. I flicked my wand, casting a silent stunning spell. If the Ministry tried to come at me for using magic in front of a muggle, I'll tell them exactly how they were treating their little savior and see if they care. He fell to the floor and Petunia screamed as she rushed to her sorry excuse for a husband.

I walked over to the cupboard and spelled the six locks open. "Really? SIX locks? This is just a boy for Salazar's sake," I opened the door and was disgusted and surprised at what I saw. Potter was lying in a fetal position, his knees drawn to his chest by his arms. He looked like he was having a nightmare of some kind, and was covered in bruises. It took all my willpower not to kill the Dursley's right then for abusing someone, and to this extent. One thing I did not tolerate was anyone, especially a child, being abused, no matter who they were. And what made it worse was this was my student. I had taught this boy for a year and never noticed. I was too blinded by my hatred for his father to notice the signs of such apparent abuse.

I slowly shook Potter, being mindful of his injuries, and he woke up with a slight jump. I told him to get up and pack since I was taking him to Hogwarts. After a short time, during which he seemed to be in a daze, he was all packed and ready. We walked outside and I could tell Potter, no, Harry was definitely sick and in some sort of pain. I shrunk his trunk, and then I had Harry let Hedwig out of her cage and instruct her to meet us at Hogwarts. After that I shrank the cage as well.

I instructed Harry to grab my arm and then I apparated us to Hogwarts. We walked inside the gates and up to the Hospital Wing. I kept shooting glances at him to make sure he didn't collapse or throw up on our way up. Once Poppy saw Harry and the condition he was in, she quickly had him lay on a bed. The second Harry's head hit the bed he passed out, which he had looked like he was about to do ever since he had woken up.

"Oh, Severus. What happened to him?" asked Poppy while she looked him over. I explained how I thought he was sick and that he is very likely to have been abused by his relatives.

"How did I miss this…?" she muttered as she continued to work on Harry in near silence.

I went to the fireplace and flooed to Dumbledore's office. He had a hell of a lot of explaining to do as to why he left Harry with those god-awful muggles.