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A few months after Luffy and his crew had beaten the New Fishman Pirates…

Brook leaned against the side of the Thousand Sunny watching the waves roll by. He wondered about how Laboon was doing on the other side of the Grand Line, what kinds of panties Nami was wearing, and what was for dinner that night. Chopper sat next to him drying his medical plants out and Brook was about to ask what kind of plants they were when he felt a strong force flow through his body.

He staggered across the deck and fell back as he gripped his foot in pain. Chopper instantly ran over to him and watched as Brook looked around frantically.

"Oh, I could've sworn that I felt a pain in my foot all of a sudden"! Brook said.

"That's strange…" Chopper mumbled. "Could it be from a fight you had a while back"?

The skeleton thought to himself for a second and felt goose bumps cover his skin- oh wait he was all bones so he had no skin! Skull Joke!

"There was this stripes guy we fought on Fishman Island, but I serious doubt that his head was actually hitting my foot". Brook stated. "Although all his talk of plans made my brain hurt- oh wait, I'm a skeleton so I have no brains! Yohohoho, Skull Joke"!

Chopper sighed at the joke and went back to his plants leaving Brook laughing at his bone dry pun.

At Ryugu Palace…

"Muwahahahahahahahahahahahaha "! Zeo roared in laughter. "IT WAS ALL PART OF MY MASTER PLAN"!

The End…or is that not part of the master plan?