Written by: CI and KP

"Hey Cupcake," Kevin asked as he and his co-worker sat outside on the steps of the cabin waiting for Andrew to arrive,

"Do you think it is possible to trust the Father in all things, as an angel?"

The little Irish angel sent him an odd look before she smiled as she looked up at the beautiful blue sky. The trees were finally filled with lovely hues of green as Spring seemed to explode around them everywhere and it was her favorite time of year when everything was new again after a long winter,

"Where did that come from, Kev?" She teased lightly, before appearing thoughtful,

"I'd like to think that I do, though I know that there have been times in the past when I have doubted Him. I know He is always there, but sometimes His plan isn't completely clear, even to angels."

"I think I trust Him most of the time," Kevin replied, thinking,

"I mean, all the times when I have doubted in the past, He has always taken the situation and made it into something good and I'm not sure there is ever time when He doesn't do that."

"I know the feeling," Monica replied with a light chuckle, wrapping her arms around her legs and resting her chin on them,

"Even all of those horrible things that have happened in the past, when I never thought anything good could come out of it...He always turned it around and caused something wonderful and beautiful to come out of it; it always amazes me, Kevin, you know?"

Nodding his head in agreement, Kevin leaned up against the front porch step and looked up at the trees and clear blue sky, his brown eyes sparkling with happiness at the lovely day the Lord had made,

"So do you have any idea what assignment we're gonna be on next, Cupcake? Andrew said that he would meet us here and explain it, but do you know anything about it?"

Monica shook her head as she turned her dark eyes to her younger co-worker,

"No, he just told me to wait for him here at the cabin with you and the others, and he'll meet us here; I believe he just finished up a short assignment of his own a few hours away, so waiting is what I'm doing." She shot a wink at Kevin and watched as he smiled back at her.

"What are you two babies doing out here?" A new voice came from behind the two younger angels and Monica turned around, smiling as she saw Tess coming through the front doo, a smile on her own face.

"Waiting for Simba to show up," Kevin replied as he folded his hands behind his head and continued looking up at the sky,

"He told Monica there's a new assignment for us, so now we're just waiting."

"Well, you certainly have a beautiful day to wait," Tess remarked, gazing at the scenery around her.

"What are the others up to, Tess?" Kevin asked as he nodded his head in agreement,
"They're not eating, are they? If so, I need to get in there-."

Chuckling softly, Tess shook her head,
"No baby, Philip, Rose and Carla are taking in a game of Scrabble. I think they enjoy playing when Angel Girl is busy doing something else."

Monica giggled before trying to look indignant,
"Andrew loves playing Scrabble with me, I'll have you know."

"Only because he has trouble telling you 'no' about much of anything, Cupcake," Kevin shot back with a grin,
"You don't see the way he rolls his eyes behind your back."

The Irish angel smiled, her heart filling with love for her dearest friend as she gazed down the road once more, hoping to see his car. Though he had only been gone for a day, she missed him, as she loved knowing he was nearby. They shared a bond which could never be broken; a gift from the Father and other than His love, Andrew's love and friendship was her favorite gift in all of creation,
"Well, some words that really aren't words, should be words," Monica replied with a wink,
"I'm only trying to increase the world's vocabulary."

Shaking her head with a chuckle, Tess reached down and patted her former charge on the shoulder,

"Well, you're definitely doing a good job, baby. Because you've created words I have never heard of before."

As the trio of angels continued laughing, the familiar sound of Andrew's car pulling up from across the street caused Monica to leap to her feet, a wide smile spreading across her face,

"There he is!"

As Andrew put the large car into park, the angel turned his tired, green eyes over to the cabin and saw his three friends on the front porch; Monica was just leaping to her feet and waving to him, while Kevin and Tess continued to laugh over something that was being said,

'It's so good to be home,' The blonde angel thought to himself as he shut the car off and pulled the keys from the ignition, leaning back against the seat for a brief moment before opening the car door. As the angel climbed out, he smiled in the direction of his dearest friend and lifted his hand in a wave as well,

"Hey, Angel Girl!" He called.

"I thought you'd never get here!" She called back to him as she headed for the road which was the only thing standing in the way from a hug from her best friend and she smiled again, seeing him heading in her direction.

But before she could step foot in the road to meet him halfway, the sound of screeching tires caused her to freeze as she turned her head sharply to the right to see a pickup truck speeding towards them. The driver was obviously not in his right mind as the truck swerved all over the road, and a scream lodged itself in her throat as the truck approached and took a reckless swerve right towards Andrew.

The horrible sound of a sickening "Thud" caused the scream to break free as she watched her dearest friend's body being thrown to the other side of the road as the truck continued on its reckless rampage away from them.


The sound of her scream caused Tess and Kevin to jerk their heads up at the sight of Monica racing to Andrew's bloodied and broken body,

"Oh sweet Lord in heaven," Tess uttered, as she felt as if her heart were stopping at the sight before her.

"Andrew! Andrew!" Monica's screams turned to horrible, heart-breaking sobs as she finally neared the road and fell to the ground next to her best friend's unconscious, bleeding form,

"Andy, sweetie, can you hear me? Oh God..." Gently reaching out, she laid a trembling hand on his shoulder, but he didn't reply with so much as a groan.

"Monica, don't touch him!" Tess' cry jerked her back and she looked through blurred vision across the street as her former supervisor and Kevin came running over to her,

"Don't touch him, Angel Girl!"

"Tess...he's..." The sobbing Irish angel covered her mouth with her hand as her older friend and co-worker came running towards she and Andrew and Tess came to a screeching halt as she also fell to her knees beside their beloved friend.

"Angel Boy? Sweetheart, can you hear me?" The elderly angel's voice was thick with tears as she spoke.

