Title: I Believe In You
Rating: PG (I guess)
Pairing: SwanQueen
Show: Once Upon A Time
Summary: Emma needs to apologize to Regina.

Emma softly opened the door to the house. She quietly looked around the living room. "Regina?" she called out not seeing the other woman.

Regina walked out of the bathroom wearing a robe and a towel around her head. Emma's breath caught in her throat. "I'm sorry to barge in like this," Emma said looking away from Regina.

"What are you doing here? Want to accuse me of something else I didn't do? You already took my son away there is nothing else for you to take."

It hurt to hear the pain in Regina's voice. The pain she had put there with the help of her parents. "No. Actually I came to talk, if you'll let me."

Regina nodded. "Okay go sit in the living room while I get dressed."

Emma followed the instructions glad that Regina would be putting on more clothes. The less clothes she had on the more distracted Emma would become.

Regina walked back into the room. Emma got off the couch and straightened her clothes. Regina handed her a cup of coffee. "Don't worry. I didn't poison it."

Emma smiled. She loved when Regina got snarky. She sat back down. Regina sat beside her. "I actually came to apologize to you. I knew you couldn't have done it."

"Then why did –"

"Please," Emma cut her off. "Let me explain. I defended you. I said there was no proof. I said there was no way. You had changed. Then Rumple convinced me to use my own magic. I saw you attacking Archie. Of course I didn't realize Cora was here. I saw no way she could have made it here. That doesn't justify anything though." She took a deep breath. "It doesn't justify anything at all. I know you. I know you aren't the person they think you are." She touched her own chest. "I know it in here."

Regina tried to school her emotions. Of course this is what she wanted. Someone to believe in her. Not just someone though, Emma. She needed Emma to believe in her. However, she couldn't be sure this wasn't some trick. Some cruel trick from Cora or from Charming and Snow. So she simply nodded her head. "You want me to accept this apology."

"No," Emma sighed. "I needed to apologize because I can't forgive myself for believing you'd harm Archie."

Regina stared into Emma's eyes. Those eyes couldn't lie to her, could they? They seemed so sincere. There was no way this was a trick. She didn't want to get hurt though. Love is weakness. Love, she wondered. Was it possible that she was falling for Emma? Yes. Should she allow it? No. Could she stop it…

Emma leaned forward as she watched the emotions play on Regina's face. She just had to go for it. She knew what she wanted if Regina didn't then she'd be stopped but she just had to know. She leaned forward slowly waiting for Regina to stop her.

Regina was still caught up in her own thoughts, until she felt soft lips press against hers. She found her hands moving on their own accord. Her hands tangled in Emma's hair as she continued the kiss.

As Emma pulled back she whispered, "I believe in you."