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He was not her favorite person/thing in the world, but he never failed her. Ever since he went to Los Angeles the previous year to seek her out and sink his teeth into her young neck, they had somehow found a mutual respect for one another.

That had been two weeks after Buffy found out she was the chosen one. At fifteen, so much had been thrust upon her in such a short time that The Big Bad was just another obsticle threatening her life. Merrick, her short lived watcher, had tried to prepare her for his arrival. Over the past century, Spike had tasted the blood of two slayers who were experienced. She was nothing more than a popular girl who hadn't broken a nail up until that point.

Spike found her with ease. He stalked her like a lion would his prey. And they fought. Buffy fought the only way she knew how...by using her new found strength. She was strong. That had been her only weapon in the early stages of being The Slayer. The only women in the world who had the strength of a hundred men.

And then she let her guard down. Buffy found herself beneath his grasp, his tight grip squeezing her neck until it nearly popped. And even in her near death state, she didn't fail to notice that he was beautiful. Out of the handful of vampires she had seen, he was the only one that fought her without the ugly bumps on his face.

Spike had cocked his head to the side and stared at her deeply. His grip continued but something, almost human it seemed, had crossed his features.

Seeing him beside her now, with his long black duster and platinum blond hair, it took her back to the first time they interacted.

Los Angeles, ten months ago

"How old are you, Slayer?" he asked. She couldn't answer as his fingers continued there violent assult on her windpipe. He let his grip loosen slightly, but made sure he remained in control.

"Old enough," she ground out.

He had just smiled...a heart stopping smile. Why was she focusing on her killer's looks when she should be finding a way out of his deadly clutch?

"Really. Tell me." His british accent was endearing. It pulled her in like a siren.


And at that, he had let her go. She coughed as her lungs began filling back up with air.

"They make 'em that young, do they?" He lit a cigarette and plopped down on the grass next to her.

"What are you talking about?"

"I never ran into a slayer your age before."

"Funny. Merrick told me I'll be lucky to make it to 25 so I figured younger was the norm."


"He calls himself my watcher."

He puffed on his cigarette.

"How's it working out for you so far?"

"Why are you asking me questions instead of ripping my heart out?"

Spike simply shrugged. "I'm a little bothered but I don't know why."

"I'm not good enough to kill?" Buffy asked while folding her arms in a huff.

He chuckled. "That's not it, luv. You're plenty good enough to kill. It's your bloody age that bothers me."

"You don't kill minors?"

"Now whose asking the questions?"

"Just curious. You started it."

Spike nodded his head and flicked his lit smoke twords her. "Hey, watch it! I just bought this skirt at the mall, like yesterday!"

"Like, sorry," he mocked.

"Did you just seek me out to have words or are we going to finish this?"

"I've killed plenty of minors...plenty of babies infact. But they arn't suppose to fight me back. They are delicious to eat. I'm a veal kind of guy."

Buffy rolled her eyes and felt sorry for his countless victims that wern't lucky enough to fight him off.

"The two slayers I've bested..." He paused while lifting off the ground and removing his long coat to dust it off. His black tshirt clung to his toned lean form, causing her breath to catch. He really was beautiful, no matter how sadistic he was.

"I'd say they were around 20 and 30 years old. Old enough to have had a good lesson in slaying. You probably havn't had more than a few months."

"Try weeks," Buffy muttered.

Spike lifted his brow...the brow with a white scar that seemed to mock her yet show interest in the being that she was.

"Hmmm, that's what I'm talking about. I have no reason to end you when you can't even put a skilled fight into it."

"Hey!" she said jumping to her feet. "Merrick said I'm improving."

"Sure you are. You know how to kick high and hard but chances are that came from cheerleading more than training."

Buffy opened her mouth to protest and then quickly closed it when she realized that he was accurate in his assumption.

"I like you, um...what's your name?"


"No, really."

"What's wrong with Buffy?" She pouted out her bottom lip. Something she perfected over the years to get her way when it came to Daddy.

"Not a thing. I can guarantee I will never forget your name."

"When you come back to kill me and have a better fight?"

He lit another cigarette. Buffy wagered he was a chain smoker.

"You're too pretty to die. I'll grab the next slayer."

Buffy stiffened her spine but on the inside she was full of excitement at his compliment.

"Too pretty or too young?"

"Both," he winked. "Tell you what Slayer..."

Spike made his way twords Buffy, causing her to register a fight deep within. He was still a dead and deadly creature who was created to be her enemy.

"You and I, we can have something special."


"I'll be around. I found you easily enough; I'll find you again and again. But let's have a truce."

"A truce. You want me to make a deal with a demon?"

"Not a deal, just a truce. You and I together can be a dangerous combination. I help you, you help me."

"How can you help me?"

"Oh, Buffy. You're just starting and you will encounter things that only appear deep within your nightmares. And I'll be there to help you fight the evil."

"What's in it for you?"

Spike reached out and touched a lock of her golden hair, causing every fiber in her body to shake.

"I just want to help you make it past 25. I have an eternity to slaughter slayer after slayer. You have a fire that I never saw in either of my opponents. A fire that needs to be lit longer and stronger than any slayer there ever was." He backed up from her and replaced his duster around his body. "Your not too bad to look at either. I can get use to watching you grow up."

Buffy soaked up everything he had said. If she teams up with him, it would be one less enemy she would have to defeat. One less threat against her that she didn't have to worry about.


And with that he left with a promise he would find her again.

He had came back to her two short months later, no major threat in sight. He had simply 'missed her fire.' And so they were a team. And after her parents divorce, he followed her to Sunnydale, the hellmouth. She wanted to escape her slayer ways, hoping that the move would make her invisible and blend in against the evil. Spike had said nothing about her desire to quit, but let her believe for a fraction in time that she really could.

And then she met Giles, and it was apparent that her destiny was a life time, however long her life may be. Now she had her Scooby Gang, they called themselves. And she still had her Spike, ready and willing to fight by her side just like he promised.

Buffy hated his lover of a century to the core; the only thing that really bothered her about Spike. He wouldn't let her stake the crazy witch. It was obvious he was in love with a pure lunatic. But in turn, Drusilla was her name, wanted Buffy's blood just as much as Buffy wanted her dusted but Spike wouldn't let that happen either. He was torn between the two. Two different bonds that he was unwilling to part with.