A/N: Hello! Another fluffy HA! Fanfic by yours truly. It's more of a dabble in a drabble. Ha ha.

Happens during Stuck in a Tree. An alternate ending. It is recommended to watch Stuck in A Tree before reading this but you don't have to. :)

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Harold was panicking now and was sweating profusely. Arnold was only dangling by his feet.

"I can't hold on anymore." Harold cried out. "And I am hungry." Arnold's foot started to slip and before Harold could react, Arnold was falling toward the ground. Arnold screamed, terrified of his doom.

Before he shut his eyes tight and waited for the ground to smack him in the face, he saw a flash of pink dive right under him. Arnold landed on something soft. He opened his eyes, to catch a blurry glimpse of his fallen hat before closing them again.

Helga had broken her arm and had a bandage wrapped around her head. She sat on the green hospital bed. "You saved me." Arnold placed his hand on hers in gratitude.

Helga scowled and pulled her hand away but inside she relished the heat of his touch. "No. I just happened to be jogging and you landed on top of me. Thanks a lot, bucko." She pointed a finger at him.

Arnold scoffed at her excuse. "You were jogging in the rain, Helga?"

Helga's eyes widened for a moment but she settled for a prideful smirk. "Yes, Arnoldo. It is a free country. Sheesh." She turned her head away from his grateful gaze. After a few moments of silence, Helga thought he left. She let out a relieved sigh but she caught her breath when she felt her beloved's lips on her cheek. Her eyes widened as her hand tenderly touched the place on her cheek where his lips had been. Helga snapped her head to him, her cheeks reddened. I thought he had left... Arnold just gave her a grateful smile and patted her hand before he left the hospital room. Helga slumped in her bed and gave a content sigh.

"Oh, Arnold. You don't know what you do to me." She placed her free hand over her heart. Her voice was soft and light, like a song of nightingales.

Outside of Helga's room door, Arnold leaned up against a wall and sighed. "Thank you, Helga. Once again." He smiled and walked down the corridor with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

The End!

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