"Why isn't he answering, Tess…?" Monica uttered, terrified by how terribly still he was lying,

"Why won't he answer…?"

"Kevin, go and get Philip, so you two can get him inside…." Tess' voice was so low it was frightening as she laid fingers on Andrew's neck to find a pulse.

"Tess…" Kevin uttered hoarsely, but the older angel cut him off.

"Go, Kevin, now!"

As Kevin bolted to the cabin, Monica starred through tear-filled eyes as her best friend's still body, feeling as if she were going to be sick. Reaching out a shaky hand, she wrapped her fingers around his,


"Oh dear Father!" Rose cried out as she, Philip and Carla raced from the cabin,

"Angel Boy? Honey?"

"Rose, we have to get him inside. Now!" Tess ordered as she stayed crouched down in the road,

"Philip, we're going to need you, baby."

For the first time noticing that tears were falling from his dark eyes at the battered angel who was his friend, Philip gave himself a shake before he took action and knelt down beside of Monica and Tess,

"Aren't we going to hurt him more if we move him?"

"Philip...Trust Tess, okay?" Rose replied in a shaky whisper as she came around to her unconscious friend's other side,

"On three, lift him, all right?"

Her lower lip quivering as she watched the two angels start to lift her best friend from the hard, unforgiving ground, Monica turned tear-filled eyes to Kevin and Carla, and saw that the little blonde angel now had her arms wrapped around the youngest angel even while Carla herself was trying to keep her own emotions in tact.

Philip lifted the fallen angel into his arms as gently as he possibly could and he headed towards the cabin, knowing his friends were all close behind him,

"Hang on, Andrew," He whispered hoarsely.

As Philip laid the angel down on the sofa, Monica knelt down near his head. As her tears fell, she reached a hand out to touch his face, the tears coming harder when she felt how cold he was and saw the grayish appearance his face had taken on. Seeing Rose kneeling down beside of her, Monica whispered shakily,

"Angels can't die, Rose, right? They can't…."

Rose opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. She had always believed with her whole heart that angels could not die, but looking at Andrew now, she was afraid to answer with what she had always believed,

"Just pray, Monica," She whispered shakily,

"Pray as you never have before…"

"Carla, what is happening?" Kevin whispered through tears, his eyes fixated on another part of the room.

The little blond angel turned her head as she sucked in a trembling breath at the sight of Adam and Henry,

"Oh Father, no, please no…."

His eyes blurring up at the sight of his former fellow Angel of Death, who continued to lay unconscious in front of them, Adam looked from Monica to Rose to Tess, and then to Kevin, Philip and Carla,

"We don't know yet, Carla..." He choked out, lowering his eyes to the ground before making his way over to his human friend's side and kneeling down next to a sobbing Monica,

"The Father hasn't said for sure yet..." Turning his eyes to the weeping Irish angel next to him, Adam reached a hand out and laid it on top of hers, but he flinched as she pulled it away immediately.

"You're here to take him; I know you are, Adam," She turned her tortured brown eyes to the Angel of Death and then up at Henry,

"But I refuse to allow you to do it! You aren't!"

Unsure of what to say, as everything had happened too quickly, Rose reached trembling fingers out and stroked her Angel Boy's chilly cheek,

"Sweetheart...if you can wake up for just a few moments...we love you so, so much..." She stopped in mid-sentance as she choked on a sob, unable to continue.

"Baby, fight, please," Tess whispered, her own voice shaking uncontrollably before she drew in a sharp breath as she saw Andrew weakly open his green eyes that were so full of pain,

"Angel Boy?"

"A-Adam…" Andrew's voice came out as a breath and nothing stronger as he closed his eyes in pain once more.

"No!" Monica cried out, her dark eyes wild with fear and grief unlike any she had ever felt before,

"Don't leave me, Andy….please don't…" Her dark eyes turning heavenward, she cried out in pain and anger to the One who loved them all,

"Don't do this!"

"This can't be happening," Carla uttered, still holding tightly to Kevin.

"Andrew," Adam said softly, pain evident in his gray eyes,

"Are you ready, my friend?"

"No! Stay away from him, Adam!" Monica whirled around to face the Angel of Death,

"Don't you dare take him! He belongs here with us! He belongs here with me!"

"He belongs to the Father right now, Monica," Henry spoke up for the first time, his own voice laced with sadness for everyone, particularily Andrew and Monica.

"Get away, now!" The Irish angel snapped, turning back to her best friend in the entire angelic realm,

"Don't leave me, Andy...please, don't...!" Leaning her forehead against Andrew's arm, she wept like she had never wept before,


"Monica...we have to..." Adam choked out as his vision blurred up again. Turning back to his younger friend and laying a hand on his hand, the Angel of Death whispered shakily,

"Are you ready, Andrew?" He repeated above Monica's heart-breaking sobs and the other quiet sobs in the living room of the cabin.

As the remaining angels watched through their tears, Kevin clutching tightly to Carla, unable to watch his friend and supervisor pass on before his very eyes, Adam reached for his friend's hand and pulled him gently to his feet. As the Angel of Death wrapped an arm around his shoulders and turned him around to face his friends, Andrew felt his tears fall hard as he saw his unconscious human body and his best friend sobbing like never before over him. Turning to Tess, Rose, Philip and Carla, he met each of their eyes briefly before turning back around, unable to continue looking at the pain this was causing,

"I guess I have to be ready, huh, Adam?"

Unable to speak, Adam nodded his head tearfully as he gave his friend's shoulder a gentle squeeze. Nodding over at Henry, who stood at the human angel's other side, the two Angels of Death started walking towards the Light that had suddenly appeared and before long, disappeared.

CI and KP